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sets shadow aside for a moment to say knuckles is actually the coolest character next to sonic… blue vs red, speed vs power, wind vs earth, snark vs snark…

challenging when separated, frightening when together… I’m here for it y'all…

Sandwich Necessities

Overview: Cas and the reader are on a mission to create the perfect sandwich.

Characters: Castiel, Reader, a guest appearance by Grumpy!Dean

Word Count: 1,220

Warnings: mild language, sandwich throwing, FLUFFFFFFFF

A/N: I stole a prompt from @rosie-winchester‘s challenge (with permission). It’s bolded in the fic. A shout out to @wheresthekillswitch and @hannahindie for reviewing my sandwich shenanigans and actually just all my general shenanigans. Love you both!

“What are you doing?” I asked, taking in the sight in front of me with a confused smile.

Castiel turned to look at me, a butter knife in one hand and a bread slice in the other. “I was trying to make a sandwich,” he looked back at the counter with a frown, “but I’m afraid all I’ve managed to do is make a mess.”

I suppressed a giggle as I crossed the kitchen and came to stand in front of him, “You’ve got peanut butter in your hair.”

He frowned at me, “Of all the things I have attempted since becoming fully human, I was certain this one would prove to be simple.”

My fingers reached up to gently rub the sticky mess out of his soft tresses, “Just wait until you have to do your taxes.”

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Here are some fan made The 7D bumpers! These are based on the on-air branding used by Disney Channel Turkey!

Admit It

(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 5 161
summary : Reader has a crush on Kai but its too afraid / shy to tell him. 
* gif by jake-riley
keep reading after the cut 😉 (it turned out waaay longer than I thought , hah😅🙈)

