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What are the Benefits of Video on Landing Pages?
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Do you have a video on your landing page? Should you?

87% of online marketers use videos in one way or another to promote their business. Why? They’re effective.

Put them on a landing page to increase conversions, show (not tell) your stuff and give your visitors a more memorable moment.

Here’s 10 benefits of using videos on your landing pages, with a bonus section on how to make your video a success.

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7 Ways to Optimize Your Landing Page [Guest Post]
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Every marketer knows the benefits of using a landing page. They’re conversion machines… if you use them properly.

Luckily, they are easy enough for even the least tech-savvy of marketers to build and launch with landing page templates.

The home page of your website is the front face of your business, whereas landing pages are dedicated to one purpose and one purpose only. It is important to understand the difference.

Here are seven simple steps to transform your landing page from just another mediocre page into a lean, mean conversion machine.

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