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sets shadow aside for a moment to say knuckles is actually the coolest character next to sonic… blue vs red, speed vs power, wind vs earth, snark vs snark…

challenging when separated, frightening when together… I’m here for it y'all…


Casey Affleck’s acceptance speech for Best Actor for ‘Manchester By The Sea’ at the 89th Academy Awards 2017

The signs as apartments

Aries: simple construction and furnishings, user-friendly - more practical than nice, often with wood

Taurus: rustic, solid wood, cozy, rather overloaded, want their own home

Gemini: functional, rather light and less expensive furniture, often Nordic style, home is not so important, rarely a special flair for coziness

Cancer: Cozy and lovingly furnished apartment, home with garden, not extremely tidy

Leo: "My home is my castle.“; slightly pompous decor, generous and representative, colorful and creative, self-expression

Virgo: Reason prevails, functional style with love for the detail, compared to the establishment of the lion rather bland or small, permanent furniture, likes green plants, convenience can be preferred to the habit

Libra: aesthetically-cool apartment furnishings, more beautiful than cozy, rather airy and not overloaded, often perfumed

Scorpio: A typical Scorpio apartment is not to be described, the spectrum ranges from "apartment is unimportant” to “perfectionist cool”

Sagittarius: as large as possible, does not have any particular affinity for property / land / ground

Capricorn: cool, functional furnishings, solid furniture, simple, not particularly comfortable, residential ownership is important to them, stone floors

Aquaruis: Studio apartment, attic apartment, high rooms, lots of light, flat contains special items, several moves, often improvised furnishings

Pisces: no typical home furnishings definable, but nevertheless something strange (as from 1001 Nights) is usually there


THE HNK PV IS OUT AND IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“There’ll be a time,” Nita said softly, “when any time someone’s elected to a public office—before they let them start work—they’ll bring whoever was elected up here and just make them look at that until they get what it means…”

Kit nodded. “You wanted to know where the power came from,” he said to Nita’s mother and father. “The grownups who’re wizards tell us that whatever made that made the power too. It’s all of a piece.”

“The grownups who’re wizards?”

“And as for ‘why,’ ” Kit said, “that’s why.” There was no need for him to point to “that.” “Not just for the—for what you felt on the way in. That’s part of it. But because somebody’s got to take care of that. Not just part of it—not just one country, or one set of rules, or one species, at the expense of the others. But everything that lives, all the kinds of ‘people.’ All of it, with nothing left out. One whole planet. Somebody’s got to make sure it grows as well as it can. Or just survives. That’s what wizards do.”

- diane duane