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andreil pda around the foxes pleaseee my soul needs it

my marvelous anon, i am here to grant thine request, with a small side of accidental lowkey renison. enjoy <3. also on AO3.

He did it. He actually did it. After months of constant warnings and threats, Wymack finally followed through.

Neil can do nothing but stare at the flyer in his hand, mildly in fear and majorly in shock. A mere thirty seconds prior, Wymack had stormed out of his office brandishing this piece of paper like both a white flag and a declaration of war. He had paused just inside the lounge, making sure to gather everyone’s attention, before striding over to Neil and shoving the flyer in his face.

“This is for last weekend,” Wymack had said. “I already—don’t give me that look, you know exactly what the fuck I’m talking about. I already signed you up. It starts at 8:00 AM on Saturday, and unless you want your ass glued to the bench for the rest of the season, I suggest you be there.” He had then turned back around and disappeared into the hallway, leaving a room full of confused and curious Foxes in his wake.

A full minute passes before chaos breaks out and everyone starts moving at once. Various forms of “What the hell?” can be heard from all corners of the room. Neil blinks as the flyer is yanked out of his hand. He looks up to see Andrew, his eyes scanning the paper. Andrew looks up at him, and Neil’s heart nearly explodes because this look on his face, it looks like the honest-to-god beginnings of a smile. And sure, it’s at Neil’s expense, but he would embarrass the fuck out of himself at every turn if this was his reward. Andrew moves to hand the paper back to Neil.

“Okay, seriously,” Kevin huffs out with impatience as he pushes through his teammates. He snags the flyer away from Andrew who couldn’t be bothered to stop him. Kevin reads aloud, “The Annual Hilton Head Island Marathon…a MARATHON? Really, Neil?! Is this a joke?”

“I don’t know, Kevin,” says Andrew, his voice taking on the persona of a kindergarten teacher. “Did it look like a joke to you?”

Kevin’s only response is to scowl and shove the flyer into Neil’s chest. “This better not affect your performance at our game on Friday. You don’t get to take it easy just because you have to run 26.2 miles the next day.”

By the time Kevin has stormed out of the building, the rest of the Foxes have commenced their team wide freak out.

“Seriously?! He actually came through on that threat?” Dan is caught halfway between being genuinely worried and dying of laughter.

“Neil…bro…what the fuck…” Matt says from somewhere on his left, placing a consoling hand lightly on his shoulder.

“Oh my god, Neil. We have to be there. I have to witness this historic moment. You finally get to put your insane running habits into practice,” Allison is rambling from across the room.

“Wait, what was Wymack talking about ‘last weekend’? What did you do?” Asks Nicky, unaccustomed to being out of the loop.

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Around 35,000 walruses clustered on an Alaskan beach on October, 2014. The walruses are forced onto land when sea ice, which they use to rest between dives for food, disappears. This is just one example of the impacts of climate change on marine species in the Arctic. (Source)

Imagine being the leader of a (rather large and powerful) hidden nation of shape-shifters. You are one of the few who can shape-shift into a dragon as you happen to have two true forms–your usual appearance and that of a dragon.

One day, you come across a battle between two nations that mean little to you. One individual catches your eye–a figure clad in green and gold who uses magic rather than brute force to attack. Deciding to cause some good old-fashioned chaos, you change into your dragon form and take this green-clad figure straight from the battlefield (after attacking this figure’s opponents first, of course; you aren’t barbaric) and to a hidden cave far from the combat.

You learn that the figure’s name is Loki and that he is the younger prince from Asgard and that you’re on a time limit before he is rescued from your imprisonment.

Help for him doesn’t come for quite a long time–long enough for him to wonder if he’d rather stay with you and not go back to Asgard.


“Star Wars Hotel” 2017

These days the money word in the themed entertainment industry is immersion. Guests want to be enveloped by a world, to have all of their senses attacked, and be surrounded by it 360 degrees. Nowhere more clear is that than with Disney’s latest announcement for Walt Disney World: a Star Wars-themed hotel. The immersion will start immediately with this one-of-a-kind experience as guests will become part of the story upon arrival. They will take on the role of a citizen of the galaxy, interacting with costumed characters, exploring the starship and taking on missions. This multi-day adventure will occupy a fully-themed (and functioning) hotel that will feature views of “space” outside every window. No timeline was announced, but expect this concept to dramatically change the game on immersing guests into a story.

Art ©️Disney

Under the Bridge | Jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook x reader
fluff, smut, slight angst, Hybrid!AU
blood, violence (only really at the beginning), some swears, badass MC, SMUT that would probably be considered graphic?? idk

Requested by japanesewonderflan:
I HAVE A REQUEST!!!!!! 🙌🙌🙌 Can you do a hybrid au! For either Jungkook or Jimin and you just found or bought them and they teach you about the life of a hybrid and what it’s like and then you start to understand but one-day you come home to them in heat????? 😄😄 If you don’t want to do the smut part, that’s fine too, I’m down for just fluff if you’re only comfortable with that. From your love 💙💜💚

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Mark Zuckerberg sued Native Hawai'ians for their own land

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg used a complicated legal framework in Hawai'i called “quiet title” to sue ancestral land owners and force them to sell their lands. It was all to secure his private getaway on Kaua'i. After Native Hawai'ians protested, using his own platform, he dropped the suits. The damage, however, has been done.