land of madmen

i am so frustrated by the land of madmen

okay listen listen l i s t e n…. . , ,.,

nobody knows whats down there guys. nobody knows.

it could be anything. they could have more nym. they could have actual dragons. nobody fucking knows.

not to mention their channeler saturation is probably way higher than everyone elses bc of the lack of order im just. MMMMMMMMM.

theres like no info out there about it and im fucking dying guys.
The Madmen of Amargosa
Stranger in a Strange Land : An epic tale of ridiculous proportions about a man who can't keep his dick in his pants

I think I fixed all the holes that tumblr made, So I am offering up, once again, my crowning achievement as a storyteller (hah!).   Care to take a trip down memory lane?

Aliens. Male pregnancy. Gold digging whores. Lust. Betrayal. Adorable Babies.  Exhibitionism. Organized Crime.  Genies in Bottles. The Grim Reaper.  Bowling. Ghosts.  Hormonal Teenagers.  GMILFs. Newspapernapping.  Cute Puppies. Ugly neighbors.   Go Steelers!  Costume Parties.  Skinnydipping.  Boozing. Mob Hitmen. Dancing.  Woohooing.   Flaming Bags of Poo!  Fistfights.  Cruel Science Experiments.  Fried Eggs.  Sexy Neighbors.  Ugly Babies. Catfish. Breakdancing.  Grocery Stores.  Things That Cannot be Unseen.  Hackeysack.  Love. Family.

If these are the things that are important to you, then this is the story for you!

All silliness aside, I’m really proud of this piece of shit story.  It’s the only story I have ever completed, and despite the fact that it is absolutely absurd, I love it with all my heart.  (Seriously, I want to have it printed in book form so I can give it away as Christmas Presents.)   It started out as a gaming and storytelling adventure, but the final chapter is very special to me, and in it is some of the best stuff I’ve ever written.  Even if you aren’t into sims stuff, I think it stands well enough on it’s own.  It’s ridiculous and full of lulz, but the message at the end is important.  The ending says a lot about who I am and the long, crazy-ass journey I’ve made in my own life.

I love you guys.  Please read my shit and tell me you love it too.