Land Rover Discovery history:
Series 1 1989-1998
Series 2 1998-2005
Discovery 3 (LR3) 2004-2009
Discovery 4 (LR4) 2009-2016
Discovery 5 2016 (2017MY)
Though Land Rover refer to the new Discovery as the 5th generation model there have really been three major model generations with Series 1&2 and Discovery 3&4 being based on the same basic architecture


The Last Land Rover Defender Rolls Off Assembly Line

Land Rover celebrated 68 years of history as the last of the current Defenders was produced at its famous Solihull production facility.

To mark the occasion Land Rover invited more than 700 current and former Solihull employees involved in the production of Series Land Rover and Defender vehicles to see and drive some of the most important vehicles from its history, including the first pre-production ‘Huey’ Series I as well as the last vehicle off the production line, a Defender 90 Heritage Soft Top.

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