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Hi! I love your blog and your meta, but I specially love your au tag, so I have a question for you. What do you think would have happened if both Rhaegar and Robert had died at the Trident? And if Aerys, for any cause, had also died? I just like to imagine a world where Elia is alive and ruling like a boss (maybe as Regent Queen?). She deserved so much better!

She did indeed. However, unfortunately your AU doesn’t make any changes to Tywin, and that’s what you need for Elia to live. 

All right. Please see the Robert’s Rebellion timeline, or check the wiki, and follow along. At the Battle of the Trident, though Robert killed Rhaegar, he was also wounded. Let’s assume that those wounds kill him, but not before Ned leaves with the rebel army, marching down the Kingsroad as fast as possible to get to King’s Landing, chasing the remains of the loyalist army. Ned may be informed about Robert’s death by raven, if the maesters don’t cover it up, and at that point the question of who the rebels will acclaim as their new king is very important – Stannis (as Robert’s heir, though he’s besieged in Storm’s End and not anywhere near the army at that time), or Ned (as the most injured by Aerys’s mad despotic rule, and who Robert had wanted to be king, not him), or Jon Arryn (third most, also preferred by Robert) – but either way, it’s not certain that Tywin will be informed. And Tywin must already have his Westerlands army on the march, to reach King’s Landing before the rebel army does.

Now, if Tywin finds out about Robert’s death before he gets to KL, that isn’t necessarily a reason for him to support the Targaryens. He still hates Aerys, remember. (Who I cannot figure out how to kill before Jaime does it, short of Rhaella stabbing him (very unlikely) or him pulling a Maegor on the Iron Throne (extremely unlikely) so that’s going to stay the same.) And even if Tywin decides the rebels’ cause is lost, in his mind Elia is still “nothing”, and still the one who stole Rhaegar from Cersei. So, if Tywin chooses to stay nominally loyal to the Targaryens, I think he’ll still sack King’s Landing (under the excuse of removing the mad remains of Aerys’s rule) and have Elia killed in the chaos, so that he can be regent for Aegon, or possibly Viserys. Probably eventually Viserys, so that Cersei can marry him and be queen as the gods intended. (Though note Viserys is on Dragonstone at this point, not in King’s Landing, so Tywin would make sure to keep Aegon alive… for now.) And if Tywin still goes over to the rebels (if he doesn’t find out about Robert’s death until it’s too late), then the Sack proceeds with no changes at all.

Afterwards, the question of who will be chosen as the new king is a big one. If the rebel lords acclaim Stannis, then the relief of the Siege of Storm’s End becomes very very important. (And Mace Tyrell also becomes incredibly important, as he’s not just lazily besieging a rebel leader’s younger brothers, but the rebels’ new king.) If the rebels choose Ned or Jon Arryn (over the protests of maesters who say they don’t have a royal claim), then what’s relevant is how Tywin holds King’s Landing, either pro-rebel or pro-Targaryen and Aegon’s guardian. Actually, that’s highly relevant if Stannis is acclaimed too, so let’s get back to that point.

If Tywin is pro-rebel, then he has opened the gates to the rebel army, but Ned and Jon and/or Stannis are not nearly as grateful/forgiving of his Targaryen murders as Robert was in the original timeline. (Jaime would then go to the Wall, and Cersei’s not marrying anyone royal.) If pro-Targaryen, then Tywin has closed the gates and the war… happens some more, I’m not sure how exactly… until, most likely, a Great Council is called. At the Council, either Tywin will be convinced to go over to the rebel side (and Aegon and Rhaenys probably go to the Faith or Wall), or some sort of consensus is agreed regarding Aegon VI becoming king with a regency council much like Aegon III’s. Regarding the occasional AU meta post I’ve seen where someone states the rebels would never allow this, due to the fear of Aegon growing up to take revenge on them– you just control his education so that he grows up learning of the immoral and illegal activities of his father and grandfather and how good for Westeros it was that they were deposed. I mean, this obviously happened with Aegon III, as he never changed Aegon II’s declaration that Rhaenyra was never a queen, only a usurper, and his regency council was a mix of Blacks and Greens with no known revenge on the Greens once he came into his majority. And Aegon VI’s just a toddler, he’d be remarkably easy to influence as he grows up.

