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Today’s theme parks spend lots of money and effort to produce compelling, coherent lands filled with dull, disjointed rides.


Walt Disney Studios Park by katsuhiro7110
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Walt Disney Studios Park The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

aight fam question: what if mermaid au didn’t take place in this fantasy land with vague pirate undertones? what if mermaid au takes place in the regular ol NHL setting? The team finds out when they’re playing beach volleyball (Sidney really didn’t want to come, but it’d be weird if their Captain wasn’t here, especially when the cameras are rolling). When someone jokes about throwing Sidney in the ocean, he gets kind of panicky, which then really elicits a team response, and a bunch of players pick Sidney up and head towards the sea. 

Sidney is yelling out that he can’t swim, and Flower retorts, “Stop lying, we’ve all seen you at the pool party.” But that was pool water, but if Sidney touches salt water–

And even now, after years of not being back in the ocean, he feels the sea call to him, the voices of his brothers and sisters wailing for him to come home, he can see the disapproving expressions of the High Council, begging for their Fifth Prince and the next-in-line Commander of the Northern Seas to reconsider and give up this human sport. And oh God, his betrothed, the first son of a General from the Western Isles, will come looking for him. The waves, tame only a minute ago, is growing more turbulent in broad daylight, licking the shores and reaching out to Sidney like arms. It had taken Sidney six nights of planning to sneak out the kingdom, and multiple bribes to the Old Witch to conceal his presence from his kingdom while he was on land, so long as he never feels the cold of ocean water lapping at his skin.

“Stop, stop!” Sidney says, but his teammates are all laughing. They think he’s playing along. He turns to Geno, hanging in the back with a few players, and shouts, “Geno! Geno, help!”

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a little bit genghis khan (6591 words) by WeeBeastie
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Black Sails
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Captain Flint/John Silver
Characters: Captain Flint (Black Sails), John Silver, Junior the dog, Claude the cute neighbor
Additional Tags: Light BDSM, Flogging, Jealousy, old pirate husbands, Silver being kind of a shit, but it ends well
Series: Part 8 of after all verse

‘cause i’m selfish, i’m obscene

i get a little bit genghis khan
don’t want you to get it on
with nobody else but me

It took many forevers but here’s my finalized(?) Smashified painting of the Mario series’ first female main villain, Captain Syrup! 

Working on this was a ton of fun, and I sincerely hope a lot of people will get to see this. Any reblog would be immensely appreciated. 

That having been said, since this is a passion project, I am very open to any critiques. I can certainly spot quite a few flaws myself that I have yet to work out, but would like some consensus on what definitely should change. 

UPDATE: Two alt costumes here based on Syrup’s different appearances.

UPDATERER: Two more here based on Princess Shokora and Rudy the Clown!

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Drabble: captain swan + fluff + food fight. Please and thank you ps I love your writing :)

I gotta combine these two - i hope you don’t mind!!

Laughter rang out as Emma retold the family of how they’d ended up with two separate dinner choices on the table that evening. 

“I only asked him if he’d be able to make his dish faster.” Killian chimed in.

“Honestly, grandpa, how could you make a mistake so bad.”

“I heard pasta, I blame his accent.” David protested.

The laughter continued as they each chimed in with amusing stories from their week and fell into discussions about going on in the town.

Neal began to fuss in his highchair and snow was quick to release him from his prison and perch him on her lap as dinner continued.

It was during David’s speech about installing better CCTV when a splosh of gravy covered peas landed on his cheek, shocking him into silence.

“Neal no!” Snow was so absorbed in listening that she hadn’t realised the toddler was in reach of her plate and had plans to get his father’s attention.

Henry began laughing, followed by an equally amused Emma.

“It’s a good look for you.” Killian chimed in, thoroughly enjoying the toddler’s antics.

“Oh really?” 

David got a gleam in his eye, one Emma seemed to read.

“Dad, no!”

But before he could listen, David was sending a fork full of mashed potatoes flying in the direction of the smug pirate, landing right between his eyes on the bridge of his nose.

Henry was completely belly laughing at the table, David joining him with boisterous guffaws. 