End of the semester. There were exams and so many other things to think and obsess about , but instead Y/N didn’t care about any of those things. All she cared about was Kai , well more like thinking and crushing on him in silence. Which is one of the reasons why Stefan had offered to tutor her in history and pretty much every other subject. No one liked Kai very much but he still got free access to the Salvatore boarding house whenever he wanted. That’s exactly where Y/N was that day - studying with Stefan. She sat on the ground resting her back against the sofa with a text book in her hands. Flipping page after page pretending to read , it wasn’t like she wanted to pretend. It kind of just happened on its own.  Every time she closed her eyes Kai’s face popped behind her eyelids. None of her friends could figure out how she could fall for him of all people. In their eyes he wasn’t a good person and was definitely not good enough for her. Only the heart wants what it wants. Somehow in all those years , he had been the first one to stir something inside her. There had been other boys she liked but it had never felt this way. All she could do was think about him. Dream about him. Kai was constantly in her mind no matter if she wanted him gone or not. He had her completely under his spell , only there was a problem. Y/N was shy and was too afraid to tell Kai about any of this. Chances were he was going to reject her.
“Hello ? Earth to Y/N.” said Stefan waving his hand in front of her face snapping her back to reality. “You spaced out again , didn’t you?”
“Right.” he trailed off. “You are going to flunk the exams if you don’t stop thinking about him.”
“I am not thinking about him!” snapped Y/N , a sigh leaving her lips a moment later. “Sorry. I - I didn’t mean for it to come out like that. It’s just…”
“You like him but you are too scared to tell him.” he finished for her.
Y/N nodded. Kai could have anyone he wanted. It was enough for him to smile at any girl and she’d swoon instantly. Y/N always did. His eyes , his smile , his dimples always made her so weak.
“Maybe I can help.” he offered. “I can ask him , you know test the waters for you.”
Y/N turned towards her friend. Stefan had the best intentions , she knew it but it just didn’t seem right. She wasn’t in 2nd grade anymore , she was in her senior year of high school. Asking someone to ask the person you have a crush on if they have a crush on you was just … childish.
“No. You don’t even like him or approve of me liking him.” she stated flipping another page by habit. Stefan reached his hand taking the text book out of her hands. Y/N didn’t protest. “Also he is going to laugh at me. He said it himself - he is not burdened by emotions like love. I’m perfectly fine crushing in silence.”
Stefan studied her face. He didn’t have to be a vampire to know she was anything but fine crushing in silence. Y/N needed someone to intervene for her , other ways if Kai found someone else , she’d be crushed.
“Oh-kay. Do you want a sandwich ?”
“Grilled cheese please.” she smiled. Stefan mouthed ‘Okay’ and headed towards the kitchen. Y/N took back her history text book and started reading , for real this time. Stefan was right. She’d flunk her exams if she didn’t focus. A few minutes later just as Y/N had finally managed to concentrate , the large front door opened. The girl hadn’t even noticed someone had walked into the house until that someone sat on the sofa and leaned in to see what she was reading. Y/N felt someone’s breath on her neck and turned her head finding Kai’s face barely two inches away from hers.
“Hi.” said Kai grinning. “What are you up to ? You didn’t even look up when I walked inside. Its hurtful.”
“I … I um…” she stuttered. “I’m studying.”
“Can I help ?” he asked. “Its been a while but I am sure I can be of use. Also I’ve been told I am an excellent tutor.”
“By who?” she wondered. Y/N would’ve said YES in the blink of an eye , if she hadn’t been this shy. Even though she was pretty sure Kai being her tutor would be more than distracting. He was a distraction even when he wasn’t around and him standing this close to her , with his hand on her shoulder had completely thrown her off balance. His blue eyes sparkled more than usual and his smile took her breath away. That day he was wearing gray jeans with a dark blue t-shirt and a black jacket. His hair was a bit longer and Y/N fought the urge to run her fingers through it, not that she would’ve been able to do more than to raise her hand and stand frozen contemplating what it would feel like without actually doing anything.
“Here’s your sandwich.” said Stefan landing a plate with grilled cheese on the coffee table. His eyes darted between Y/N and Kai. At the moment Y/N had turned towards Kai and he could feel her hyperventilating at the sight of Kai standing this close smiling at her.  "Why are you here ?“
Kai looked away from Y/N giving her the chance to look away. Her gaze fell on the sandwich and all of the sudden she didn’t feel all this hungry. From the place Kai had put his hand on her shoulder it felt as if electricity had started pulsating in her bloodstream. Her heart was beating faster than ever and she was pretty sure she had been holding her breath for the past 5 minutes. It seemed as if the room had gotten hotter only it hadn’t. It was the feeling of her skin being on fire because of Kai.
“Oh I was just walking by , thought why not drop in and see what my friends are up to.” said Kai amused. “Maybe I can help with the tutoring.”
“We are not you friends.” said Stefan glancing at Y/N who seemed frozen , her eyes focused on the plate in front of her. Kai had placed his hand on her shoulder and Stefan could hear her heart beating way too fast , causing her cheeks to turn red. “And I’m perfectly capable of helping Y/N with her exams on my own. Thanks. Why don’t you find someone else to torment ? Like some innocent sorority girl or a cheerleader?”
Y/N suddenly got up , Kai’s hand falling from her shoulder. Quickly she gathered her things and shoved them in her messenger bag. She ran roughly her fingers through her hair turning towards Stefan and avoiding looking at Kai completely.
“Sorry. I - I have to go.” she mumbled not even bothering to take the snack Stefan had made her. A moment later she was out the door.
“What did I do to her?” wondered Kai looking after Y/N. It appeared as if she was trying to win a marathon or something , nearly smacking her face into the door before opening it. “Every time I am around she just ups and leaves or acts super weird. What did you tell her about me ? Or should I ask my two biggest fans Bonnie and Damon?”
Kai reached for the plate but Stefan slapped his hand away. “Rude.”
Stefan grinned at him , taking a bit from the grilled cheese.
“That’s just the way she is.” he said.
“No. It’s not.” said Kai. “Last time I saw her , we were at the Grill and she nearly smacked her nose a wall and almost broke it in her hurry to get away from me. I don’t see her running away from any of you like that. Y/N didn’t even say goodbye to me.” sighed Kai with a note of hurt in his voice.
Kai couldn’t figure out what was wrong. The more he thought about it , the more he thought it hadn’t been something he had done , which meant someone had said something to her. Y/N was one of the few humans left in the group. It was why he liked her. She had a chance at a normal life. Well as normal as her life could be with vampires , witches and werewolfs as her best friends. He wanted to be her friend too. There was something about her that was drawing him in. He could tell she wasn’t like her friends , but each time she acted like this it made him feel weird - sad and hurt. He hated that feeling.
“Look what the cat dragged in.” said Damon walking into the house with Elena on his arm. “What ? No cheerleaders to play with ? Get out.”
“I am not going anywhere until someone tells me whats up with Y/N.” insisted Kai. “Why is she acting like this around me?”
“Y/N likes you.” said Elena smiling. “As if it isn’t obvious by the way her cheeks blush every time you are around or anyone mentions your name. Not to mention how she just can’t stop talking about you. Bonnie can’t stand being around her anymore.”
“I don’t know why Y/N would even look at you , let alone like you.” added Damon. “You are the most awful person in the world.” he grinned.
Elena punched her boyfriend’s forearm. “Damon ! Don’t say that … in front of him.”
“What do you mean she likes me?” wondered Kai. Everything after Elena had said Y/N likes him had somehow gotten lost on the way to his ears.
“Ugh , I know its been 18 years for you and clearly you are out of practice when it comes to girls.” groaned Damon. “But its so obvious even Miss Cuddles sees it and her brain is made out of cotton. Y/N has a crush on you.”
Stefan stood there , finishing his grilled cheese and trying to figure out how to stop what was happening in front of him Y/N had specifically said ‘no’ when he had offered to intervene on her behalf.
“Would you two stop talking?!” he said. “Y/N would find a way to kill all of us if she figures out any of us spilled about it.”
“I’m not going to tell her. Are you?” asked Damon pointing at Elena , who shook her head. He turned towards Kai next. “Now you know. Get out of my house.”
“Why wouldn’t she just tell me?” thought Kai out loud.
“Because she is shy , specially when it comes to boys even more if she likes the boy.” said Elena softly. Out of everyone she seemed to have the nicest attitude towards Kai , even though he knew she didn’t like him either. “Also probably thinks you don’t like her back and doesn’t want to get hurt.”
“I … I think I might like her back.” whispered Kai , everyone stared at him the same way they had when he had stabbed Jo at the wedding. Elena and Stefan struggled for words. Only the eldest Salvatore seemed to be able to speak.
“Get out.” said Damon pouring himself a drink.
“Alright alright… I’m leaving.” said Kai raising his hands in defence. “By the way - your house is not that cool now. I liked it better in 1994.”
Damon threw one of the sofa pillows at Kai , missing him by a few seconds as Kai left the house. He walked around the front yard , his hands in his pockets kicking in a small stone on his way. Y/N’s friends wouldn’t lie to him , at least thats what he thought. Either way he intended on finding out if it was true. When Elena had said Y/N likes him , something weird had happened with Kai’s heart - it had stopped for nearly half a minute. And he had felt this weird warm fuzzy feeling spread through his body.
“Emotions … ” he muttered. “Why do they have to be so hard ?”

