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Your pairing choice: "He should not have even been there to begin with..."

He should not have even been there to begin with.

But even with all his years, all his regenerations, all his experiences, there was one fundamental truth:

He could never resist Rose Tyler.

The Doctor knew what the TARDIS was up to as soon as he opened the doors. It had been a frequent stop during his eleventh life, brief moments here and there when Amy was asleep or home with Rory. Never more than ten or so minutes- just a glimpse, a breath of time to remind himself that she was alive, happy. A moment to soothe the ache in his hearts that had existed ever since she left.

It had been years now, though, since his last visit. This new body wasn’t one for sentimentality, no matter how much the ache had grown. His TARDIS landing him here only meant she wanted to meddle, and that was his job, not hers. She still locked him out, though, and only the thought of being picked up by the cops for disturbing the peace stopped him from yelling at her.

Grudgingly, he crossed the street into a very familiar shop.

Two floors up, there she was- beautiful, radiant, still so full of fire and light even though she had yet to realize it. She was talking with a customer- better that way. Even though she had no reason to recognize him, it was still safer-

She caught his eye. Quickly, he turned, and fled.

He should not have been here to begin with.

Because if there was one fundamental truth, it was that when it came to Rose Tyler, he was still a coward.

I am laughing so hard because EA’s “Um, actually sweetie, us locking Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker behind two $260 paywalls in our $80 game is totally justifiable :)” comment not only broke the record for most downvoted post in Reddit history, it completely obliterated it. It wasn’t just the first to break 500k or even 100k, no post before it had even broken 25k. The most downvoted post prior to this was one from someone literally asking for downvotes, which currently stands at -23.8k. The shitstorm that came down on The Fine Brothers when they tried to lay claim to reaction videos and the word “react” itself only landed them just shy of 6,000 downvotes. As of this post, EA’s comment sits at negative 557 thousand when it’s only a day old, and it’s still getting thousands of downvotes by the hour. It could very well be the first post to get to a million downvotes. Remember, the previous record wasn’t even 25 thousand.

Just… wow.

DREAMers, don’t stop dreaming

You’ve probably heard by now that President Trump and his Attorney General Jeff Sessions have decided to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Originally created by President Obama, the program provided hope and protection to nearly a million children of undocumented immigrants, many of whom have grown up knowing no other nation besides the United States of America.

In their hearts, in their lives, DREAMers are Americans. And they are human beings. The cruelty of deporting them to an unfamiliar land is matched only by the recklessness of doing so. Immigration is vital to our identity, our economy, and our culture. To extinguish the dreams of DREAMers is not only unkind, but fundamentally un-American.

So, Tumblr, here are some ways you can help each other out:

  • Don’t forget to take care of yourself, especially if you’re one of the people directly affected by this. You can’t just fight—you also have to heal.
  • Tell your story. Tag it #DREAMer. Let people know what you’ve experienced, and let other DREAMers know they’re not alone.

And if you could use some perspective on what it’s like for a DREAMer right now, please read this Answer Time session with an undocumented immigrant who took your questions on her situation, her hopes, and her fears. It’ll open your eyes, it’ll open your heart. It’s what the world needs right now.

Stay strong, Tumblr.


based on that one scene from mulan’s i’ll make a man out of you


Katie McGrath + wearing her watch on her right wrist (even though she’s right handed)

Sure, Adrien a.k.a. "alternatively"
  • Adrien: Marinette is sometimes clumsy, but she is honest and nice, cheating is not like her. And today was her first time fencing.
  • Kagami "knows it all" Tsurugi: You like her, don’t you?
  • Adrien "she's just a friend" Agreste: Marinette? Yeah, of course! She’s a... very good friend! And once you’ll know her, you’ll appreciate her as well!
  • Adrien "quick change the topic" Agreste: Take it, please.
  • Kagami "imma take IT thx" Tsurugi: I would be really happy to meet your friend Marinette ...that being said, she's single, right?
  • Adrien "what's the world's longest river again" Agreste: ...
  • Kagami "BOI" Tsurugi: ...
  • Adrien "deNIAL" Agreste: ...I wouldn't say THAT exactly...

