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[ MISC ]           balloons. bubbles. cityscape. light. dark. candles. growth. decay. war. peace. money. power. percussion. clocks. photos. mirrors. pets. diary. journal. fairy lights. madness. sanity. sadness. happiness. optimism. pessimism. loneliness. family. friends. clan. assistants. co-workers. enemies. loyalty. smoking. drugs. kindness. love.hugs. kisses.spring. summer. autumn. winter. farmland. countryside. suburban. village.

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landariu replied to your post “Scott has pretty much been in full hero mode since then" Your retort to that post was awesome and I agree with most of it except. Don’t you feel Scott’s being a little vain in his attempts to rescue the mutant kids? He’s doing it in incredibly flashy and dangerous ways. Broken powers aside Scott’s still a good enough tactician he could get it in and out without a problem and he’s just trying to make a big show. He’s not exactly helping his case as not being a mutant terrorist.”

If he didn’t have some of that vanity, he’d probably be a little depressed, one man can only take so much criticism and hate.

Case in point

riutinubu  asked:

Just gonna point out that Namor and what he did to Wakanda is fucked up. Why? Because he lost all deniability when he lost the Phoenix and still bragged about what he did to the country. Unlike Scott, he willfully gave into the Phoenix's grasp. He's such a little shit. Makes for good drama though. Also Interesting to see that Cap is still willing work with him (see: new invaders)

That is the public persona he chooses to promote. If he were to admit otherwise he would think he showed weakness. The man has a lot of issues. However he has had a moment of honesty about the event.

I have a big backlog of Avengers books to catch up with, most notably New Avengers. I want to check out New Invaders soon as well, to see how things work out there.

In the end, Scott was the head of the opposition during AvX. No matter what went down, it is normally easier to let the past go with the subordinates, than it is with the leader. I have worked that idea into my view of a lot of the aftermath. 

landariu replied to your post: magicmaverick890 replied to y…

Professor X is a struggle though, it’s jarring, though natural, to see people paint him as a saint now (in the MU). Ha, ‘Scott wants you alive’, more sympathy than what Scott (and past Scott) is getting these days.

Charles Xavier can be a tough subject. I think a lot of it is the problem with putting heroes on pedestals. When they are eventually revealed to be human, some people will inevitably tear them down for not being perfect. It is like the people who choose to negate the value of MLK, because he had a problem with marital fidelity.

Charles Xavier had a powerful vision, and put it into action. He developed the infrastructure. He educated and trained new mutants on how to use their powers, and the values of peaceful coexistence. He was the man that provided mutants a counter view to Magneto.

Chuck was a good man. He was not perfect. Due to the nature of his powers, some of his failures were magnified in ways that many people cannot empathize with. There is little way for them to associate themselves with it, and come to an understanding.

Things like erasing Scott’s memories of his brother, and the second X-Men team are very hard to swallow though. He has done some things that make you wonder (comicbookfanzevad is going to respond to this post with a litany of Xavier’s sins) about him. I don’t absolve him of those things, but in some cases I can see where he was coming from, and can understand the rationale.

I think over the course of his arc, Xavier was better than not. The Marvel Universe is better off for having had him in it. That said, I think the X-Men have moved on beyond him in his original capacity. The first, second, and third generations are in teaching positions now. The things he started has gone on to be self perpetuating, and he is no longer the driving force.

He is a character that is poorly served just hanging around. He needs to have a purpose.I don’t have any interest in seeing him again until a direction of value can be given to him.

riutinubu  asked:

Remember in Civil War, when the Cap came to blows with Punisher because he killed two villains (gunned them down on the spot), and had done so in the past. Yet, still works with Wolverine on a regular, public basis knowing he's not all that different. What are your thoughts on that odd kind of dissonance.

I would have to reread that to make sure I remember all the details correctly, but I thought it was because of his whole SOP. The Punisher kills. That is his go to action.

Wolverine kills too, but that is not what he does right away, all of the time. 

It is a matter of degrees, but the point off view behind both actions is pretty different. Rogers is a soldier. He killed in WWII so understand that it has to be done sometimes. 

riutinubu  asked:

'Hubris' - it definitely is, from every character involved. The fact that he thinks what they're doing is the 'easy' decision shows he has harshly childish view of things. The rest explicitly worked as many avenues as possible until they actually did destroy a world. Steve, for his entire tenure there simply offered no alternative to the issue. How can a man say 'i told you so' when he has nothing to bring to the table. He didn't progress, or bring in other minds or juries. He just said 'no'.

I think what you are doing here is viewing him in the context of fixing the mechanics of the problem. Captain America was never going to be the one to do that. Steve is not a scientist. Steve is not a master sorcerer. Steve does not understand the secret language of the universe.

In any group dynamic, each component brings their own value to the whole. Steve is not the guy who has the Eureka idea. he is the one who keeps the center true. 

I also see no indication he thought it was easy. He believe they could win without resorting the destruction of another universe. There is a chasm wide chasm in that difference.

What opportunity did he have to bring new ideas to the table? They started to talk. and in less than 5  minutes sent him out. How was he in a position to stop them, by himself?

landariu replied to your post “blackphoenix77 reblogged your post Uncanny X-Men 3 - Scott’s X-M… and…”

I think their problem stems from the fact that they think they’re the only ‘good guy’ that matters in this game. Their current run definitely shows that.

