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i’m gonna be THAT person who says this...

but most of tumblr hates la la land for the same reason they love moonlight.

take a second and imagine if the roles were reversed. if la la land was a jazz musical featuring two poc’s as the love interests and justin timberlake as the token white boy. would you still hate it then? how about if moonlight was about the story of two gay white men? would you be dragging it through the mud instead?

i feel like most people hate la la and for being white the same reasons they love moonlight for being full of poc’s.

most of the people hate la la land haven’t seen the movie. they listened to the bullshit synopsis the internet gave about la la land that it’s about “white people saving jazz music” and it’s not that at all. or saw that the cast and immediately went naaaaah.

as a poc who had dreams of being an actress when she was younger and is working in this industry now, i cried at la la land cause it as a love story about the world i love so much. i’m a dreamer. and yeah…i’m a sucker for a good ass musical and love story. but in the same breath moonlight was a mesmerizing and important movie because of what it represents. how rare it is to see DARK men of color portrayed in such a vulnerable light. how it touched on the issues of homophobia that the black community avoids like the plague. how my mother was uncomfortable watching two black men kiss but still loved the movie and the conversation we had because of it.

representation is important. no one is denying that. but a movie isn’t automatically bad just because the cast is full of white characters. hate to break it to you internet but there are talent white actors in this industry. we SHOULD call out hollywood for it’s lack of inclusion in hollywood, but for once, this isn’t the case. moonlight vs. la la land isn’t black vs. white. it’s literally just two really good fucking movies and y’all turned this into some race war. they both deserved the recognition and accolades they received.

i wish the internet would fucking watch a movie objectively or at least watch the fucking moving in general instead of being so goddamn simple and seeing black/white and labeling it good/bad. this is the best oscars line up we’ve had in yeeeeaars in terms of diversity and quality of films. 

i’m so upset that moonlight’s win is overshadowed by the academy’s screw up and it hurts that la la land is being dragged and reduced to a meme. 


Rating:  PG
Author: @kateyes224
Category:  MSR
Summary:  Something I didn’t think I was capable of.  Complete and utter MSR fluff.  The equivalent of Shipper cotton candy.  Or maybe lemon meringue?
A/N:  For an anon who asked me the following, and got me to thinking…Is Scully romantic in nature? We all know she’d die for Mulder but what trivial things does she do for romance?

They don’t sext.  

Never have, never will.  If either of them groped for a justification for this dearth of visual piquancy in their relationship, both would demur that at any given point during the past twenty-five years, any and all of their phone lines, land, cellular, or satellite, and all of their internet connections and servers, had likely been bugged.  

And as any conspiracy nut will tell you, being surveilled tends to put a damper on displays of affection, both public and private.  

Mulder had managed to quell his seemingly voracious sexual appetite early on, monasticized by her sudden, austere presence in his basement office and in his life.  After their few first years together, he appeared to be quite willing to forego the pleasures his magazines and videos had previously sated.  If he recognized that he was sexually unfulfilled, he chalked it up as a win in light of the fact that he was being intellectually nourished as never before.  

Intercourse, he figured, could wait, at least until she was good and ready.  

Besides, Scully had always had a rather demure, dignified sort of sexiness about her.  She wasn’t often wanton.  She wasn’t a screamer.  

She most certainly didn’t sext.

So the first time it happened, when she was going on hour 43 of a two-day on-call stint, Mulder figured she must have accidentally snapped a photo of some indiscriminate countertop somewhere in the hospital.  A pale formica or porcelain surface speckled with smudges left behind by some errant janitor.  But the following text message had him scratching his head:

Guess correctly and you get a prize.

Scully said nothing about it when she came home the following morning and crawled into bed at oh-dark-thirty.  Mulder figured it must have been a mistake, an accidental butt shot, perhaps.  She’d butt-dialed him before.  An incidental photo wasn’t that far-fetched.  He curled himself around her and fell back asleep, forgetting the whole thing.

A few weeks went by, and April slipped quietly into May.  The sun finally decided to come out after a long, hard winter, and spring exploded in Virginia in earnest, giving Mulder ample opportunity to clear and refertilize the garden boxes behind the house.  