But unfortunately Elia is still dead, in any variation. :(  Well… there might be a variation that could please you a bit more. I’ve answered the question of what if Robert and Rhaegar both died at the Trident before – and in that one I gave Tywin a bit more caution and less desire for revenge, so the Sack doesn’t happen. I think that this version in this post is slightly more probable, alas, because Tywin is Tywin in any history, and TWOIAF had not yet been released when I wrote that post… but choose what you like. (Though seriously, if you want Elia to live in a Robert’s Rebellion AU, you need to kill Tywin, not Robert. You’d end up with a much better Westeros on the whole, too. If you do it early enough, you might prevent Jaime and Cersei from being as badly warped, but doing it near the Rebellion saves Tyrion from quite a lot of damage, at least.) Hope that helps!


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“Thranduil,” you greeted, bowing deeply before continuing towards the great Elf. “I am here about the deal you put forward for our lands.”

“Ah, yes,” he nodded, returning the pleasantries. “You’re here in representation of the land of Men. Lady Y/N, isn’t it?”

“It is,” you told him, producing the previously designed charter put forward by your council.

You had been directed to the throne room where you had found the -tall- blond Elven King already signing another charter you guessed was between the Woodland Realm and another Elven Kingdom. Despite meeting frequently with various elves, you always admired their graceful yet deadly beauty- Thranduil was no different: he was taller than average for an elf but no less effortlessly graceful and magnificent.

The Elven King accepted the scroll and scanned through it quickly; while you waited, you glanced around the room absently. Elven manufacture was really something to behold and you couldn’t take your eyes off the ornately carved arches leading through to a large stone balcony overlooking an incredible waterfall.

“Father-” You heard a voice call from behind you, making you look over your shoulder to see another elf, almost identical to Thranduil but younger and wearing considerably less expensive finery.

“Legolas,” Thranduil acknowledged, without looking up from the scroll he still read. “This is the Lady Y/N of the Land of Men. She is here concerning a deal about merging our iron resources.”

Smiling at Legolas, Thranduil’s son, you took a step towards him and greeted him, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Legolas. I’ve heard a significant amount about you: you’re fighting skills are apparently something to truly behold.”

At the unexpected praised, the elf flushed a violent shade of red -which made you smile amusedly- and stumbled over his words, “Oh, umm, thank you.”

A fond grin spread across your lips and you found yourself falling into a deep conversation with the attractive elf before you knew what you were doing. By the time Thranduil was finished with the charter and had handed it back to you with the promise of his acceptance, you felt as though you knew Legolas like an old friend.

Just as you were leaving, he caught your arm and whispered, “Meet me, Y/N, somewhere. I wish desperately to see you again.”

You smiled giddily and nodded. “Well, if your father keeps his word, I shall indeed be returning often from now on anyway. Perhaps we will see each other again, after all.”

And with that, you left. With the smitten elf watching helplessly after you.

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hey-lo! can i get a strife specibus for a witch of breath? also maybe an idea for a land name?

Sure thing! The witches we know, Jade and Feferi, used longer weapons in terms of just their length (not range) but Jade’s was a rifle and Fef’s was a trident, meaning you could go either way with your weapon.
Breath players seemed to favor melee weapons though, with Tavros’ lance and John’s hammer.
All in all, I’d say a Witch of Breath would go for a melee type weapon thats long in length, so Bladekind or Staffkind and perhaps Baseballbatkind?