*          *          *

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(More) Hidden Talents

(More) Hidden Talents
 Jane can’t really cook, but it turns out there is something she can actually do. And Kurt is slightly biased (and maybe a little high on pain meds). Random pointless fluff.

“It’s ok that you can’t cook,” he told her once, “seriously, of all the things that you can do, not cooking doesn’t even register.”

She’d felt bad that, once again, after a long exhausting day at the office, he was the one standing in the kitchen doing all the work as she sat back and just waited. “At least let me help,” she said, “I feel bad just sitting here doing nothing.”

“You’re not doing nothing,” he argued, “you’re doing plenty.”

“Oh, yeah?” she chuckled, “what is it exactly that I’m doing?”

She was sitting at one of the stools  while he stood across from her chopping vegetables and keeping an eye on the pasta on the stove. “You’re keeping me company,” he said, “and you’re giving me something to look at other than the wall.”

“Oh, so you’re comparing me to a wall now? That’s how useless I am?” she pouted, stifling a laugh at how flustered he looked.

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For Your Eyes Only

Originally posted by juststyls

A constant, perhaps the only constant in your life, is Harry’s love for you.

It’s in his lips, when he kisses you so tenderly because words are not enough. It’s in his touch, fingertips always roaming the body he claimed to be perfect; your body of course. It’s in all the things and other things that he does with you, to you, for you.