“Hey grandma?” 

Snow made the mistake of turning to the teen and thankfully managed to dodge the carrot shaped missile heading in her direction. She looked at the boy with shock, unaware at the squeals of joy coming from her lap as Neal watched the goings on with glee. 

Suddenly the table was in chaos. Food was flying in every direction and yells and laughter followed the mess being made.

Emma managed to dodge all attacks coming her way, refusing to participate, being the only one cringing at the mess being made of her kitchen, when a voice beside her caught her attention.

“Swan, you’re looking rather unaffected.”

“Don’t even think about it.” she warned her potato covered husband.

“Oh, you should know i’m a lover, not a fighter. come here.”

Her cries of protest fell on deaf ears as the chuckling man grabbed her and placed an audible kiss on her cheek, smothering the side of her face with the remnants of mash that coated his. 

“You’re gonna pay for that.” She promised as she finally reached towards the table, picking up the pasta sauce that had accompanied David’s pasta bake, and dumped it right on Killian’s head. 

Applause and cheers rang out as the others were happy to see her finally joining in on the impromptu food fight.

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in fairness, that’s a pretty fucking excellent new connection.

ok, cowboy twelfth night:

(note: in the interest of historical accuracy, at least 1/3 of the cast is either african-american or latinx)

viola and sebastian are separated from each other during a river fording gone horribly wrong?

viola disguises herself as caesar, a snarky young cowboy

duke “the bear” orsino = wealthy rancher?

olive = self-made business lady, owns the only inn for miles

maria = olive’s right-hand woman, runs the books

toby = maria’s hard-drinking, unambitious boyfriend but he plays a mean fiddle

feste = olive’s hired hand who mostly just wanders around singing cowboy folk songs and cracking weird jokes

thievin’ tony the land-pirate = actually rescued sebastian but is duke’s mortal enemy due to some suspected cattle rustling

(i would either jettison the subplot where they torment and gaslight malvolio just for being kind of a bummer, or wildly change it)

(also if i had full creative control i would handle the ending pretty differently, sorry shakespeare)

The way he says “Jack Sparrow” <3 <3 <3 I’m in love! Also, I feel sorry for that one ghost who just disintegrated into nothing when he stepped on land <:(

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do you happen to know if there are any latinx characters represented in cartoon shows? :0

Well at the top of the list we have multiple characters from Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, Handy Manny, ¡Mucha Lucha!, Maya & Miguel, and El Tigre - all of which center around Latinx protagonists and feature Spanish to varying degrees. These are the shows that are really getting little Latinx kids in the US to feel comfortable in their own skin and I wish they had been around when I was growing up.

I am so happy that we have shows that feature Latinx characters and cultures so heavily like that and that they are made for a very young audience, but almost all of us already know about those shows. So here are some animated Latinx characters that I think are deserving of more love…

Rex and Caesar Salazar from Generator Rex

Jaime Reyes from Young Justice

Miguel O’Hara from The Ultimate Spider-Man

Paulina from Danny Phantom

Master Hector Chavez from Kaijudo

Mas y Menos from Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go

LaCienega Boulevardez from The Proud Family

Twister and Lars Rodriguez from Rocket Power

Enrique, Emmy, and Max from Dragon Tales

Izzy from Jake and The Never Land Pirates

and Carlos Ramon from The Magic School Bus

Voice actors often play characters who are not their same race/ethnicity. Some of the above characters are voiced by non-Latinx white people for example. Since this is so common we then have a selection of animated characters who are not Latinxs, but are voiced by Latinxs…

Asami Sato from The Legend of Korra is voiced by Saychelle Gabriel

Marceline Abadeer from Adventure Time is voiced by Olivia Olson

Kanan Jarrus from Star Wars Rebels is voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr

Mr. Crocker and Vicky from Fairly Odd Parents are voiced by Carlos Alazraqui and Grey Griffin respectively 

Vanessa Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb is voiced by Olivia Olson

Winslow from Catdog is also voiced by Carlos Alazraqui

as is Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life

…and that is about all the Latinx cartoon characters I can think of at the moment, if anyone else is aware of any more feel free to add on.