I’m thinking about Ovarianism, and potentially having it that one of the big dividing differences between branches is the view if the afterlife.

The faith originally started as reincarnation based, about all souls transitioning from one body to the next in a birth/rebirth cycle. Early on due to intermingling with neighbouring religions they picked up concepts of a “land of the dead”and eventually bled into the creation of an actual “afterlife”

The (numerous) text itself is contradictory on the nature of the afterlife, but the general consensus usually view paradise as either a “rebirth” in bodily form or the eventual breaking of  a “cycle”. Despite most branches sharing most of the same texts and practices, the views on the afterlife can vary radically.

Merics for example nearly all follow a branch of Ovarianism in which souls do reincarnate, but in the endtime all souls are judged and will either go to paradise or Midhad (hell/purgatory) based on the deeds throughot their cycle. Many Merics sincerely believe their children are reincarnated forms of recently deceased relatives and friends, making sin especially grave due to the possibility of damning the soul of those who lived before you. 

The branch of Ovarianism adopted by most Managians (and many Ocos and Banxer converts) is highly organized, believing that all sapient souls instead of reincarnating on Earth will Go to Paradise or Midhad through a literal rebirth (err, hatching). Paradise is full of Earthly pleasures and delights. While generally Ocos are (currently) more politically aligned and close with the Daws who hold much power, Managians currently hold more power in the realms of faith. 

Comparatively few Daws follow this organized form of Ovarianism, usually following branches that reject the idea of a paradise of “earthly pleasure” and believe the end goal of their faith it to break free of such needs and wants like food and sex.

There is some newer highly strict branches dedicated to (in their view) follow a version “uncorrupted” by change. One such (small) branch views souls as being “recycled” in death, but like the Meric branch believe in an end time where the Earth will end souls will be judged. Unlike the Meric branch however they believe that all souls that don’t go to paradise will be destroyed (basically everyone who isn’t them). They also believe Ocos are the only ones eligible to going to paradise and other species are more or less “talking animals”…

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A preference with their favourites movies to watch in a lazy day?

Anything on the list. I just decided to do a large selection of what they might watch on ANY lazy day for movies. Not just one day in particular.

2D: (Horror Movies)
•Zombie Land
•Dawn of the Dead (original)
•Night of the living dead
•28 Days/Weeks later
•Dead Snow
•Resident Evil (Series)
•Texas Chainsaw Movies
•Halloween (series)
•Friday the 13th (Series)

Murdoc: (Random)
•Shutter Island
•Ferris Beuller’s Day Off
•Star Wars (Series)
•The Breakfast Club
•Wrong Turn
•A House on Haunted Hill (Original)

Russel: (Action Movies)
•Die Hard
•Terminator Movies
•The Matrix
•Kill Bill
•Mad Max
•Dirty Harry

Noodle: (Anime Movies)
•My Neighbor Totoro
•Spirited Away
•Princess Mononoke
•Wolf Children
•Kiki’s Delivery Service
•Castle in the Sky.
•The Girl who leapt through time
•Summer Wars
•5 Centimeters per Second

What the fuck United Airlines????

I just watched the video of them assaulting that innocent passenger who was forcibly removed from his seat that he already paid for just so one of their fucking employees could fly on that flight because their moronic asses overbooked. They drag away the unconscious, bloodied elderly man like a sack of garbage after forcing him out of his seat that he shouldn’t be forced to give up BECAUSE HE FUCKING PAID FOR IT AND WAS NOT POSING ANY THREAT ANYWAY. To demean a human being like that just because they use their power to say “no” and you don’t happen to like it is fucking disgusting and disgraceful.

My family has a SHIT ton of miles with them but we’ve just decided to never fly with them again. My dad even called them this afternoon and asked, “So when will it be my turn to be forcibly removed from my paid seat, beaten, and degraded?”

Fuck them. And fuck anyone who thinks what United did was okay.

so fun fact I called the show’s thematic use of Hamilton all the way back in 2x03

but it seems like people are still missing the very blatant symbolism they used in 2x13?



Supergirl went so extra here I don’t even know where to start

they splurged on a location shoot and period costume rentals

just so they could literally dress up Mon-El as Alexander Hamilton–

a dude who meets his downfall via the winning combination of his own ego and a chronic inability to listen to his wife

a dude who is followed around by a spectre of death, in the form of a human bullet, for the entire fucking play

–and then act out the scene

where he dies


Dauðra Dura - III & IV
In old norse religion, it is believed that if you need to find answers which cannot be found in this life, you have to seek and acquire them from the realm of the dead. The most known gate into that realm is through the graves of the glorious dead. All the pictures of this album - Doors of the dead - have been taken at various gravefields in Sweden.
© Forndom

Things I have observed in different fandoms, French edition


  • C L A S S I C
  • everyone is in it. you’re french you’re in it.
  • gifs for everything
  • ships 
  • but everyone is chill you it’s cool
  • no drama no ship wars no discourse
  • in hiatus since 7 years? just dead inside when you mention it
  • best representation of depression on tv ever
  • perceval is precious. bohort is precious. arthus is precious. venec is precious. everyone is precious just protect them
  • in denial about Mani

Visiteur Du Futur

  • usually the same as tomitch
  • still receive material now? when the serie ended in three years ago? and actual new material that extend the story?
  • has to work with INCONTINUTY and PLOT HOLES explained by “time stuff lol” in canon
  • still very happy that everyone is queer
  • there are 5 different media they are all canon
  • no one talks about belettexrenard
  • The Henrisiteur Consprancy is on
  • Giant Gay Robot ™ can pull off the moustache
  • do not mention judith
  • or Matteo s4
  • made of 30% of accurate textpost
  •  Raph needs to be protected he is a babe
  • writers and directors and actors approchable af, giant nerds, take pictures of fanarts, 11/10 would recommend


  • Not the name of the show but the fandom was created mostly around the ship so hey
  • like 20 people in it so you know everyone
  • more fics than vdf? WAY MORE FICS? IN SUCH A SMALL TIME? good work
  • trans headcanon accepted by almost everyone
  • and talked about with the writer who wants to know more about it
  • I did more than 50% of the fanarts
  • already did two meet-up when the fandom was created like 9 months ago
  • stuff is problematic and we do talk about that
  • Johnlock AU
  • Funny Web Serie Was A Slow Burn Agonising Gay Pining Story All Along, read more on page 9
  • really just headcanons and gifs and welcoming people

Hero Corps

  • discreet. Does it exist? yes. Can you find it? probably not.
  • s5 entirely paid by fans
  • i n  s i x  h o u r s
  • klausxdoug aka the schodinger ship
  • I don’t think anyone not french can understand the show on all levels tbh

Dead Landes

  • was really active for like 3 weeks
  • so much problematic stuff in the show
  • Sam is a babe
  • the only only-DeadLandes tumblr is recommended by the writer for any technical question and thanked by the communication team for any gif. how surreal is that.


  • makes actual memes about actual politics who want to run/have run this country why does this even exist
  • why is it so present
  • and why does it make so much sense
  • still won’t let the 0.3% go (nor should they)
  • composed only of left wing people let’s be honest
  • makes a pokemon trainers AU
  • meet up only to eat raclette
  • use Assemblée National debates’ quote to talk about scooby doo
  • zorro?
  • kinda gay for NKM but not too much because she’s of The Right Wing
  • ships. way too many ships. vallande 2.0. 7/10 not sure I would recommend.
  • managed to get us frenchie tumblr users to get actively interested in the politics running our country of fucked up is that

Other ones I forgot?