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Issa Rae to Star in Bill Hader’s ‘Empress of Serenity’

“Insecure” co-creator and star Issa Rae has landed her first big movie gig.

The HBO actress will star opposite Bill Hader in Jesse Andrews’ directorial debut “Empress of Serenity.”

The Good Universe and Mr. Mudd production is an original screenplay from Andrews, who wrote the novel “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.”

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Rae and Hader will star as passengers on a weeks-long “megacruise” — Hader’s Sheldon is trying to win back his ex-wife and placate his widowed father on board with him, and Rae’s Michelle will both help and hurt his ambitions.

Rae is represented by UTA, 3Arts Entertainment and John Meigs at Hansen, Jacobson.

Stephen Chbosky will produce alongside Mr. Mudd’s Lianne Halfon and Russell Smith; the group previously collaborated “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” Nathan Kahane and Joe Drake of Good Universe will executive produce with Mr. Mudd’s John Malkovich. Erin Westerman is overseeing for Good Universe.

The project is scheduled for an August start.

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extraknees-deactivated20170815  asked:

i was very amused by that wicdiv/secret history post despite having never read the secret history?? do you have any other important wicdiv crossover ideas to share

haha, well my friend, you are in for a treat! (or just a really long ask) after i got this ask i thought about it for a few hours and three crossover/au ideas kept coming back to me.

the first would be a twilight au. i am deadly serious about this!! no games are being played!! i think it would be just as fascinating and interesting as wicdiv proper, for several reasons. i think i mentioned this somewhere in the last ask but wicdiv starts out with the general premise of ‘solitary person wants to be special and join an exclusive group so that they can achieve Specialness’. the secret history also begins with that premise. lots of books and comics do- it’s relatable and intriguing and a good way to tell stories with lots of character focus. that’s why i think the wicdiv/secret history au would be fun. same intro but with plenty of new bits to make it fresh. i’m of a similar mind when it comes to twilight. it has the same type of setup: new girl tries to figure out what’s up with the mysterious family who lives in her town, finds out they’re vampires, wants to join them. sound a little familiar? 

here is the thing about twilight: it had SO much potential. i didn’t used to think this until i read a post a few months ago that listed a bunch of small changes that would have made the story better, and suddenly i was really interested. there’s a lot there in terms of worldbuilding, or i should say there’s a lot of individual bits and pieces that would be shiny and new if you picked them up and put them together in interesting ways. such as:

  • imagine a group of vampires comprised of the current pantheon. and they were all turned during different periods of history and in different parts of the world. (when sakhmet jokingly says that she killed an assyrian king in a past life, she’s not joking). 
    • baal and sakhmet are VERY cagey about where they were originally from. off the top of my head, i’d guess that they both came from ancient egypt, but different parts
  • they were all turned by ananke and some of them still stay with her, but others leave and come back when they feel like it. 
  • she turned them because she saw the potential in each of them to develop a special gift- in twilight, lots of vampires have them (mind-reading, extra strength, etc.)
  • laura first notices them when she goes to uni and sees ammy and luci in one of her classes. at that point the only other members of the coven in town are baal and mini. 
  • the order of the recurrence is the order of when ananke turned everyone. baal and sakhmet are oldest, but it’s implied in twilight that you don’t really age mentally past the age you were turned, so they’re not exactly thousand year-old sages.
  • vampire politics!!! moral and ethical debates!!! i imagine baal, cass, dio, and even woden having these kinds of talks regularly. is it possible to drain humans for long periods of time without losing control? should all vampires be encouraged to switch to animal blood? do they need to create any alliances with nearby vampire groups? is life worth living if it doesn’t end, if they can’t age? 
  • everyone is really uneasy about sakhmet because even though the rest of them try to stick to drinking animal blood she will occasionally still eat people. but she’s the best fighter and no one really wants to throw down with her. baal has always been able to reign her in eventually. dio thinks it’s terrible that no one stops her, but baal tells him that the last time someone tried it was…Bad. so if she wants to kill and eat someone every few decades, they let it slide. (when laura is eventually turned, she is uneasy about this as well, even though she really likes sakhmet)
  • the morrigan told baphomet that it was pure chance he was bitten only a few weeks after she was, but really she asked ananke to bite him because she could’t stand the thought of living forever without him. when baphomet found out they had a huge fight and have only spoken sporadically since. they’re rarely in town at the same time, and when they are everyone has to walk on eggshells. 
  • minerva is forever thirteen years old. she’s more openly bitter about being turned because it’s a lot less easy to do…well, everything as a thirteen year-old. the last century has been a lot of fun for her though! she’s gotten twelve online degrees and basically lives on the internet, because she doesn’t have to pretend to be a child on there. 
  • absolutely nobody likes woden but he’s the one who handles the financials and fake identities, and he knows too much to be cut loose so everyone puts up with him. no one knows why, but looking at his face head-on is very unsettling, so people rarely do. only cass has figured out that woden has the ability to create illusions and he’s been masking his real face for years. they’ve been in a decades-long cold war as cass has tried to figure out who he was before he was turned. 

