landing cove

Located in the northwest corner of Lake Superior Isle Royale National Park in Michigan is the place to go for solitude. The park is an island of roadless backcountry reachable only by boat or seaplane – making it the least visited national park in the lower 48 states. Photographer Carl TerHaar captured this moonrise from Pickerel Cove, one of the islands’ campgrounds that consists of a narrow ridge accessible by small boat. Full moon photo courtesy of Carl TerHaar.

Anticipation. Men of the 1st Australian Division Signal Company about to land at Anzac Cove at 6 a.m. Their faces reveal a mixture of excitement and tension as, shells bursting around them, they experience their baptism of fire.

Photo & Caption featured in Gallipoli: The Fatal Shore by Harvey Broadbent.

In Flanders fields, the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row.
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.

Lest we forget.

Please do not remove the text, as this is in remembrance of the 25th of April,1915, the Landing at Anzac Cove.

Hey look, I wrote some Hiccstrid fluff tonight. Mature content, almost smut, below:


“Where’s Ruffnut?” Snotlout asked the group of dragon riders before him.

“Oh, I think she is out back with some dude named Flint she has been meeting for secret randy-views lately,” Tuffnut replied.

“Randy-views?” Fishlegs asked.

“You know, ‘I feel randy. You’re in my view. Let’s meet up and do it,'” Tuffnut explained.

“I don’t think that’s the word,” Astrid chided.

“No?” Tuffnut took a moment to think to himself.

As if on cue, a rosy disheveled Ruffnut entered the ring.

“Glad you finally decided to join us,” Hiccup greeted with a slight condescending tone.  

“Sorry, I was just out getting my primal needs met,” Ruffnut snickered.

The gang curled their lips with disgust in unison.

“Ruffnut, it’s the middle of the day! Aren’t you worried about getting caught?” Astrid asked.

“Technically, it’s still morning,” Tuffnut interrupted.

Astrid glared at him before turning back to Ruffnut, “Are you not at all worried about your reputation?”

“This IS my reputation. Unlike you, I never bothered trying to put up any appearances.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Astrid huffed.

“Look at you, all high and mighty in your spiked skirt and kransen, acting all virginal, talking about my reputation, when the whole village knows you and Hiccup fly off to the gods know where to do gods know what whenever you feel like it.”

Hiccup stepped towards the two woman. Without even looking at Astrid, he instinctively put his arm in front of her to prevent her from pummeling the other blond.  

“I assure you, Astrid and I have never done anything that would bring her reputation into question.”

The rest of the dragon riders threw their head’s back in laughter.

“What’s that smell? Anyone? Oh, it’s bull sh…Owe!” Snotlout yelped as Astrid gave him a hard knock to the face.

“I am afraid, whether you think that to be true or not, there has been talk among the town and perception is often more powerful than reality.” Fishlegs twittered nervously.

“I am pretty sure Not So Silent Sven has a lottery set up where you can place your bet when Berk will get your swords over belly wedding,” Ruffnut gestured over her own flat stomach.

“What?!?” Hiccup and Astrid sputtered together.

“It’s true,” Fishlegs responded, “Not that I placed any bets.”

“My guess date already passed,” Snotlout lamented, “I would not have picked this spring if I would have known you were actually keeping it in your pants. What’s wrong with you, Hiccup? If I had a gorgeous girl like Astrid, I’d take her to my bed every chance I got.  Astrid, if Hiccup is unable,” Snotlout pointed his finger up in the air and then let it dangle limply, “ to, you know, I would be more than happy to provide you some much needed sexual relief.”

“Ugh!” Astrid grabbed Hiccup by the strap on his leather flight tunic, “Practice is canceled for today. Hiccup and I have to, have to, talk.”  

“Where are we going?” Hiccup asked when they were outside the academy ring.

“Just grab Toothless and follow me.”

* * *

When Toothless and Stormfly landed in the cove, their riders dismounted.

“Look, Astrid, I’m sor-”

Astrid planted a long hard kiss on Hiccup’s mouth before he could finish his apology.

When Astrid broke away, Hiccup ran his hands up and down the leather strapping that graced her forearms.

“Ahh, well that was unexpected. Nice, but unexpected. I didn’t figure you’d want any-”

“You’d be surprised what I may or may not want.”