However, that does not go to show that you do not have your insecurities. But when you do, Harry does not have any of it.

A compliment leaves his lips to remind you of your sheer beauty both inside and out. An amorous yet compassionate gaze laid on you as you are his favourite thing to look at. And most importantly, an “I love you” both verbally and physically to seal everything over with.

Morning cuddles in particular are when you feel as though it’s you and him against the world. 

You’re up against his chest in the wee hours, speaking of everything in between. 

“I don’t think I tell you enough how much I love these.” You trail the vibrant colours of his tattoos. 

He chuckles,  “I dunno know love, you do tend to bring them up a lot.”

“That’s just because you’re the only man with a clutter of various tattoos who I’d still find attractive.” You say, kissing the space over his heart.

“Well, besides Louis and Liam. Niall ever going to get behind the needle?”

“You say that like we’re shooting up.” Harry rolls his eyes, shaking his head at the words.

“But I don’t think he’s ever going to, really. He’s not too excited about having to pick something that gets stays on your skin forever.”

“Mm, and you sound confident about forever having the GreenBay Packers logo on bicep for the rest of your life.” You tease. 

“Hey! The Packers are a fantastic football team.” He defends his beloved American team.

“I’m sure they are! I just don’t understand why out of all the American football teams, you choose the one from the land of cheese.”

He shrugs, “It’s a gut feeling darling, you’d know.”

You chortle to yourself before going back to tracing shapes within the other designs on his skin.

“I remember when you first got this one.” You tell him, referring to the butterfly lying on his chest.  

“Or, I remember when I first saw that you got it. ‘Penstagram’ is what you captioned it, and I thought, ‘Thank god it must not be real, only pen.’  only months later after seeing you poolside with it still on did I realise that it wasn’t coming off anytime soon.”

“You don’t like it?” He gasps, clasping his heart in shock.

“Well obviously I do now.” You playfully slap his arm.

“But I mean back then I thought it was a bit ridiculous.. but now I can’t picture you without it. I’ve grown to love it and quite fondly at that.”

He smiles, pressing his lips to your forehead.

“So, your first day off in weeks,” Your eyes gleam up at him, “have any idea of what we should do?”

“Hm..” He pouts, resting a hand on your hip.

“I spoke to a friend who’s studying medicine and I believe he told me that we’re required to remain in bed all day in times like this.”

You glance at him with a smirk, “Funny you should say that because my friend who is also studying medicine informed me that we definitely are in dire need of staying in bed.”

Harry lets out a breathy laugh as you do the same. You feel a tingling sensation in your abdomen as you watch him do so, appreciating every aspect of his laugh. His head would curl back as his eyes crinkled, nose scrunching only just a bit but enough for you to notice in close proximity. 

“Look at us, claiming to be adventurous but sticking to the bed at the first sign of freedom.” You chuckle, poking the bit of flab on his stomach.

“Who said we can’t explore in the bedroom?” He winks

You roll your eyes before throwing the duvet off your body, heading for the bathroom. 

“Where are you going?” Harry whines, reach his hands out as if you’ll come back with mental powers.

“Before we self-medicate, I’d like to clean myself up first.” You shout back, closing the door behind you. 

He sits patiently with a sigh, eventually digging up his phone out from underneath the sheets. 

A few clicks on the small screen and eventually the speakers are turned on. Lying back down from his upright position, he breathes contently. 

Everything is wonderful, Harry thinks to himself. He has the love of his life a mere two meters away, with the home he had always pictured himself having and perhaps someday the family he had always dreamed of. Everything is just as it should be

Once back into the room, the mellow beat of Ed Sheeran’s guitar registers in your ears.

“Kiss Me?” You inquire the song, raising your eyebrows to the song name. He tugs you into the bed, a shrug on his lips. 

“It’s always a good time for it.”

Kiss Me is a song that is commonly played in your relationship with Harry, one that is referred to time and time again. The romantic notes accompanying sweet, eloquent words made for a song that never fails to bring satisfaction to your ears. 

You think back to the first time you heard the song, all those years back. You remember wanting to share the song with someone special. Though you did not know who at the time, just that you would love him with everything you have and more.

