land rover black


Tatiana and cars! (x)

Me & this hot guy hanging out and doing yoga & kale. Thanks for this sweet #JaguarInLA @JaguarUSA!!! :D (x)

Thanks @LandRoverUSA for this beautiful beast in which we roved the land on Vday weekend! (x)

Feeling very casual about this SWEET RIDE!!! Thank you @JaguarUSA!!! #goodtobebad (x)

Thanks so much @JaguarUSA for the sweeeeet ride!! #GoodToBeBad #actualhovercraft (x)

Thanks @JaguarUSA for this sweet babe of a car. Felt very 😎 driving it (x)

Thanks @JaguarUSA for the coooool wheels I got to borrow for Emmy weekend (x)

Thanks @JaguarUSA for the sweet wheeeeeeels 😎 (x)