One sunny Sunday afternoon found the two of them kneeling side by side in the garden palming delicate, bright green seedlings that would yield squash and corn and cherry tomatoes by the hundreds into the loamy earth.

Mulder glanced over and offhandedly remarked that she’d forgotten to wear the wide-brim hat that shielded not only her face but the slim bones of her shoulders from the sun.  Her skin was flushed pink and dusted with cinnamon freckles he knew for a fact hadn’t been there when she’d crawled out of bed that morning. She’d rolled her eyes and muttered something about a bottle of aloe vera he could make use of, later, if need be.

And, indeed, he’d concentrated on mapping each and every new freckle that had appeared that night, kissing his way over and across her body and putting that eidetic memory to good use.  

Memorizing her has by far been the most generous and worthy exercise of this talent.

When next his cell phone buzzed, it was just after ten in the morning the very next day.  This time, the photo that accompanied the text was a bit more clear, but the message itself still hazy and difficult to read.  

I’ll understand if you don’t recognize these.  They’re new.

The image is, yet again, the same paleish pink backdrop and the focus is distractedly blurred of the splotches that mar whatever surface she’s photographed.  

Mulder scratches his head, confused.  

When he texts her back with, Do you need me to pick something up at the store?, she immediately responds with, No, just tell me where these are.  If you’re right, you’ll get something extra special tonight.

Mulder studies the image for hours.  He brings up maps of the United States and the world, hoping he’ll recognize the spots for cities or countries or UFO sightings.  He brings up images of the stars, charts of constellations and ancient maritime navigational methods.  Nothing matches.

He’s settled onto the couch with a beer to watch the ball game and wait for her to come home when it hits him.  He can remember three of the seven spots he’d seen from a moment years before, when he’d wrapped himself around her and nestled his nose into her hair and murmured words into the pulse point behind her ear.  He’d made a study of that precious few inches of skin, her neck and her jawline and her ear lobe, and knew for certain that there was a beauty mark hiding just under the line of her lower mandible.

He grabs his phone and texts back, his thumbs typing away at a speed he didn’t know he was capable of.  

Your neck, just under your left ear.  I’ve kissed that spot enough times to know it by heart.

A few seconds for her to respond, but when his phone buzzes, he smiles at her message back.  It’s just an emoji, the smiley face one with heart eyes.  

That night, after dinner, she climbs on top of him on the couch and kisses him breathless, riding him until he’s sure he won’t be able to walk right for days.

It becomes a favorite game they play, on the nights and early mornings when she’s working past the point of exhaustion and he’s missing her so badly it physically pains him.  

She’ll text him a picture of some cluster of freckles or a lone beauty mark somewhere on her body, and he’ll rack his brain to remember precisely where it is.

Sometimes it takes him a few guesses, especially during those summer months when her skin seems to tan the remembered landmarks into oblivion as the freckles join forces in dense clusters on her shoulders and chest.  

By the time winter rolls around, it only takes him seconds to respond to the cryptic pictures she sends him.  

He saves them all, and to this day he can pull them up on his phone and recite from memory where each one is on her body.

me, to one of my roommates: dude i’m watching this russian children’s movie and the costumes are SO GOOD, look!!
her: oh yeah!! hey, you know what this kind of reminds me of? that one show, with the girl, with the pink hair?
me: *sweating* o…oh…, do you mean…uh….lazytown?
her: yeah!!! wow i can’t believe you got that!
me: *sweating profusely* haha!!!!! well it was a….big meme at the end of last year, so that’s how i know about it, hahahaa….
her: oh right, you and your internet culture!
me, who is now just a sentient pool of sweat: hahaaa……y e p

and oceans,
and waves
keep us from one another.
but a message;
letters split up
and thrown into the air,
and spat back out,
give us a connection
quite different to any other.
words that are unspeakable
to some here
in my town,
seem weightless
and worthy when spoken
to someone hundreds of miles away;
someone who will fight your corner,
and dare believe in you
when everything seems lost.
now that,
is not found everyday.


for you, my love @thesmutofthemendes because how else do I prove I love you more than through a poem. you’re so special to me

Fat Shaming

So I did a search for some fat acceptance blogs and I couldn’t not believe how many anti fat acceptance themed blogs I came across. (Really though, I shouldn’t have been shocked because this is tumblr and the internet-land of the assholes.)