Harry has always been that man, even from before you knew it. It is impossible to fathom just how much you love him, for he is to you as happiness is to anyone who ever craves the feeling of it. You’ve fallen in love with this man and there is not enough in the world to be able to describe it. 

Settle down with me

Cover me up, cuddle me in 

Lie down with me and

Hold me, in your arms 

His lips are centered on your chest, nipping at your collarbones to leave the present of a love bite. You’re caressing his soft hair and wondering how you were able to see the world as you were before him, for now there are colours spread across the skies with meaning to it all. Things you understand now.
He finishes off the mark and looks back up at you, focusing all of his energy on the moment with you. In his mind, he’d like to cherish this forever. 

Your heart’s against my chest

Lips pressed to my neck And I’m falling for your eyes

But they don’t know me yet 

Your eyes are taped to his with electricity, and there is a radiance that flows within a love this treasured. He’s on top of you but never crushing you; simply being as close to you as he can. 

A bite to his lip comes to play and you breathe out, padding your fingertips across his back. Many times before have you clawed it so tightly, but now you are gently running through it. 

And with this feeling I’ll forget,

I’m in love now  

He pulls you in tighter, leaning in so that its only your noses touching. His breath is of mint and lips a vanilla from his lip-balm. 

“I love you.” You whisper, smiling afterwards. He grins, chortling out to the small air in between. 

“I love you, darling.”

Kisses are peppered across your skin like snowflakes touching new ground. If he could, he would kiss every single inch of your body because he adores every part of you. 

Just as the chorus, you grab his attention with this whisper of his name. His breathing becomes heavy as you bore your eyes into his, uttering out words to please the both of you. 

“Make love to me, please.”

His teeth sink down to his lips, frivolously nodding to complete the request. You writhe in anticipation as he approaches your core, laying wet kisses to your inner thighs. 

“You’re so damn beautiful.” He whispers, extremely fond of his current view. His eyelashes flutter towards you as your cheeks redden. You know that regardless of being with him for whatever number of years, he’ll always have that affect on you. 

Whilst removing your underwear, he gives a single kiss to your clit, causing you to groan, “No teasing.” 

He simply smirks and raises himself back up to you. Your skin is warm when it collides with his, yanking him as close to you as you can. Your breathing is heavy whilst he aligns himself with you, gulping as his own breathing is laboured as well.

A gasp escapes your mouth once he enters you, your eyes shutting for the moment. They then flutter open at the touch of Harry’s lips to your eyelids, urging you to keep them open.

His fingers lock with yours as he thrusts, beginning slowly but increasing with time. Sex with him never fails to intrigue you as it is a mix of passionate love and hardcore fucking. Every crash of his hips against yours moves to the pace of the song. His curls become damp along with your own hair, swallowing hard to try and catch your breath.

A combination of your own name amongst several profanities parts from his own plump, pink lips. They make an ‘O’ shape as he moves harder, your walls feeling like velvet as he brushes his cock against them. 

“Fuck, baby,” He grunts, body hovering over yours as he squeezes your hands tighter. His back muscles contort whilst thrusting upwards, ramming harder into you. 

Your eyes never leave his, making the contact even more sensual. His are filled with adoration for you but are a dimmer shade than you’re used to. Eventually, he leans forward to bury his lips into your skin, sucking on the place of your sweet spot. You’re sure to have many love bites present whilst he moves down to your breasts.

“H-Harry,” You draw a sharp breath once he finds your g-spot, bouncing your hips up to meet him. He groans lowly at the feeling, able to reach you at a different angle. 

“There.” You moan and he kisses you in response.

You claw at his back whilst wrapping your legs around his waist, getting him even deeper inside you.

The song was long over leaving only your moans fill the room as you both become close; urging each other to finish. You arch your back whilst in awe of his tattoos; the colours coming to life at your touch.

“Love,” Harry manages to choke out in the midst of pleasure, “cum for me.” He grinds against you with more force, curls damp on his forehead.  

He then begins to pull out of you, leaving only his tip inside you. You whine at the sudden loss, only to gasp when he drives himself back in you harder. 

