land of yarn and crochet


so here’s what i’ve been complaining about the past few days

there’s no back photo of bucky bear because there’s really nothing to show, but i had to include the one without his arm because it’s a damn good picture

they took just under 24 hours total to pattern, crochet, and put together, including much swearing at captain abearica’s hood, both noses, and a bucky bear’s mask


some pictures of catdoom’s mini-chainsaw commission!

the ‘spikes’ on the blade are actually the whip stitch connecting the two sides of the blade, as my other attempts were….. less than satisfactory.

it turned out to be about 7 inches, and the yarn is supported by cardboard to help keep its shape, along with some polyfill in the little box in the base so it won’t cave in.

it was surprisingly fun to make!

i’m not actually sure of my camera’s location at the moment, so these were taken with my phone. i hope it isn’t too obvious in the quality of the photots ^^;