Lands could be Land of Gales and Trees, Land of Storms and Ferns, Land of Breeze and Books

Everyday situations with BTS
  • Jungkook you need to be stopped.
  • These are getting longer.
  • I take requests.
  • *
  • Jungkook crashes into a clueless Hobi who was obscured by a corner that JK was taking at high speeds back stage.
  • Hobi: ?!?! *manages to stop both himself and Kookie landing on the floor* Kook-ah! Why are you running around back here?! It's dangerous!
  • Kook: Omg hyung you scared me. I'm running from noona.
  • Hobi: okay which noona? we have quite a few scary noona's backstage.
  • Kook: *laughs despite himself* y/n.
  • Hobi: oh? What did you do?
  • Kook: Nothing!! I just walked in to show her the trophy. And she gave me that look. You know the one. The one she gave Namjoon hyung when he dropped her iPad and that one she gave Yoongi hyung when he asked her to diet with him for support and thought he was implying she was fat!
  • Hobi: *understanding* ohhhhh. Yeah even Yoongi went paler.
  • Kook: so I ran.
  • Hobi: clever.
  • ....
  • Where's the trophy then?
  • Kook: .... shit. I don't know?
  • *
  • Hobi: Noona! Noona-noona~~~ *throws himself on the sofa next to him* play with my hair, noona? *puts head in lap*
  • You: *laughs* your stylist noona's hate me doing that.
  • Hobi: *pouts* I'm at home though!
  • You give in and it doesn't take long before Hoseok goes from humming contentedly to sleeping. You're happy for now so leave him. Yoongi comes in and is high key jealous Hoseok got there first which amuses you greatly.
  • You: Get here faster next time.
  • Yoongi: I don't care *shrug* *liar*
  • Kookie walks in.
  • You give him a Hobi worthy bitch face.
  • Yoongi laughs mostly in shock, waking Hobi.
  • Yoongi: What the hell? You've been scaring Kook for the last few days?
  • You: *grumbles* Jimin teaches him too much.
  • Hobi: We almost lost the trophy because he was running from you noona. Luckily Jin found it.
  • You: The kid needs to stop ok he is barely 18-
  • Yoongi: 20
  • You: in international age ok!! He's so young!!
  • Hobi: .. What's your point?? He's the maknae?
  • You: I just... he just... Have you guys not watched him on stage?
  • Yoongi: ... Sometimes??
  • Yoongi & Hobi: *confused face at you*
  • You: Don't you think he's a little too... sexy?
  • *brief pause*
  • Hobi: OH MY GOD *flies out of your lap laughing hysterically* Kookie Kookie noona thinks you're hot-
  • You grab Hobi by the shirt and give him a menacing look.
  • You: *chilling voice* Don't spread misconceptions, Hobi-ah...
  • Namjoon: Could you unhand Hoseok before you break him please noona?
  • Jimin: What's happening?
  • Kookie: ... Can I come in?
  • You: Oh god this is actually embarrassing.
  • Kookie: Noona, I'm sorry for whatever I did?
  • You: Oh jeez *feeling guilty* please don't apologise it's not your fault Kookie... kind of...
  • Yoongi: Tell him it's because you find him sexy.
  • You: MIN YOONGI! I swear-
  • Namjoon: wait what noona you like Kookie that way?
  • You: No! He's a child!
  • Kookie: *paralysed with awkwardness*
  • Jimin: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!! *mischievous grin*
  • Hobi: *cackling*
  • You: Look okay, I just don't appreciate it that when I go to support you guys Kookie - and you too as well Jimin - feel the need to be such extra noona killers. You guys are babies to me and it is not okay. I am very angry about the fact foetuses like you make me feel some way I am 100% not okay with it and you need to stop. This isn't a confession either so pipe down Hoseok.
  • Yoongi: Right so. You're mad that you find them attractive?
  • You: In summary, yes.
  • Yoongi: Do you find me attractive?
  • You: Yes?
  • Yoongi: But you're not angry.
  • You: No. Of course not. You're my age.
  • Yoongi: So?
  • You: It's not okay, okay?
  • Jimin: ... Noona you're not making sense...
  • You: *frustrated sound* I am!!!
  • Kook: *cocky af all of a sudden* Oh, noona~ I am so sorry~ *sexy smirk*
  • You: Don't you fUCKING EVEN- I am leaving.
  • You leave with a dramatic slam of the door.
  • Namjoon: *a little stunned* Um. Er?
  • Yoongi: *shrugs* Don't ask me.
  • Namjoon: ... She'll forgive.. you guys soon??
  • Jimin: Hyung how can she we'll always be this hot though. *smirk* *high fives Kookie*
  • Hobi: Ah... you know... I think I just saw her point.

