The 2014 Biennial of Australian Art ended this past Sunday and some spectacular images of the site specific installations have been creeping online. New York based artist, Ian Stranges’ ‘LANDED’ was commissioned for the Biennial and made a huge scene seemingly crash landing right in front of the Art Gallery of South Australia. The foreboding matte black house surrounded by rubble looks like missing scene from 'The Wizard of OZ’ - only I’m pretty sure it would be the house of Dorothy’s nemesis.

He woke up.

It was the feeling of rain on his face. Like pins and needles that ran down the sides of his cheeks and onto the pine needles beneath him.

Perhaps it was the thunder. He always loved thunder. It sounded more like a voice this time.

It’s as if his body refused to move.

When his eyes opened,  he saw the canopy of pine trees standing like skyscrapers. The rain fell between the branches. Between his eyes. You can’t help but blink so much when the rain hits your eyes.

Who sleeps in a forest?” he thought

Only the thunder answered, followed by the sound of rain. By the sound of flames that crackled and popped.

His neck barely let him turn his head to the side. Immense pain. He saw everything sideways. 

An overwhelming jet fuel flame. Black smoke. A plane engine here. A wing there. Screaming. He could feel the heat now.

He closed his eyes again. The feeling of rain. It was the last thing he felt.

What happens next?” It was the last thing he thought.

Only the thunder answered, followed by the sound of rain.

Ian Strange - New Installation - ‘LANDED’
My new installation Landed,a meticulous recreation of a 1920’s suburban Australian home positioned on the forecourt of the Art Gallery of South Australia.
Landed was commissioned for the 2014 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art - Australia’s longest running survey of contemporary Australian art.