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Hello! So there is a thing called frisk resort now. Will UF frisk be attending? @frisk-resort

I’d love to make my baby attend that Frisk Resort thing! Also, I wanted my Chara to go to the Chara Haven thingy too, but… I soon realized I would not know what to do once they’re there, and anyway I am too lazy to actually go and meet online people?

So yeah, it would be nice, but I just dunno…

Stranger in a Strange Land

TITLE: Stranger in a Strange Land


AUTHOR: ImXtheXdoctor

ORIGINAL IMAGINE:  Imagine Strange fucking up a spell and accidentally sending Loki and Thor into our world. They wake up as Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth, respectively. They have none of their abilities and they have to learn to live as their human counterparts.

RATING: T, for now, may go up in later chapters because of cussing. 

NOTES/WARNINGS: No warnings yet.


Loki and Thor circled a couple sets, taking in everything, of course getting more confused with every step.

“Why do these things look like our home and other places we have been? Why are they next to each other?” asked Thor

“Your guess is as good as mine. It is a bit odd, though,” said Loki

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