the B O O K, seconds before thoughtlessly thrown behind him in frustration, landed on something – ah, N Osomeone (( it was a paperback, thanks merlin )) with a loud thump. promptly, benjy turned, his eyes landing on the v i c t i m. “ ah, yeah. sorry.” a few steps towards them. “  you okay?? “

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Can I have a share of fluff between Freya and M!Reader in where the reader is the responsible for the communications between Rose and the Princess?

“Is that all?”  You scribble down the last of Rose’s report in the notebook you always carry, glancing up at her.  She’s pacing in three dimensions, taking a few steps into the air and then across the ground.  It’s actually more disconcerting than normal pacing.

You shake off her odd behavior and glance back down at your notebook. Still stalking the Elgang… Weapons working fine… The normal pleas for the Princess to respond… Yep, you’ve got everything.  You look up only when you hear Rose land in front of you.

“Ah, was there something else-?”

She grabs your shoulders, strong hands almost bruising you.  You wince. She pays no heed.

“Come back to me safely,” she commands, staring at you.  “That’s it. That’s all.”

You stare, and then nod, leaning forward to press your forehead against hers.

“Of course I will, Freyja.  Don’t I always?”

@svarturfjara from here

He couldn’t exactly explain why he hadn’t been watching where he was going. Mind caught up in thoughts, mostly. Suddenly he had simply just collided with someone on the sidewalk, and the bike he was on tipped to the side with him along on it, “I’m fine…!” He hurried to lie, quickly getting up though his hip and elbow hurt, “I’m so sorry, I– Should I help?” He asked, standing dumbfounded while holding his bike, watching the man and then his ground-touched groceries.

“No, no, it’s fine, don’t worry,” he responded automatically, mild annoyance only vaguely playing on his tone as he quickly bent down to re-bag what had fallen onto the ground. Almost immediately, Ludwig stood again and looked at the light haired person. “Are you sure you’re fine? That wasn’t a gentle landing and I’m- ah, excuse me, the ground isn’t particularly soft…” 


(Requested by Anon)

Your dead heart clenched in your chest when you laid eyes on the man in the middle throne. You had heard stories about the Volturi, but none of your siblings told you that one of them was gorgeous beyond your wildest imagination.

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Pretty much everyone was aware that Harry was very affectionate towards you. When you were walking together he was either clutching onto your hand, or have an arm wrapped around your waist. (Sometimes, his hand would slide down to rest on your bum, but you always whacked it off before he could give it a good squeeze.) 

Tonight was your very first anniversary with Harry, and sure, a dinner out would’ve been lovely, but sitting in the front row of the boys’ concert was great too. Who would be crazy enough to not want a front row seat?! Even though you had told Harry multiple times you were fine with spending your guys’ anniversary at his concert, he still felt bad, promising that he’d take you out for midnight pizza and frozen yogurt after the show ended. 

“Before we move on to the next song, I just wanna look at you guys for a second..” Harry hummed, his eyes scanning over the crowd before they landed on you. “Ah! You!” He teased, pretending that you were just one of the fans. 

“Me?” You mocked an expression of shock, fanning yourself because Harry Styles just called you out.

“I like your body, and I think you’re sexy.” He said bluntly, your jaw dropping as your cheeks began to heat up, slapping your palms over your face as the crowd went wild.  “Are you havin’ a good time? Please say yes.” Your boyfriend pouted, giggling as he took notice of how flustered he had made you. 

Shooting him a thumbs up, he gave you a grin before blowing multiple kisses in your direction, turning to face the crowd again. 

“It’s my anniversary with Y/N tonight, so this next song is Fireproof. Happy one year, love.” 


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