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In my never ending quest to add more towns to the land of Skyrim, my buddy @heikotheimperial directed me to this mod about a month ago. I finally got around to installing it. Pirates of the North:

Im not fully done testing this mod, cause iv spent about 2 hours or so in just one of em, but I can tell that if it doesnt conflict with any of my other town mods, im keeping it. This mod adds small towns/slums dedicated to pirates and sailors. They use armors from Immersive Armors and what seems like Common Clothes, or textures mash ups like Common Clothes. This town has custom textures (like new store signs), custom meshes and alot more. Like custom drinks, Black Eye Ale, Cider, etc. It has custom weapons used by the town guards that are remeshed variants of vanilla weapons.

This first town iv found is perfeclty cluttered, with a Meadry, Inn, a few shops (one dedicated to just mead/ale) and even a small trading post that reminds me of a small flea market. I actually havent fully explored this town yet, cause im having fun taking screenshots. If this doesnt conflict with my other town mods this will definatly go on my recommended town guide.

Ermalda (red head in last pic) belongs to @bravemustaine


Xi Kaliki, The Returner. 

Decided to change her look and give her an alternate outfit for her future self. She returns back to Skyrim after a few years as a pirate under Captain Heiko to meet her godchildren, Fanar and Fanah, grown up and her old friend Yarti. I think there was someone else but she forgets who…

Fanar,Fanah, and Yarti belong to @yarti


so in one of the most bizarre skyrim glitches i’ve ever bore witness to, i guess if you leave solstheim by typing “coc whiterun” into the console, you’re teleported to the bridge outside of whiterun as usual but you never really leave solstheim

as a result, the game sems to render the distant lands of both solstheim AND skyrim simultaneously, leaving most of the map below sea level, making the sky turn into water, and turning the few areas above sea level into a bizarre, glitched out, apocalyptic mishmash of skyrim and solstheim.

its truly one of the weirdest things i’ve seen happen on my game before and made for some really surreal and interesting screenshots

more screenshots below the cut:

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Lore of the Day

The sharp divide between nobility and peasantry is one of the features of High Rock which visitors from the more egalitarian lands of Cyrodiil, Hammerfell and Skyrim find difficult to understand.  The notion of a social rank defined solely by birth, with no account given to competence or vocation, is the exception in these societies, not the rule.  In order to understand why High Rock is so different, it is necessary to understand its history, and how the ancient Direnni social order of slavery gradually gave way to serfdom.

In essence, serfdom is a bilateral contract between commoner and noble, usually but not always enforced by magically binding oaths administered by the noble’s wizards (or by the noble himself if he is a witch-lord).  In return for offering obedience and a portion of all his income, the serf holds land from the lord, and is given the noble’s military protection from bandits and monsters.  These oaths are binding not only on the individuals who swear, but on all of their descendants.  A serf who defies his lord or leaves his land shall be stricken by curses or even die, and a noble who fails in his reciprocal duties may legally be replaced by his overlord.  An oath of serfdom can only be annulled by the intercession of the gods, or in some cases a more powerful wizard.

Serfdom was invented as a partial replacement for slavery during the latter stages of the collapse of the Direnni Hegemony.  Enterprising lords offered rewards of serfdom as a way of incentivising their own slaves to fight and work harder, whilst retaining their subservience.  Whilst serfs remained under the near total control of their lords, they were no longer considered property, and could not be deprived or separated from their lands, as well as being able to own their own personal property, including slaves.

Following the annexation of Greater Betony in 1E 2710, Reman I formally issued a proclamation declaring slavery to be “abhorrent in the eyes of the Divines”, and to be prosecuted wherever it could be found. Although the Imperial proclamation recognized the distinction between slavery and serfdom, it nevertheless considered the latter to be close enough in spirit to slavery to demand a close degree of supervision.  Certain types of magically binding oaths were forbidden, such as ones which would have prevented the serf from testifying against their lords in Royal or Imperial courts of law. In practice, this law was applied inconsistently, and many satirical bards pointed out that the extent of punishment for violations depended not on their severity but on the Lord in question’s loyalty to the Empire!

Nevertheless, the cumulative effect was for oaths to become less restrictive as the constant power struggles of High Rock wore on, with lords exploiting Imperial interventions to discredit their rivals and bribe their own vassals with promises of greater freedoms and privileges. In modern High Rock, this trend has continued to the point that serfs and freedmen can be considered to overlap to the extent that one can no longer make assumptions about an individual’s social status from their feudal rank. 

Rather, their respective status has more to do with divides in values between town and country, and between the national ethos of rival kingdoms.  In the conservative heartland of Daggerfall, serfdom is seen to embody tradition, loyalty, and binding mutual obligations between ruler and ruled, and widespread freed status is seen as a derogation of the nobility’s responsibility for their subjects’ welfare.  In metropolitan Wayrest, where attitudes are diametrically opposed, liberty is prized above all else even if it results in poverty, and a family would rather starve than cease to rely on their own resources.

Skyrim AU- Closed RP with vincentvonblaze

Benjamin Prescott was a nineteen year old dragon living on a farm in the land of Skyrim. His hard work clearly showed in his strong, muscular physique. However, he dreamt every hour of every day of leaving behind the dull, provincial farm life for a more exciting, adventurous one fit for a warrior.

One day, the dragon was helping his parents sell some produce at the marketplace. At one point, Ben walked off to clear his head. Little did he know was that his life would change forever that day.