Okay so you know what’s a thing that occurred to me?

Look at Blaytz, and look at the merfolk from s2e2. Look at his complexion, markings, head fins- he even has little antennae like several of them do!

You know how the mermaid planet is never named?

What if it’s Nalquod- Blaytz’s planet?

Think about it. Blaytz would really flit in perfectly with the merfolk. The only real difference is he doesn’t have a tail, but, even though Blaytz is obviously a sea creature, we only see him on land. And we only see the merfolk underwater- though they make it very clear that being on land, and on spaceships, is something they can do.

And the merfolk take a lot from human lore of mermaids- which very often features the idea that they’re able to grow legs and walk on land.

Several things in line with this:

The bubble coral makes perfect sense. Nalquod was part of a coalition of five planets. In its heyday, it would have needed to accommodate air-breathing guests. Frequently.

Luxia has creatures large enough to transport Voltron Lions.

The rebels immediately latch onto Lance as their savior explicitly because of the Blue Lion. Even though Hunk also has a Lion, they’re not nearly as concerned with him. It’s specifically the Blue Lion that they recognize- Blaytz’s Lion. The same Lion Luxia basically doesn’t even bat an eye at waking up in its mouth but immediately trusts and tries to appeal to the people there.

We have no idea how old Luxia is or how long she’s been leader. The mermaid city appears very well-established. Plaxum states that Luxia froze the ocean over by blocking the “thermal vents” and then moved everyone down to the depths, and Luxia talks about opening contact with other planets “again”, telling us they once were a spacefaring people, and also, that unlike many things that ultimately Luxia wasn’t responsible for, the Baku was- Luxia froze the ocean before the Baku took control of her. Plaxum, not knowing about the Baku, might conflate the two because Plaxum is probably much younger- she’s noticeably smaller than Luxia and Florona, after all.

So why would she do that? Why presumably call all her people back from space, freeze the entire surface of her planet, and hunker in the depths?

Well… the comics show us that some of Altea’s old allies are still alive. And again, we don’t know the lifespan of a mermaid.

If Luxia is over ten thousand years old- the Blue Lion is a nurturer, and Lance did shove Coran out of the way of a bomb.

It’s possible Blaytz was unable to escape himself, but, he was able to warn his homeland that Zarkon was going to attack them. And Luxia, next in line- Blaytz’s sister, daughter, niece, something else- locked down the planet so by the time the fleet got there, they found an icy, lifeless wasteland- and may have assumed that Nalquod’s people had fled the planet.


A lot of sweet drawings of Dirk and Jake, from “You can only take what you can carry to the edge of the Sea” by CallmeArcturus.

I finally added links thumbs up

ngl I might have listened to Land and Sea by Emancipator for almost two hours here. There’s actually some NSFW that will come (hoohoo) later. 

I have so many of these little drawings just littered through my sketchbook now and every single god damn one was in the last week respectively. Also I draw Jakes tail different each time I guess. I don’t have a stationary light source, so you get this jumble of slightly faded background colors.

I once had this weird SU idea:

Peridot gets poofed over the ocean and then sunken into the sea. In the depths of the sea there’s too much pressure and not enough sunlight so she can’t reform. She has to wait until her gem washes up on shore or until the Crystal Gems find her.

She does eventually washes up on shore but that takes a long time. A very long time. Over a million years.

After all that time, thinking she’s been forgotten forever, Peridot washes up on shore and reforms. She fends herself against the harsh abandoned reality and the weird human-gem hybrid monsters that inhabit future Earth.

Eventually she finds the time temple, which after the ocean levels changed, is now on land, it’s the only structure left standing. She uses the time technology there to create a portal into the past.

She knows she’s too far gone, but she can tell past Steven where to find her past self and rescue her on time. Just before she closes off the portal and waits to die in her future timeline, Steven reaches in and grabs her back into his timeline.