the second au that stuck in my head was a youtuber au. full disclosure, i don’t follow any youtubers and i spend a good 50% of my time on youtube watching kpop-related videos. but i like this idea for the following reasons:

  • good way to incorporate everyone from the pantheon- they all have their own channels and it would be fun to see what everyone’s niche is
    • you could do this two ways: everyone is part of the same community or everyone does wildly different stuff but somehow they all know each other
      • “we all are competing to be the next big makeup channel” vs. “i know dio’s videos are just really long explanations of which vaporwave tracks he plays for his plants but we’re roommates and he wanted to be in my black parade-era gerard way makeup tutorial so here we are” by baphomet
    • tara had a channel devoted to fashion industry things and had a pretty small following until she landed a big gig at chanel. everyone accused her of selling out, using her looks to get ahead, etc. then she quit kinda dramatically, posted a video about it, and started her own clothing line (i’m thinking kinda alexander mcqueen-ish)
    • remember that article about how the we rate dogs twitter is actually run by some mercenary college kid whose sole goal is to make money? that’s woden but in video form somehow. he has a small team of minions making content for him for different types of channels
    • baal’s videos don’t really have a theme- he got his start when he posted a rant about menswear trends that went viral, but he knows a little bit about everything and puts out lots of different videos. sometimes he’ll post informational videos about greek history with his friend minerva who he met at the local library. she really wanted her own channel but baal managed to change her mind. he was mostly just worried about mini being too young to handle internet hate, and he watches the comments on the videos the do together very closely.
    • if you think amaterasu is insufferable NOW….
      • i can honestly think of dozens of options for her. haul videos that have all organic and natural beauty products but they’re all like hundreds of dollars. a chanel devoted to her favorite things about japan but it’s really cringey and has more than a few racist bits. she’s the kind of person who would get a lot of internet hate but brush it off immediately and do exactly what she was doing before. 
  • instead of dying in this au, luci, inanna, and tara all get their channels banned for different reasons
    • (is that how you say it? or is it that their channels would be taken down? i truly know very little about youtube)
  • ananke is there! as a ceo representing….corporate greed, or something.
  • i just think it would be really fun to do medium-wise! and there’s lots of room to play- it could be slice-of-life or just as dramatic and wild as wicdiv canon.  

the third au would be a howl’s moving castle au. this is 100% because i just finished reading the book for the first time yesterday and i thought it would be cute. luci as howl and laura as sophie is the obvious choice, but also consider:

  • cass as howl, laura as sophie
  • dio as howl, baph as sophie

if you haven’t read the book, go do it!! it’s very different than the movie but they’re both excellent in different ways. i’m stopping here because this has gotten……..far too long

jmeelee  asked:

Fic title: Grass is Always greener... ps Always love your JB fics! <333

Thank you so much! <3

Brienne can’t believe it when she lands the first big break of her career: a stunt gig for a big-budget adaptation of her favorite book, which just so happens to feature the star of her teen dreams, Renly Baratheon. Enter his costar, the notorious Jaime Lannister, who is decidedly less than pleased about the big, brutish stuntwoman hired to tackle physical challenges he is more than capable of handling himself. 

trystharvest  asked:

I'm feeling discouraged 'cause it's been more than 6 months since graduation & I haven't been able to find full time work or an internship. It seems like lots of internships are only available to recent graduates. What do you think I should do? (Ty!)

