So meeting #landadelrey yesterday was such a life changing event. She is such a sweetheart and actually talks to fans. She has deemed Derek and I #theboys and gave Derek permission to perform to all her unrealeased music. She is seriously an inspiration to all. She better not ever stop making music. @lanadelrey #houseofblues #houseofbluesboston #lanadelrey #boston #masshole #concert #shows #bffls #besties #selfie #selfienation #lanadelreyselfie

I don’t really think anyone understands how much her music means to me.
Music has such a great impact on me but her songs, are amazing.
The fact that she makes it seem okay for a lot of situations she’s put herself through and become this amazing, makes me feel happier about the person I’m going to become. She’s so talented. I swear it’s like I’ve had a million conversations with her and she wrote songs about it. She’s saved my soul in so many occasions and still continues too. 💕 #landadelrey @lanadelrey @coneyislandqueenn @lanadelrey_fans


Lana Del Rey-Born To Die

I love the contrast of white trash and French royalty.