You soon release, him following not too soon after. A plea of his name expels from your lips and you’re forced to shut your eyes. He remains inside for a bit more before lying himself down next to you. 

“I love you.” He breathes out, moving himself to cuddle you. 

“I love you too, Haz.” You shift your head to glance at him, enjoying the state of his apparent. 

Love radiates off your bodies as he slithers an arm around you. You cuddle closer to him, this position serving as a home base every time.  

The moment is perfect; everything is. 

You think back to a time years ago when you were lying in your bed, wondering when you’d have a person as beautiful as Harry beside you. Never have you thought that you’d be so fortunate to not only have the opportunity to love him but for him to return the feeling. Unrequited love has always been one of your biggest fears. 

However as your boyfriend traces your hair softly with the edge of his fingers, you understand that he will always be your home.

“What are you thinkin’ about?” He questions, accent sticky on the phrase.

You steal a look back up at him, “A lot. Why?”

He shrugs, “Because when you’re quiet but making that sort of calm, but also unrelaxed face, I know you’ve got a lot on your mind, love.” 

“Hm,” You chortle, “well I was just thinking about how wonderful everything is at the moment.” 

“Ah.” Harry nods, “Well today is definitely in my top ten favourite days.”

“Oh? And what are those other days?” You laugh, resting a warm hand on his chest.

“Ah, well,” He grunts as tugs the duvet on top of your bodies, “the day we won our Brit award, the day my mum got married, the day my sister got married, the day I saw you on the street in Primrose Hill,”

You smile, “The day we went to the bakery together? Not the day we met?”

He shakes his head, “No, that day was lovely. But also frustrating.”

“Why do you say that?”

“I was kicking myself afterwards for not asking for your number. Those were two weeks I could’ve spent with you.” He replies with a bit of a frown.

“Well,” You push yourself on top so that you are straddling him, “I think one of my favourite days is when I met you because I was introduced to the love of my life, as cheesy as that sounds. Regardless of you not growing a pair, if it weren’t for that day, I wouldn’t be here right now.”

Harry’s lips curve upward as he grins widely, eyes fixated on you with a sparkle.

“I don’t think so, darling. Even if we didn’t meet that day, we would’ve met somewhere else. We’re made for each other.” He says, causing you to slap his bicep.

“You’re so cheesy!” You giggle, shaking your head at him. He shrugs.

“Can’t deny the truth.”

Minutes pass till a growl erupts from your stomach, your cheeks reddening in reaction. Beside you Harry smirks.


“Mm,” You hum, “I could use a bit of food now that you’re asking.”

With some effort, Harry yanks himself back up to his feet before bending over to slip on some boxer-briefs. 

“Gets a bit chilly in the kitchen. Have any requests, baby?”

“Whatever you’re craving is fine for me as well.” You say, reaching to the floor to get the old Harry t-shirt you had previously worn but was thrown down. You lift yourself up from the disheveled bed and rub your face. The day has hardly begun but you’re already feeling a bit worn out. 

In front of the mirror, you’re analytic. Love bites crawl on top your skin that is bitten red. They decorate themselves upon your upper body; around your neck and down your chest. Some on your collarbone and one on your breast. 

You brush a few fingers across the surface, shutting your eyes at the precious memory from just a few moments ago. Harry’s lips grazed the areas with such grace, acquiring heavy moans and gasps. His touch is gentle, kiss meaningful. You can’t help but feel alive every time. 

“Y/N?” Your name is called from the kitchen. You glide on some underwear before heading towards your boyfriend.

“Where’s the waffle iron?” He asks whilst searching above the cabinets.

You stifle a laugh, “It’s in the cupboard next to the pantry, just like I told you the last time you wanted to make them.”

“Oh.” His cheeks spark a blush as you stride towards him, shaking your head.


He shrugs, “Someone was retweeting food porn into my timeline and they were the first thing I saw that we could make with the least bit of effort.“ 


[Listen to Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine]

“Anything else you’d like to accomplish today, my love?” Harry asks before applying a kiss to the top of your head. 

Waffles were finished hours ago, you two now lay on the couch with an old episode of Skins on Netflix. 

“I think,” You speak, tearing your gaze away from the screen, “I’d like to build a fort.”