First off, congratulations on graduating! That’s no small feat. Here’s the deal. Imagine yourself in a few years, when you’ve worked a few jobs and you’re a “working professional” as they say- even then, you might have a six month gap of no work! And that’s okay. Just because you haven’t landed something yet is not a sign of anything wrong. It’s merely a gap between great stops you’ll be making on your artistic journey. Just because school was your last stop doesn’t mean you should be discouraged. Who knows what the next will be! The greatest calling card is WORK. Make things, constantly. The thing that won’t help is being idle and sending out the same exact portfolio over and over and expecting different results. Growth is powerful and many studios keep track of the work they see from you. Show that you are constantly learning. In regards to internships, check the parameters of studios out there. There are many internships that allow you to apply even three years after graduating and some don’t really care at all. In the end, it’s about the work. Also, don’t feel pressure of landing some BIG time gig right out of the gate. A job is EXPERIENCE, no matter how small. Freelance, write, do, go, make, hustle, don’t wait, and don’t let anyone treat you “like a student”. You’re a trained artist. Acting professional is the only trick to becoming one. Best of luck!

Le Reve
     Maybe things would have been different if you knew that the glitter is simply a distraction, that the lights hide the darkness, and that the pretty face a facade…

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This weekend, Taylor Swift hosted an intimate dinner party for her very best—not to mention very, very lucky—friends. But the most celebrated guest of the night was not Gigi Hadid, who just signed a major deal with Maybelline, or Karlie Kloss, who recently snagged a coveted spot in Marc Jacobs’ spring campaign.

Though both girls were there, the real guest of honor was Ms. Meredith Grey. Meredith, a cat, did not just land any Big Deal beauty gigs, not did she star in any Very Important fashion campaigns, but she was looking even more adorable than usual, which certainly counts for something.

—  Teen Vogue

British actress Natalie Dormer stars in two of today’s biggest franchises: The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones. We took a stroll around the famed V&A Museum with the period-piece queen.

“I’m so happy you wanted to come here—I love this place!” Natalie Dormer greets me with a kiss on each cheek at the entrance to London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, home to the biggest collection of decorative art and design in the world. The actress was easy to spot by her beacon-like blonde hair, though I recognized it only after watching her pose for FLARE the day before; I’d come to know Dormer as a brunette, in the role of sultry Margaery Tyrell in HBO’s most-watched (and the world’s most-pirated) series ever: the epic fantasy drama Game of Thrones (returning to HBO Canada this spring).

“I’m a natural blonde!” she exclaims. “It was funny because for the shoot yesterday, the hairstylist drew in roots. I was like, ‘You’re undermining me here, I’ve been telling people for years I’m really a blonde!’” She fidgets with the hair in question as she speaks, flipping luxurious swaths from one side of her head to the other. It’s so thick, I almost don’t notice the patch on the lower left side of her scalp where it’s only a few centimetres long, a remnant of her role in Mockingjay: Part 1 (out Nov. 21) and Mockingjay: Part 2. The films will complete the box office–devouring Hunger Games quadrilogy— worldwide gross so far: $1.68 billion—based on the young-adult books by Suzanne Collins.

Dormer, 32, plays Cressida, a documentary filmmaker who joins Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss in her rebellion against the government of their dystopian nation, Panem. Even with blonde hair and minus the medievally garb of the default Dormer of my imagination—today she’s wearing a grey silk blouse (“from Topshop or something”) over Rag & Bone skinny jeans and ankle boots—there’s no mistaking her: the feline slant of her eyes, the swoop of her nose, the asymmetrical smile, like an artist has rendered each feature with a playful flourish. Hollywood, and the world, may be overrun with towheads, but there’s only one face like that.

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