land destruction

Seriously though, I love…love…the tallgrass prairie, and its near destruction pains me deeply. Partly because I can still sense the land mourning the destruction, I think. 

If I ever came into a great deal of money, I would sink a great deal of it into buying as much land as I could and restoring native prairie on it. 

I’ve done a little of it…what I can…on my little part of it, but that’s just a suburban plot. 

If everyone in the Midwest, though, did the same…think of how much of that land could be restored to what it should be. 

If you live in the former tallgrass prairie range and wish to do this, hit me up. I can point you to sources for native plants, seed, and information on how to return your part of the world to native vegetation. 


Puerto Rico: Environmental defenders in Playuela arrested trying to halt the Columbus Landing resort construction

Arrestan a defensores del ambiente en área de Playuela en Aguadilla, que buscan impedir construcción. @PRPDNoticias se mantiene en la entrada.

Environmental defenders arrested in Playuela, Aguadilla, trying to halt construction. Police remain at the entrance. #NoAlColumbusLanding

Indigenous people seize some facilities on Peru oil field

[IMAGEChiefs of Amazonian Indigenous Nations, Emerson Sandi, Alfonso Lopez, Aurelio Chino and Carlos Sandi attend a news conference with the foreign media in Lima, August 22, 2017.]

Indigenous people living on Peru’s largest oil field concession have seized some facilities operated by Frontera Energy Corp (FEC.TO) demanding that the government apply an Indigenous rights law before signing a new contract with the Canadian company, an Indigenous chieftain said on Tuesday.

The so-called prior consultation law, passed in 2011, requires the government to seek input from Indigenous people before approving any development plans that might affect them.

Indigenous chiefs in Frontera’s Block 192 said the government has refused to carry out the consultation process even though it is negotiating a new contract with Frontera, whose 2-year contract is due to expire this month.

“If the government says it’ll carry out prior consultation, we’ll automatically end the protest,” Wilmer Chavez, chief of the community of Los Jardines, said in a telephone interview.

Chavez said that protesters from Indigenous communities had taken control of oil drums and other facilities to curb output in Block 192.

Government offices tasked with oil drilling and Indigenous rights did not respond to requests for comment.

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how about  ~s  u  n  r  i  s  e    l  a  n d 

cautious-impulse  asked:

My friends and I were wondering if we'd ever see a spell that would essentially counter a land. We pictured it being a nasty one-drop red spell. Has a spell like that ever been considered?

Designed and playtested many years ago. It brought all the joy of land destruction together with the fun of counterspells. It was miserable.