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Park officials speak out against promposal graffiti in Santa Monica national park

  • In a Thursday post on the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area’s Facebook page, a park official wrote that park rangers had found a prom invitation — or “promposal” — graffitied on the public lands.
  • “We love hearing about creative promposals, but damaging public lands is not the way to do it,” “Ranger Zach” wrote in the post.
  • Not only is the graffiti an eye sore for guests, the spray paint can potentially harm nearby ecosystems. Read more (5/26/17)

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DAREDEVIL | S2 | Karen Page moments 49/50

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“The Emperor doesn’t believe in following regulations,” Roan said. “He lets the Senate pass them and then ignores them. It’s a convenient version of democracy.”


This is a poem written and read by me. Words below:

I am angry.

For the first time in months
I’m angry

My throat constricts
And I can’t breathe
But I know
Where I have to be

Tears fill my eyes
I glance out
At the sky

It does not match my anger

Blue skies
City skyline
Lights shine

My anger fills me up
Like a thousand times

I’m queer
And I am trans
But I’m here
To take a stand

I voted and I won
But the corrupted system-
I’m fucking done

I followed the rules
I did what was right
And still we prepare
For a firefight

We need to win
We are the light
This is our chance
To set things right

Our brothers and sisters
Siblings too
Could not survive
To see us through

We aren’t alone
We have might
Maybe this time
We’ll win the fight

I am angry
At the country
Society and humanity

I feel the need to flee
But I don’t have that opportunity

I am disabled
I am poor
Things look grim
And there’s the door

I cannot walk out it
I cannot leave
Listen to me
And you will see

The time is coming
For us to fight
And we need anger
To use our might

They have power
We don’t have
But we have love
And we are mad

They hurt our siblings
They want us gone
So we will have to
Prove them wrong

We are strong
And we are fierce
We work together
To counter their jeers

We aren’t perfect
We never were
But just this once
Let’s be as they were

Throw the bricks
Defy the man
We need to make
Our promise land

We spread love
Kindness and we’re
Ready to fight
For what we hold dear

Anger is scary
And it can be fuel
But we have an engine
And we are its mules

We are meant to be here
We belong in this world
So even just living
Is creating our roles

Keep taking your breaths
And walking your path
We will achieve it
They will face our wrath

And when we’re done
We can rest
Count our dead
And take a breath

Before building a world
Where we want to live
Without fear of the man
Or what is within

When the anger is over
And we’re at rest
We’ll continue our kindness
And continue our stance

But when there is
No thing to fight
Our anger will dissolve
When the time is right

And it will be time
To live again
In our own
Promise land