And I wouldn’t disagree with this assessment. Just like with Rogers’ plan for mutant equality includes X-Men joining his club, becoming wings of his organization.

There is no alternate voice they consider to be their peers. No one whom they would accept a stern talking to from. It almost becomes a “Who Watches the Watchmen?” situation.

riutinubu  asked:

The Jean/Scott 'Gluten Allergy' comic you reblogged, I would pay A LOT of money, to have a Jean Grey like that in the 616 universe, she seems like such a struggle. My kind of person.

I really liked it. Everything is so dramatic with the X-men.

landariu replied to your post “Remember in Civil War, when the Cap came to blows with Punisher because he killed two villains (gunned them down on the spot), and had done so in the past. Yet, still works with Wolverine on a regular, public basis knowing he’s not all that different. What are your thoughts on that odd kind of dissonance.”

But even Logan kills (or aims to) kill people he simply he happens to have a blood grudge with. Yeah, Cap has told him off, but he’s very forgiving. I think it’s the shared military past that makes Cap sympathetic to Logan.

Frank has a military history as well, and was scarred by a pretty horrible military action.

If you have not read Born, by Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson, you should.

riutinubu  asked:

that second point is none of my concern to be honest. I've noticed the comics community is far too precious about artists and commentary of their work though, enjoyment is one thing, I enjoy a lot of artists, but I can speak critically and listen to criticism of their work blissfully though, regardless of wether it's worded in an attractive way. But i'll discuss that work on its own actual technical merit, with popularity being a low plus on that list.

I don’t see artists like Ramos going for technically correct. His structures are not based on reality. To me, he is trying to convey an energy, and emotion. Let me be clear,it is not my bag of tea,

 You can judge his art by the same standards you would someone like Jim Lee, or Alex Maleev, but I think that misses the point of his art. He is not attempting to work in those boundaries.

riutinubu  asked:

On frank quietly - have you seen his stuff for Jupiter's Legacy? It looks brilliant, he's improving in subtle ways.

I am really looking forward to this book being printed in trade. Have not read any of it yet, but looks damn fine. I am not familiar with the other artist doing the book though.

riutinubu  asked:

What is the common courtesy time frame when it comes to discussing recent comics on tumblr? I want to make a post but I don't want to step on anyone's toes haha

I don’t know what the “common courtesy time” is. I usually don’t post direct items from a comic at least until the next day. This will include general story beats, or funny scenes.

If it is something significant, I will title the post with SPOILER, and sometimes hide the image so that you have to click the read more link to see it.

riutinubu  asked:

Yep, but we're both working on pretty subjective tight ropes here. His Astonishing art is great, but overall his style can be pretty bland, even at it's best. He (normally?) covers the colour as well so I can see why it takes him so long, but his linework as seen in UA can be noticeably flat. My original point was that for the time it takes for him to make an issue (not a cover) the quality of art doesn't represent that. Especially since his artistic approach is very by the books.

I agree that this is subjective, and that his art in UA looks flat. I think that extra time he puts into his X-Men and Planetary page work allowed for the added detail that made it looks so rich.

I do not know how much lead time he had to work on the first 4 issues of UA, but I would assume that it was less than he had before, causing the less textured look.

landariu replied to your post: justwidle reblogged your photo a…

“but it is a style that has a lot of fans.” C’mon now… that should always account for very little when you’re evaluating an artists skill and application of it.

The enjoyment of art is a completely subjective experience, and comics are a commercial product.

The people paying money for Spider-Man comics have shown they are happy with Ramos overall. Some are rabid for it. I don’t see a problem here. Marvel has a valid reason to keep him as the artist. That is what i am getting at here.

landariu replied to your post: scarletamerica replied t…

put himself into*, no one put him up to it.

Sure. He volunteered for the gig. He tried, did it for a while, but I don’t see it in him as something he can sustain. I don’t think it makes him a failure to the point where he should be looked down on for it. Most people are not cut out for that level of leadership. Logan is more the staff sergeant, rather than the general.

landariu replied to your photo “Preview X-Men 6 Battle of the Atom Chapter 7 Aaron | Lopez | Smith |…”

Love this. But Armour and Bling! are tech geniuses now? That’s overtly convenient. Let’s assume they were tutoring under Beast. A little cheeky of Brian Wood though. Also - Bling! and Mercury are, or were, totally dating.

I really only know armor from Wedon’s Astonishing run, and am mmostly ignorant of Bling. Can’t really speak to any of those details.

riutinubu  asked:

The Illuminati's stance is 'try and everything we can, but we know what our last resort is. We're not here to be heroes.' While Steve's is, 'no, we're not doing that'. He doesn't seem to realise that that isn't progressive, at all, and since he's not offering any actual solutions all he's doing is committing his Earth to death, for what amounts to personal pride and morals. They are ALL making these decisions on behalf of earth, without consent, which is so wrong of all of them, yes, Steve too.

These are people who feel infinitely qualified to tackle this problem on their own, and in secret from the rest of the world. They are not increasing their net of knowledge to solve the problem as their ideas fail them. They have said that is they can’t do it, no one else can. 

Who gives them the authority to make this decision for the rest of the planet? 

And then they get rid of the lone voice that will get in the way.