I think there is something that people don’t understand about the fat acceptance movement and I am here to clear that up-fat people are just people. We come in all shapes and sizes-because you know what?! We are just PEOPLE. And just like other people, we come in various states of health as well. We all have various skin colors, genders, religions, sexualities, hobbies, dreams, personalities, etc. Because- WE ARE PEOPLE!!

And the fat acceptance movement is about learning to love OURSELVES. Fat people have been told over and over-by family members,friends,STRANGERS,the media-that WE DO NOT DESERVE to love ourselves AS we are -simply because we are F-A-T. And we have taken back that word and we are learning to love and accept OURSELVES….AS IS….with our fat,our jiggle, our double chins, our flabby arms, our various states and shapes of butts and stomachs and thighs. We are learning to love and accept ourselves whether we are healthy or not-whether we want to be healthy or not.

It is not ANYONE else’s business whether we are healthy or not or whether or not we want to get healthy or not. That, just like anything else-is personal and NOT FOR YOU to make a decision about for another person. BUT-you do NOT get to treat a fat person like a second class citizen simply because they are FAT. I don’t care HOW FAT the person is-EVERYONE deserves to be treated with KINDNESS and RESPECT.

FAT ACCEPTANCE is about learning to LOVE and respect OURSELVES AS IS and for there to be people out there continuing to try to tear that down is disgusting and sad. Fat shaming is one of the last “acceptable” things left and it needs to stop.

It is NOT OK to treat someone with disrespect just because YOU have decided that YOU have a problem with their Fat or Obese body. THAT fat or Obese person has a right to TAKE up space. That fat/obese person has a right to LIVE THEIR TRUTH. That fat person has a right to be treated WITH dignity and respect just like any other person on this planet because that FAT person is just a PERSON.

raffyoli  asked:

how fast is your internet in sweden? i'm from the philippines (the land of proto-trump and expensive but hella slow internet) and when i first went to the us, i almost fainted with how fast everything was loading

It’s pretty good around here! It does somewhat depend on what package-deal you’re getting though. I’m currently on 100 Mbit down and 50 Mbit up, but in my building they offer up to 500 down, though I didn’t see the need (for the price). If you’re in a building with access to fiber though, the price in general is lower, and you can get up to 1 Gbit both ways, though that’s pretty expensive still:P

The Internet

Welcome to the land of the free and

the home of the brave, a place where

you can find anything and everything.

The internet is something we all hold

very close to hearts, without it there

would be no life as we know it. Since the

beginning of time internet has roamed

around the world.

It seems now a days people are

born with iphones and amazing skills at

how to ‘internet’. Need friends? Well

guess what the internet has them.

Wanna buy clothes but your too lazy to

go out, buy some on the internet, just

remember it won’t look the same on you

as shown in the picture.

Tired of being alone and having no

one care about you? Find your true love

on the internet, but be warned they

don’t always look the same as they

show. So many fall so deep into the

internet they believe everything they

see. “Wanna burn fat fast follow these 5

rules and burn 20 pounds in two days!”.

BREAKING NEWS! It isn’t real, you

can have doctors praising a pill, “Dr. Lee

swears on this product, 100%

guaranteed to help you shed pounds

thanks to our main ingredient green

powder herbs mixed with tea. This will

also help you get the glowing skin you

always wished for”

What about Facebook?! Using

you status bar as your diary as if

someone actually gives a damn, We get

Becky you like Starbucks. It’s the same

thing with Instagram; the need to have a

certain amount of followers in order to

be considered someone special.

Can we talk about how these

websites know exactly what we want.

You scroll down your news board on

Facebook and boom an ad of christian

mingle right when you got tired of being

The internet, we must protect

this thing at all costs, what would we be

without it? Well maybe people would get

off the couch and get a job. There’d be

less people living with their parents

while they’re 30 that’s for sure. The

internet, it’s the land of the free and the

home of the brave, extremely overrated

and under appreciated. Remember kids

it’s dangerous and will ruin your life so

proceed with caution.