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The New Mercedes Maybach 6 Cabriolet.

Revealed at the Monterey car week, the Mercedes Maybach 6 Cabriolet looks absolutely stunning. From the offset, I could see subtle styling cues which were reminiscent of that of Grand Tourer’s from the 1930′s with the long hood and trunk area. The front hood opens in an eagle manner to which you’d expect to reveal a V12, instead it doesn’t. All you’ll find under the hood is an area to put your cutlery and several other vital picnic items. The reason being is that this striking car is actually electric powered, albeit a 750 HP electric powered car. The engine is powerful but able to achieve a reasonable 200 mile range. This has to be the first electric car which I’ve been fully accepting of, due to its sheer power and the Grand Tourer styling. The interior is just as visually striking as the exterior with a light blue touchscreen wrapping around the whole of the cabin, with seat options now being located on the touchscreen. Light blue transparent features adorn the rest of the cabin to compliment the touchscreen and the white dash and seats that featured on the reveal car. All in all, I happen to rather like this new style of land yacht, with its technology packed interior and its classical styling, I look forward to seeing the end product when it arrives in 2019.


1976 Lincoln Continental Mark IV.

Coney Island Avenue.

The Continental was born of Edsel Ford’s vision of an elegant luxury car in the European style, but little of that vision remained in 1976, other than the name (and perhaps the price). 

While not as elegantly refined as the Continental Mark III of 1969-71, the body work on the Mark IV is not terrible (‘72 models look even better thanks to smaller bumpers), and certainly better than the Mark V that followed for 1977.

This Lipstick Red* ‘76 is in very good condition — just needs a little body-side molding on the driver’s door.


* Dearborn’s name for this shade of red, and one evidently chosen so as to appeal to the fairer sex. 

Momentum - Kai

Exo 1970’s Cartel Collab  - Various

Warnings: Mention of Drug Use, Swearing.

Creative Content Contributor: @baebae-goodnight (For the amazing moodboard!!)

“I will say this one more fucking time Kai…”

Sehun looked stressed, head to toe in grease stains and dangling a set of keys in front of the man leaning against the counter before him.

“The next time you drive the boss’s car to hell and back, and fuck up the suspension, I will lock you in the trunk and push you off the nearest cliff”.

The man at the counter looked up from the folder he had been glancing over, his shoulders slowly starting to shake, eyes crinkling and mouth parting slightly as he let out a chuckle.

“Sehunnie, you need to get laid” Kai whined, and placed the folder on the counter in front of him. He grinned at the younger man and rolled up the sleeves of his tan suede jacket. Kai rested his elbows on the counter and regarded the man before him with a false pout.

“I’m sure one of Minnie’s girls could put a smile back on your little face” he cooed teasingly.

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