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ツイッタ絵まとめ by おむ on pixiv

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ever notice how keith is always ready to cradle? he walks up to lance to expertly cradle him in his willing arms and provide comfort, he readily caught that arusian cuddler with the deep voice, and then he gave in and cradled him too even though he said he himself is not a cuddler, and then allura, providing a safe place to fall into, arms strong and steady, she had a good landing! keith has mastered this art, he is able to cradle anyone and anything perfectly, amazing, just wanted to share

its perfectly amazing, thank u for the sharing. keith is the best affection giver, he hates to admit that he loves touch but he loves touch. need a hug? keiths ur guy.

Here's what I think the first hour or two of KH3 will be about

After the opening movie plays, we see the scene from the E3 2015 trailer play out. Eraqus and Xehanort are playing a round of chess in the Land of Departure, discussing the Keyblade War, the Foretellers, and the prophecy of the Master of Masters. Eraqus is optimistic if things come to worst, the light would find a way to prevail. It is shortly before the two of them partake in their Mark of Mastery, overseen by their teacher (who is secretly a older Luxu, voiced in the English version by a Michael Douglas-type actor). They both pass, and await what the future holds.

Things flash-forward to right after 2.8, with Kairi and Lea training in Radiant Garden with Merlin and Leon, leading into a tutorial of the gameplay. Kairi still has trust issues with Lea (due to the former Organization XIII member’s actions during KH2) but is making remarkable process in her training, using Destiny’s Embrace as her Keyblade of Choice. The recovering ex-Nobodies that founded the Organization assist Cid in bringing the world back to its former splendor, while also searching for the other members in hopes they haven’t affiliated with the 13 Darknesses.

Meanwhile, Sora, Donald and Goofy arrive at Olympus Coliseum, ready to train with Hercules only to discover they came at a rather opportune time, since Hades had broken the Titans out from their prison once again and set out to trap Zeus and the gods of Mt. Olympus with the aid of a emotionally manipulated Tina Branford (or Lightning Farron) to use their might to eliminate any opposition. Sora and co. explore and face off with Tina/Lightning and bring her back to her senses. She helps Sora and the others enter Mt. Olympus and while Herc takes care of Hades and the other Titans, Sora fights against the Rock Titan on the face of the mountain.

After defeating it, Hades and his minions are trapped back in the Underworld, sealed away in hopes he won’t threaten anybody else for a long time. Zeus gives Sora and the others their thanks, and gives Sora his new KH3 outfit and a new Keychain for the Keyblade, as Sora and friends head back to tell Yen Sid of what happened.

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Books I read in 2016 » Cress by Marissa Meyer

“ I am an explorer,“ she whispered, "setting courageously off into the wild unknown … She was an archaeologist, a scientist, a treasure hunter. She was a master of land and sea. "My life is an adventure,” she said, growing confident as she opened her eyes again. “I will not be shackled to this satellite anymore.”
“I have no idea what you’re talking,” he said. “But we’ll go with it. 

Candy Land master list

Summary: Gabriel makes a real life Candy Land and snaps himself, reader, Dean, and Sam to it. There are both good and evil versions that intertwine. Which will they get? Smut in every chapter. Complete.

Gingerbread Plum Trees

On the Way Peppermint Forest

Mr. Mint in the Peppermint Forest

Sunset in Peppermint Forest

Voyeurism in the Gumdrop Mountains

Sunset in the Gumdrop Mountains

Plot Twist

Escaping the Castle