land of green ginger


This one is dedicated to my friend, Matilda, who is obsessed with Harry so here we go x

Harry Lewis X Reader

Harry’s POV

As a result of finishing off the entire milk supply of the Sidemen household due to my Ghost Chilli Challenge, I had to go get some more for them as we all know that Vik wouldn’t last a day without his cereal smothered in semi-skimmed milk.

“Bye lad!” I shouted as I stepped out the door, grasping my wallet and keys I flung onto the table beforehand.

Such phrases erupted from the kitchen like “Bye bog” and “Get out Dinho”, that made me laugh loudly and shake me head.

I jogged over to car and hopped in. I plugged my phone into the AUX cord and blasted Drake from my radio.

I drove over to Tesco which was only a 5 minute drive from the Sidemen house. I parked and jumped out of my car and jogged into the supermarket.

I sped and weaved through the semi-crowded aisles in search for the milk that Vik requested I get.

I finally found the milk aisle and sped up my pace. I reached up grab the white bottle only for my hand to be collided with a small, soft hand that was also reaching for that milk bottle.

My eyes traveled down the slender arm attached to the hand. My blue eyes landed on a fair-skinned, green-eyed girl with ginger hair and freckles splattered all over her face and shoulders. She was wearing a white bardot tops and ripped blue jeans with brown sandals.

She looked stunning, like perfection.

“Oh I’m sorry, you can take that, it looks like you need it.” This mysterious girl laughed while eyeing my shirt with a twinkle in her emerald eyes. It was then I realized my SDMN shirt was soaked with milk from when I tried to rid of the hot spice taste from my mouth.

“Oh - uhm - yea - it look’s like that doesn’t it,” I laughed nervously at the end, “I’m Harry by the way.”

“Matilda, but you can call me Matty.”

“Wow..” I breathed, I couldn’t my eyes off of her.

She giggled, “Here you can take the milk Harry, I’ll just get another one.” She pushed the milk bottle into my hands and grabbed another one. She began walking away.

“Hey, wait up Matty!” I shouted and ran after.

She stopped and turned abruptly to face me but instead was met with my chest as I couldn’t stop myself quick enough and I smashed into her small frame.

I gained my balance quickly, only to see her to her failing to do so.

She was nearing the ground when I wrapped my arms around her small waist and pulled her up to my chest to stop her from hitting the cold supermarket floor.

“Jesus, Harry, thanks,” She blushed and gushed at me and grabbed my shoulders for balance.

“No problem Matty, couldn’t leave a damsel in distress.” I smirked down at her, with my arms still securely trapping the ginger girl to my chest.

“What do you want anyway?”

“What?” I asked, clueless.

“You shouted me?” She questioned.

“Oh yeah, can I have your number?”

She looked up into my eyes and smiled warmly, “Of course, but there are better ways than going about it than ruining the milk.” She laughed and glanced at the floor behind her.

I followed her gaze and saw our milk bottles had burst from her she almost flew and I caught.

I guess that means that Vik doesn’t get his milk.