“A fort?”

“A fort. Under the duvet covers in the bedroom.” He looks unsure but you continue, referring to the scene in front of you. 

“Just like Jal and Chris right now, but you and me and perhaps some biscuits because I’m a bit hungry again.” You tease and he chuckles, giving in to the idea.

“I’ll go get the digestives.” He rolls his eyes, leaving you to construct the castle.


“See, isn’t this magical?” You wink as he climbs inside. You sit with your phone and a grin, taking the cookies from Harry’s grasp.

“Mm, it might just be.”

You punch a few buttons on the device before Flightless Bird, American Mouth begins.

“Twilight. I was thinking about the film and remember the song.” You tell him quickly, and he only smiles as well.

You shift your body so that your eyes lock with his, which then shut to the sweet melody of the song. 

Beautiful. You think to yourself, a conclusion on Harry you had come up with long ago. 

Have I found you? 

Flightless bird, jealous, weeping

The song continues to play as you examine the beauty that is your boyfriend. He could not be more electrifying, delving into your soul with the faintest touch. Every spoken word of what it meant to be alive and to understand applies to the immaculate creation of Harry. Love alone is not enough to describe every bit of life he pours into you. It is never enough. 

Or lost you?

American mouth

Big pill looming

Your eyes dance around him with a glint of fondness. They study his own green irises, lips shaded a vibrant pink and supple skin laid across the entirety of his visage. 

“Why do you do that?” His voice is raspy as it scrapes across your ears.

“Do what?” Your own is higher pitched as you continue to inspect his features.

“Look at me… like, like I’m the most intriguing thing you’ll ever see and you won’t find anything more satisfying to stare at.”

“Because I won’t.” You inform him, raising a hand to twirl a strand of his hair. 

“I used to walk around wondering if I’d ever be blessed enough to have someone like you in my life. I used to lie around, asking if I’d be able to get in on that sort of mystifying, sacred, yet ineffable love that I’ve always known has existed but never thought I’d experience.”

You pause to ghost a fingertip across his bottom lip, trailing up to his cheekbones afterwards. 

“I’ve always thought about it and what it would feel like. But I was never sure of what it was supposed to be like until I realised it with you.”

His eyes shut as you run past them, pressing against his eyebrow and to his temple. 

“And to know that the feeling reciprocates, my god, Harry. I’ve never known a more wonderful thing. So thank you.”

His eyebrows curl in confusion, “For what?”

“For loving me.” You swallow, “For showing me what it is like to be in love the way I am. For feeling the same way. Thank you, H.”

A smile etches itself upon his face, “You’ve done the same for me, darling. And I’m thankful more and more everyday that you could have.”

In the silence, he ponders back to all of his favourite moments. You encapsulate most of them, if it were not for the handful of thoughts he had before his life with you. 

Harry then realises that most of his chosen favourites are the ones where he is in this exact position with you. 

A night in with your warm bodies underneath the sheets. Your heart would be pressed against his chest, lips occasionally clinging to his neck. Your eyelashes may give him butterfly kisses if you decide to peek up at him shyly. Then you’d kiss him if you desired to, exchanging counts of the most entrancing love he should ever come to know. 

“What?” You flutter your own eyes open to find him wearing the same gaze you always give him.

Harry’s dimples show as the corners of his mouth curls up, eyes softening as his ever glowing heart beats just a bit faster for you. 

“I love you, that’s all.”

And nothing more, now that he has found you.

I’ve never felt more proud of a piece of writing than I have of this one. This is definitely my favourite and I still can’t believe that it has turned out the way it has. 

This particular imagine has taken me at least two months to write considering I only wrote it when I was in a certain mood in order to keep a sort of… romantic yet mesmerizing atmosphere throughout. 

Please let me know your thoughts on this one. I’d love to know if you feel the same way towards this imagine, my loves.

Love to any Packers, Ed Sheeran, Twilight, Iron & Wine or Waffle fans, or anyone else for that matter,

Iz xx


This post originally appeared in 2011, but it’s still relevant, I think.

As much as you want to do great work, you will often get briefs that appear to make that impossible. Such briefs are rife with clichés that seem guaranteed to drive your ads into the land of cheese.

