Gabriel Landeskog

Height: 6′1″

Most Famous For: Swedish professional hockey player and captain for the Colorado Avalanche of the National Hockey League (NHL)

Suggestion Credit: Anonymous

Since I’ve finally managed to graduate high school, I figured it was time to update my follow forever a little bit before I go off to college at the end of August. Since the last one, I’ve made so many friends (and reconnected with some old ones) and this is a really good way to recognize that.

Graphic made by the wonderful dominicdwyer, she is literally the best, honestly.


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landeskogging asked:

they said a minor concussion. your cousin obviously had a major concussion. nhlers get concussions literally all the time, its part of the sport. i'm done arguing.

a concussion is a concussion. it still messes with your brain. look at all the football players who have gotten multiple “minor” concussions and get depression and other serious neurological conditions after they retire. and they have helmets that better protect their heads.

getting a concussion really shouldn’t be part of a sport, but i do love hockey for the brutality. i can’t deny i love it when they throw the gloves off and go at it, or slam each other CLEANLY in to the boards, except theres a fine line of whats acceptable to me and  mcleod crossed it. 

but yeah enjoy the rest of the night, i hope the av’s lose. :)


said: if he’s cute kidnap him while he’s sleeping

the same kid once ran around my desk buzzing like a fly before climbing to crouch on the desk. he wouldn’t leave until I said ‘shoo fly’ and then the math teacher locked him out of the room later on.

landeskogging asked:

it was a JOKE okay and don't say "don't joke about that that's serious" i get that it's serious but from what i've heard it's just a concussion. i think i would know when and when not to joke; i play and we laugh about that kinda shit all the time.

you laugh about people getting a serious brain injury? ohh haha its just a concussion. no big deal.

my 15 year old cousin got a concussion on the soccer field last year, was sent home from the game, had a seizure and lost half his memory. he’s still having memory problems a year later.

so sorry if i don’t think concussions are a laughing matter.