First poster for Atom Egoyan’s thriller Remember, which follows a nursing-home resident (played by Christopher Plummer) who sets out to exact vengeance on the man who murdered his family seven decades earlier.

The film co-stars Martin Landau, Dean Norris, Bruno Ganz, Jürgen Prochnow, and Heinz Lieven, and will have its world premiere at this year’s Venice Film Festival, followed by the North American premiere at Toronto.

This Black Man Tells His White Mother How The Police Nearly Murdered Him During Traffic Stop (VIDEO)

This Black Man Tells His White Mother How The Police Nearly Murdered Him During Traffic Stop (VIDEO)

In 2009, 19-year-old Alex Landau almost lost his life after being severely beaten by the police. Landau is a black man who was adopted by a white couple. Landau and his mother Patsy Hathaway discuss the incident in an animated video produced by Story Corps. The video recreates the events that unfolded in 2009 when then college student Landau was pulled over for making an illegal left turn while…

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German woman, 92, declared dead by doctor wakes up in morgue

BY JOEL LANDAU  NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, July 29, 2015


A 92-year-old German woman woke up in a refrigerated room at a funeral home only hours after a doctor declared her dead.

Authorities have now charged the doctor who could face prison time for his non-fatal mistake that happened in March.

Essen prosecutor Birgit Juergens announced Tuesday the 53-year-old physician, whose name wasn’t released, was charged with negligent bodily harm.

The doctor told authorities his misdiagnosis occurred after a caregiver at her nursing home found the woman, who was seriously ill, without a pulse. She was also not breathing.

But the diagnosis proved inaccurate when she awoke inside the funeral home later that day. She screamed which caught the attention of a very surprised employee.

The patient was released from the funeral home but died two days later due to heart disease that was unrelated to the strange incident.

The doctor is facing a fine or prison time if convicted,

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Traffic Stop by Storycorps

Alex Landau, an African American man, was raised by his adoptive white parents to believe that skin color didn’t matter. But when Alex was pulled over by Denver police officers one night in 2009, he lost his belief in a color-blind world—and nearly lost his life. Alex tells his mother, Patsy Hathaway, what happened that night and how it affects him to this day.

This Video Illustrates a Black Person’s Worst Fear When They Are Stopped by Police

In the video “Traffic Stop,” Landau is heard recalling the night when three officers pulled him and a friend over for a traffic stop—an illegal left turn—and proceeded to severely beat him when he asked to see a warrant before they searched his car. He tells his adoptive mother, Patsy Hathaway, who is white, about what happened that night and how it affected his perception of race relations in the United States.