Hiccup thought Astrid’s eyes might bore right through him.

“I, I, I might…be…surprised.” Hiccup swallowed as he watched Astrid ran her hand down his chest and over than under his tunic.

“I want you to make love to me, Hiccup. If we are all ready found guilty of a crime, we might as well get some enjoyment out of committing it.”

“Make love to you? Here? Now? Ahh, hmmm,” was all he could muster as Astrid wrapped her hand around him.

Hiccup removed her hand from his pants and pulled her close to kiss her passionately.

Astrid began to undo his buckles and Hiccup hers. Freed from his tunic, he began to pull up hers but stopped.

“Uhhhh,” Hiccup scrunched his nose up, with turmoil written all over his face, and placed his forehead against hers before stepping back, with his hands still on her waist.

“Thor damn it. I can’t believe I am saying this, but, no.”

'No? What do you mean, 'no’?”

“No, I will not be making love to you today.” Hiccup braced himself for anticipated violence.

“Are you really rejecting me?”

“No, yes, maybe, no. Look Astrid, I love you and I would love nothing more than to make love to you everyday for the rest of our lives if that is what I thought you wanted. But I don’t think this,” Hiccup motioned to the space between them, “has anything to do with us and everything to do with what Ruffnut and the gang said. I want our first time to be because you really want to. Because you really want me, in the moment.”

A silence fell between them. Hiccup bore it with a sense of dread.

A grin broke Astrid’s sober expression, “That is surprisingly romantic of you, Hiccup.”

“Maybe I’m a romantic guy?” Hiccup pulled her into his chest and rested his check on her head.

“Maybe. You do actually love me then?”

“What? Of course I do. Was there ever any doubt?”

“No, but it was the first time you said it.”

“What? No. Really?”

“I think I’d remember.”

“Huh. Well, I do love you, Astrid, the Fearless, Hofferson.”

“I’ve always perceived that to be true, it’s just nice to hear it,” she kissed him sweetly then squeezed his thin frame a little tighter before turning up to look at his face, “You know, I thought you were going to propose to me there for a second. To make up for not banging me.”


“You know, all that talk amount making love to me for the rest of our lives.”

“Oh, ugh, eh, well…” Hiccup released her and ran his fingers nervously through his hair.

“Relax. I plan on taking you for a test drive before I’d agree to that. And you all ready said there’d be no love making today.”

Astrid closed Hiccup’s agape jaw with a fore finger, bent over to pick up her should pads, and whistled for Stormfly.

“I think I’ll head back to Berk before people start questioning our where abouts. Coming?” Astrid asked as she mounted the Deadly Nadder.

“I’ll catch up,” Hiccup replied. He needed a moment to process what just happened.

“Sounds good,” Astrid said as she prepared for take-off, “Oh, and Hiccup, I hope you know, I love you too.”

In a quick beat of wings she was gone and Hiccup was left, shirtless in the cove, smiling to himself.

I really have to do more of the prompts they sent me on because they are pretty cute. UwU

The two, along with their dragons, have just landed in the Cove. A quiet, secluded place ffrom all the hustle and bustle Berk was preparing for. It was only a few more days until Snoggletog, and the couple decided to take a breather in the same place their views of each other had changed.

Hiccup brought a blanket, thinking that the chilly weather might make his lover cold, and placed it on the spot beside him. Sitting down, he patted the same spot and beckoned her to sit, as well.

It was a few hours into the night, the moon and the stars were their only sources of light. Well, that and the fire their dragons had just started. Astrid sat beside her boyfriend, her hand on his shoulder. 

“Mm, a blanket,” she said. “Came prepared?” She looked at him, a teasing smile on her lips.

“With you, I always have to,” he replied, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. His hand was on the side of her head, pressing her lightly onto his shoulder. 

They sat there, staring at the evening sky in silence. He hoped she didn’t notice that he was a little nervous that night. His hands were a bit shaky and his mind was clogging up with different scenarios of a certain screw up. That night, he was going to ask for her hand in marriage. Of course, he had asked her parents beforehand and gave them the needed gifts in exchange for their daughter’s hand, but he didn’t tell her that he did. He wanted it to be a surprise. He even asked her parents if they’d keep it quiet until he asked her. They happily obliged

It wasn’t all the nervousness that the butterflies in his stomach gave. There was still a possibility that she didn’t want to marry him. That thought alone made him shake in horror. What if he made a mistake? What if he just ruined their relationship?

