land of home and stuck

Chapter 15: Home

His grasp falters as recognition sparks behind guarded eyes and his breath seems to leave him in a surprised hiss. No. That’s not right. It’s not a hiss. It’s her name, whispered with such force that it makes his fingers tremble where they still rest upon her shoulders.

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Nagi no Asukara || Episode 15

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5 long years it had been since Dash had stepped foot in America. The world had been at war, and most of the soldiers on their side fighting had parished. But the enemy had seen much worse results. At some point all communication with what was left of the soldiers was cut off. Dash figured it was about 2 years ago maybe. He didn't think to ask on his flight home. He had been stuck in jungle like lands with a group of 15 other soldiers who survived from his quadrant.

Cat was at home, wearing one of Dash’s black t-shirts. It was much too big on her, but it was comfortable. She was working on something in the living room, sitting on the couch. Her back was to her front door.

The halfa had matured indeed. Her body was now an hour glass shape, but she was still slim. Her legs were long and slender, despite how short she was. She had cut her hair a bit, and currently wore some eyeliner.

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-Alfred crying on webcam to Ivan because he wants his boyfriend to come back home. Ivan is stuck in his own land because his boss really doesn’t approve of their relationship. Ivan can’t help it and starts tearing up on webcam too as Alfred continues to plead and rub furiously at his eyes.

- Alfred kneeling down one day to an oblivious Ivan and taking out an engagement ring. He shows the ring and Ivan just stares with wide eyes until he buries his face into his scarf and squeaks out, “Da, I’ll marry you.”

- Alfred proudly telling everyone at the world meeting that he tops Ivan in bed. Ivan just giggles because his boyfriend is an adorable idiot.

-Ivan and Alfred in bed together. Their legs are tangled together and they’re practically squishing the other closer with each breath. They take a moment to inhale that familiar scent the other has that reminds them of their home and how they belong together.