They rescue past Peridot together and now there’re two Peridots. Normal past Peridot and depressed existential Future Peridot.

Eclipse 2017: A Unique Chance for Science

On Aug. 21, the Moon will cast its shadow down on Earth, giving all of North America the chance to see a solar eclipse. Within the narrow, 60- to 70-mile-wide band stretching from Oregon to South Carolina called the path of totality, the Moon will completely block out the Sun’s face; elsewhere in North America, the Moon will cover only a part of the star, leaving a crescent-shaped Sun visible in the sky.

Find eclipse times for your location with our interactive version of this map.

A total solar eclipse happens somewhere on Earth about once every 18 months. But because Earth’s surface is mostly ocean, most eclipses are visible over land for only a short time, if at all. The Aug. 21 total solar eclipse is different – its path stretches over land for nearly 90 minutes, giving scientists an unprecedented opportunity to make scientific measurements from the ground.

No matter where you are, it is never safe to look directly at the partially eclipsed or uneclipsed Sun. Make sure you’re prepared to watch safely, whether that’s with solar viewing glasses, a homemade pinhole projector, or online with us at

Within the path of totality, the Moon will completely obscure the Sun’s face for up to 2 minutes and 40 seconds, depending on location. This will give people within the path of totality a glimpse of the innermost reaches of the Sun’s corona, the outer region of the atmosphere that is thought to house the processes that kick-start much of the space weather that can influence Earth, as well as heating the whole corona to extraordinarily high temperatures.

In fact, scientists got their first hint at these unusually high temperatures during the total solar eclipse of 1869, when instruments detected unexpected light emission. It was later discovered that this emission happens when iron is stripped of its electrons at extremely high temperatures.

This region of the Sun’s atmosphere can’t be measured at any other time, as human-made instruments that create artificial eclipses must block out much of the Sun’s atmosphere – as well as its bright face – in order to produce clear images.

We’re funding six science investigations to study the Sun’s processes on Aug. 21. Teams will spread out across the path of totality, focusing their instruments on the Sun’s atmosphere. One team will use a pair of retro-fitted WB-57F jets to chase the Moon’s shadow across the eastern US, extending the time of totality to more than 7 minutes combined, up from the 2 minutes and 40 seconds possible on the ground.

Our scientists are also using the Aug. 21 eclipse as a natural science experiment to study how Earth’s atmosphere reacts to the sudden loss of solar radiation within the Moon’s shadow.

One region of interest is Earth’s ionosphere. Stretching from roughly 50 to 400 miles above Earth’s surface, the tenuous ionosphere is an electrified layer of the atmosphere that reacts to changes from both Earth below and space above and can interfere with communication and navigation signals.

The ionosphere is created by ionizing radiation from the Sun. When totality hits on Aug. 21, we’ll know exactly how much solar radiation is blocked, the area of land it’s blocked over and for how long. Combined with measurements of the ionosphere during the eclipse, we’ll have information on both the solar input and corresponding ionosphere response, enabling us to study the mechanisms underlying ionospheric changes better than ever before.

The eclipse is also a chance for us to study Earth’s energy system, which is in a constant dance to maintain a balance between incoming radiation from the Sun and outgoing radiation from Earth to space, called the energy budget. Like a giant cloud, the Moon during the 2017 total solar eclipse will cast a large shadow across a swath of the United States.

Our scientists already know the dimensions and light-blocking properties of the Moon, and will use ground and space instruments to learn how this large shadow affects the amount of sunlight reaching Earth’s surface, especially around the edges of the shadow. This will help develop new calculations that improve our estimates of the amount of solar energy reaching the ground, and our understanding of one of the key players in regulating Earth’s energy system — clouds.

Learn all about the Aug. 21 eclipse at, and follow @NASASun on Twitter and NASA Sun Science on Facebook for more. Watch the eclipse through the eyes of NASA at starting at 12 PM ET on Aug. 21.

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