Ancient clichés can be found in virtually every category of product and service. In men’s deodorants, you will see rugged, attractive guys fresh from their manly activities and confident in the knowledge that they smell good. In coffee, it’s a certainty that you will have bright, happy music and a “sip and savour” shot. In feminine hygiene, women will be shown dressed in white from head to toe, no matter how seldom they’re seen that way in real life.

Why do these clichés persist? Because, unfortunately, they work. That is to say, they succeed in focus-group research when respondents are asked to reiterate the commercial’s main message. Of course, commercials that bludgeon you with their message don’t necessarily persuade you to buy, but the zillion-dollar market-research industry has a vested interest in promoting the fantasy that they do.

So what’s an honest creative team to do? I don’t know the answer in all cases, but I do know that some great campaigns have been created with the following tip: If the brief forces you into a cliché, ridicule the cliché before your audience has a chance to. It’s a fiendishly clever idea, because it allows you to exploit the undeniable power of clichés without the risk of looking like a hack.

Some excellent examples of this may be seen below.


This ending is written by sunblind (soompi forum)

That email… What was that? Did she see it right?

With a shaky hand, she clicked on it. That was definitely sunbae’s email address. That was definitely the phrase he had constantly said when he was trying to get closer to her.

Seol-ah, do you want to have a meal together?

She clicked on reply. And stared at the blank screen. She didn’t know what to think, or how to feel. After spending so long missing sunbae, and wondering how he was doing, she can’t believe that she finally got a reply from him. Her heart pounded so hard against her ribcage that she instinctively put a hand over her chest.

Instead of replying him, Seol picked up her phone. She needed to hear his voice right now. Was he still using the same number?

Taking in a deep breath, she dialled the familiar number that she once held so close to her heart.

It rang once, twice, thrice…

Seol’s heart sank. But then again, she wasn’t really expecting him to pick up. The first year he was gone, she called him so many times, and he never picked up once.



Seol felt her eyes starting to burn as tears started to fill up in them. Just once, let her hear his voice.

She waited for a while longer, but there was just silence at the other end.

“Sunb-bae? It’s Seol.” She couldn’t help the tremor in her voice.

Seol was met with silence again. She felt a familiar sense of disappointment, and proceeded to hang up.


She heard it. His voice. The way he said her name with a lilt at the end. The gentleness in his voice that spoke her name with a caress. In an instant, Seol felt the wall that she had built around her heart crash, and a wave of emotions flooded her heart. Her heart was suddenly controlling her body, and in a mad frenzy she grabbed a coat and wore it over her pyjamas, tugged on a pair of sneakers and ran out of the apartment with her phone still pressed against her ear.

“Sunbae… Sunbae… Where are you?” She asked breathlessly as she climbed the stairs down.

She had no idea where to go, she just knew that she had to get to him.

Seol ran through the streets in the dark night, suddenly remembering the many times when sunbae had sent her home, kissed her goodbye, and held her hand. Her sneakers landed noisily on the pavement as she continued to run, reaching a bend, and she remembered being here after fighting with her parents and seeing sunbae waiting for her by his car.

And there he was.

Similar to three years ago, there he stood. At the same spot, by his car.

Seol stopped in her tracks. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She was still panting from exertion, but she couldn’t look away. She was afraid that if she did, sunbae would disappear.

Seol-ah, were you looking for me?

Just like three years ago, he uttered the same words.

And those words meant so much to her, because yes, she was looking for him.

Yes, she had never stopped looking for him.

For the past three years, with every step she took in the busy Seoul streets, she had constantly been trying to look for him. She was always aware of people who looked like him, walked like him, and dressed like him. She was constantly on edge, even though she had thought herself to be already over him.

The tears that had welled in her eyes before now trickled down her cheeks as she burst into a cry of anguish, and started running towards him.

Then his face crumpled with emotion and he was running towards Seol too, enveloping her in a tight hug, just like he did three years ago.

Only this time, he was here to stay.

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Just Like You

Some Hood Mills Fluff based on Raphael’s new haircut and how similar it is to Sean’s

Before Roland starts first grade, Regina spends a day getting him ready–and that includes a haircut. 

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