In Super Mario 3D Land, shaking the Nintendo 3DS while viewing the fourth picture in the album will make Mario jump in Peach’s thought bubble. Shaking for a longer amount of time will make a Goomba jump out from behind the wall. Shaking for an even longer amount of time, after the Goomba has already appeared multiple times, will make Luigi jump out from behind the wall.


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July 20, 2017

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50. “I think you’re beautiful.” Gruvia!!!!

50. “I think you’re beautiful.”

Gray tapped his foot and paced outside the changing room as the girls helped Juvia into her wedding gown. The giggles coming from the inside did nothing for his nerves one bit, and his fingers itched to undo his tie. This tux was choking him.

“Oi,”  Gajeel, who was silently watching him, uttered.

“What?” Gray snapped at the iron dragon slayer.

“You’re gonna freeze the whole place soon. Can’t have any more torn dresses from slipping on ice, and more things we need to pay for than the photos man. Calm down.”

He took a look around the room, and Gajeel’s right - a thin layer of ice has coated the changing room, and he can hear the girls muttering about him and the ice too.

Feeling more embarrassed and irritated, Gray sighed and sat down beside Gajeel.

“Just be glad it’s me with you and not Salamander, or you and Juvia’d have more expenses on your heads,”

“Hah, you’re right,” knowing this was Gajeel’s attempt at putting him at ease, he was feeling slightly better.

“Sorry for the wait, Gray, Gajeel. Knew the sudden ice and cold was probably you, Gray. But we finally got Juvia ready!!” Lucy was apologetic, but her voice and smile couldn’t hide her excitement. Levy was right behind her, but he realised Juvia hadn’t brought herself out from behind the curtains yet.

“Come on, Juvia!” Levy turned and pulled Juvia out from behind her.

“Wai- Levy-san! Kyah!” Levy’s push gave Gray the full view of Juvia and her dress. Gray wasn’t sure where and if he should look. The white gown with a layer of blue coat complemented her wavy, blue curls. The train of the wedding dress had butterflies, something he remembered she had said she wanted. He had to say something…

“What do you think, Gray-sama?” he wasn’t sure if Lucy already asked, but he heard Juvia’s voice breaking the silence. Her face still red from… what he wasn’t sure. All he knows is -

“I think you’re beautiful.”

Gray heard Levy gasp and Lucy giggled. Gajeel smirked.

Shit, he’d said that aloud?! “I-I mean -”

Juvia smiled and gave Gray a small peck on the cheek and whispered, “Thank you, Gray-sama. Juvia thinks Gray-sama looks very handsome too.”

Juvia’s wedding dress cuz wow, i can’t describe a wedding dress at all, gosh i’m sorry. #homework

Did I went too cliche with this? Damn… I still hope you enjoy it Whitney! ^^

100 Ways to Say “I love you” + extra comment on fandoms


48 years ago today, Neil Armstrong became the first human ever to walk on the surface of the moon, marking a significant technological accomplishment for the United States. What an amazing achievement!!

Why do so many people think the moon landing was fake? Seriously? Like…based on what? And yeah I’ve seen the conspiracy shit and it didn’t convince me at all. Idk I don’t get why so many people think it’s fake, and seem to…want it to be fake….it’s fucking weird tbh. Can’t y'all just enjoy anything? Does everything on this Earth have to be a conspiracy? Jesus. Sometimes, things actually DO happen. Crazy, I know.