Astrid felt him shaking. She also felt a drop of his sweat fall on her cheek. She wiped it off and looked at him, curiously and worriedly. “Babe, are you okay?”

He jumped. “Uh, what? You hate me?” She raised a brow. He faked a cough. “I mean, yes, m'lady?”

“Babe, you’re acting weird.” She paused. “Well, weirder.”

He sighed. His nerves were getting the best of him. “Oh, no. It was nothing.”

“I won’t press you on it.” She sighed. Placing her hand on his chest, she gave him a loving look. “But know that I’m always here if you need anything, okay?”

He looked at her and nodded. He knew that. He always did. He shouldn’t be worrying about it too much.

To clear the air, she stood up and offered a hand to help him up. “Dance with me?”

He raised a brow. “What?”

“Dance with me,” she repeated, sounding a little adamant.

“But there’s no music.”

“It doesn’t matter.” She shrugged.

“Astrid, no.”

“Come on, babe~”

Sighing, he looked confused yet amused as he held her hand and stood up. There was no way to stop her once she made up her mind. His hands moved to her waist as hers were at the back of his neck. She placed her head on his shoulder, eyes closed. They moved slowly, taking in each other’s warmth while the night’s breeze chilled them.

She wondered what went over him earlier. She didn’t want to keep asking him about it because it seemed to bother him. Still, it didn’t stop her from being curious. Her parents also seemed that way that morning. They looked like they wanted to say something but held it back. Her thoughts were interrupted once she heard Hiccup’s voice.

“M'lady?” He asked softly.

“Mm-hm?” She replied, eyes still closed. She loved the feeling of his breath on her neck.

“W… What do you think of marriage?” He sounded nervous again.

Her eyes opened. “Marriage?”

“Y-you know…” He coughed.

She pressed her lips together. “I don’t think it’s necessary.”

He drew back. “What?”

Raising a brow, she replied, “Well, it’s just that I don’t think it needs to be on paper to seal the deal when it comes to love. If two people really want to be together, they don’t have to write it down.”

He was sweating again. This time, profusely.

“But I still love the idea of planning and preparing a wedding. The paper part is the only thing that I think people could go without. The rest of it I love.”

“Really?” He stopped sweating, a bright smile on his face

She nodded. “Why?”

“Gods, Astrid you scared me there for a second.”

She raised a brow.

“Ahem,” he coughed. “M'lady, Astrid Hofferson.” He took her hands and held them in his own. “I’ve been wanting to a-ask you this for a while, now. I.. I’ve already asked your parents, and I just wanted to know if you… Uh… If you..”

“If I…?”

“If you would… marry me?” He smiled, nervously.

She stood there, awed. After a few moments, she punched his arm.

“Ow! What the- Why did you do that?”

“I’ve been waiting for you to ask me!” She said as she tackled him to the ground in an embrace.

He laughed. “Y-you have?”

She nodded. “I know I said I didn’t like the whole paper part of marriage, but you should know that with you, I’d go through anything.”

“Even the paper part?”

“Even the paper part.”

He hugged her back, just as tightly, and they rolled, switching their positions. Hiccup was now on top of the blonde. “I take that as a yes?”

“You bet.” They smiled at each other, both leaning in as they sealed the deal of their love, not needing a contract to do it.

They broke apart from the kiss. “I’ve already told your parents, by the way.”

“So that’s why they looked like they were hiding something.”

“I just wanted to ask you first before telling everyone else about it.”

“Hiccup, you don’t need to do that. I’m always here for you.”

He smiled. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”


How was that?

Hope you liked it! <3 :D

I love summer, but there’s always so much going on, leaving little time to Sim. I managed to do a little tweaking of Cape Garner this past week, namely placing the Captain’s Landing lot from Whimsett Cove in its new spot and fixing some interior things (I’ve reduced CC a bit so I had to replace stuff). I have more plans for this lot, including a clothing boutique and a sushi bar. But I’m happy that it still has nice views! You can even see the statue of Twallan across the street.

Later on today I hope I have time to make some edits to the Lobster Dock so it’ll be easier to place in other worlds. And maybe get to some of my other 1,837 projects. :-p