land of a thousand lakes

So I had snatched a hanar plushie commission from the kind and gentle @soerdinan, and yesterday this little Punk arrived from the Land of a Thousand Lakes and and and LOOOOOOK!!!!

She’s soft and plushy and has a little punk stripe on her back and I love her very much 💕💕💕

Her name is Fíradel, she’s a gentle soul and she’s obviously very photogenic, too ^_^

She’s also made friends with Rona and Din already. Rona even allowed a big hug 🤩

My little hobbits are totally excited, too, and take turns to hug her and wrap her tentacles around their shoulders :D

Thank you so much @soerdinan for this wonderful addition to our household!!! 💕💕💕

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The Grown Man Who Didn’t Know How To Skate

 Young Trans Thing Of The Day is the thing where you’ve socially transitioned and sometimes kind of forget you’re trans before you’re reminded of something completely random that makes you remember “oh, right, I was raised as male/female”.

 While most finns are not professional athletes, virtually everyone knows how to skate. It’s just the sort of a thing that you’re supposed to do when you live in a place known as “the land of a thousand lakes” and all of those lakes are frozen over for half of the year. But boys and girls have been taught to skate with different kinds of skates, which require different techniques.

For reference to those who did not grow up in a cold climate, these are figure skating skates:

Dainty build, curved blade with that jagged edge on the front, traditionally almost always white. I grew up calling this kind of skis “girls’ skates”.

These bois, in the other hand, are hockey skates. Big, bulky, can be any colour (though black is preferred), no jagged curve on the front of the blade. “boys’ skates”.

 I hadn’t been skating for what must have been ten years when a few of my friends invited me to go. When I said I don’t own skates a friend who happens to be roughly my size offered to lend her own.

 While I didn’t know she used to be a hockey player.

 The shoe fit, but guess who was taught to skate on figure skates?

 And guess who spent two hours (having a hell of a lot of fun) stumbling on the ice like a drunk penguin?

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This guy.