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yoi fic rec list, part 6

we’ll be suffering for updates but it’s worth it

seek those who fan your flames by ebenroot / @ebenroot

Yuuri gets hand-delivered a black-print T-shirt by one of his bodyguards on Friday. There’s a small sticky note attached to the collar in Victor’s handwriting that reads: ‘Our new band shirt! Logo is still a work in progress. Name too. But it’s a start! Let me know what you think after school. - Victor’

There’s a heart next to his name that is hastily scribbled out. Then another heart next to that one, like Victor decided to put it in anyways.

Yuuri thinks he’s in love.

in which Yuuri is a teenager that’s actually a prince, and Victor is a teenager with a band that just wants to listen to rock music with him

I got Princess Diaries vibes while I read the story and it’s a whooping 10k!

Yuuri is a prince but no one knows he’s a prince, except for Phichit. The people at school thought he got his team of bodyguards because his parents are rich people. But hey, there’s this teenager Yuuri meets at the arcade and he likes rock music and wants Yuuri to watch to his band performance!


 Binding of Winter by dia_dove / @iceprincess-yuri

The Beasts, giant creatures with great power, have always been there to protect them. At least that was the story Yuuri’s mother had always told him. But there is more to that story than Yuuri knows.

A fantasy AU in which Viktor, the new leader of the Great Beasts chooses Yuuri as his future mate.

I have one word: wolves.

Yuuri is only five when he is promised to be the future mate of the leader of the Great Beasts. However, if you think he’s walking down this path with his own will, it’s not happening, especially when no one bothers to tell him what’s going on!

It’s time for two strangers to get to know each other.

I Write Sins, Not Tragedies by cuttlemefish / @cuttlemefishwrites

Things would be a little easier if Yuuri wasn’t so in love with his husband Viktor, especially considering they have an arranged marriage. Two years after their wedding, Yuuri and Viktor are incredibly in love, but can’t seem to get over the hump of their platonic union to consummate their marriage! Good thing Yuuri is the most (in)famous erotic fanfiction author of the Love in the Streets fandom. Now, he’s got the support of the Internet to figure out how to seduce his husband, if only he can continue to keep their identities a secret.

Or, the AU in which everyone thinks Yuuri and Viktor have the perfect marriage full of adventurous sex when, in fact, Viktor sleeps in the guest bedroom and Yuuri writes erotic fanfiction to quench his thirst.


I look forward to see the Internet helps Yuuri to seduce his husband.

What Now? by shereadsthestars

Viktor Nikiforov, Niki to his closest friends- well, closest friend, singular, prefers to keep his nose clean.

He’s not the type to hold a strong presence in the room, or even dominate the conversation. He’s quiet, and mindful. And would really just like to finish out the rest of his college career in peace.

So it’s no question that his unwavering, slightly over-the-top infatuation with one Yuuri Katsuki is a bit of a problem.

.. being that Yuuri Katsuki is the guy on campus everyone either wants to be, bang, or just generally know and be on good terms with.

He’s the life of the party. The center of fun. The prime source of the juciest rumors and stories stringing about from dorm room to dorm room. And he’s so far out of Viktor’s league that Viktor isn’t even sure himself what league Yuuri lands in. One of his own, surely.

So what happens when Yuuri asks Viktor’s closest friend where 'that cute guy you’re always hanging out with’ is one night, at an annual get together?

Planetary dysfunction. That’s what.

This story makes me feel warm all over the places because when you thought it’s a one-sided love (from Victor to Yuuri), it turns out to be mutual pining for both sides. DAMN IT THIS STORY IS SO SOFT!

we’ll always have paris by spookyfoot / @katsukiyuuristrophyhusband

“Yuuri!” Phichit’s discovered a new frequency.
“Phichit,” Yuuri hisses, “be quiet.” As though Victor can somehow hear them from the table, thirty meters away.
“I am deeply offended that you failed to text me the very minute you ran into Victor Nikiforov, subject of your teenage and not-so-teenaged fantasies, bane of my existence, and the reason the wall between our rooms has an indent shaped like a fist.” Phichit actually gets louder.
“There’s like 50 new photos of you on Victor’s Instagram.”
“Just…shut up for a second!” Yuuri pulls the phone away from his ear. He can still hear Phichit screeching, “don’t ignore me! I raised you!”
Yuuri ignores him. Phichit’s avalanche of laughter echoes against the tile.
He pulls up Victor’s Instagram. Yuuri doesn’t even remember Victor taking seventy five percent of these.
“Yuuri! Stop masturbating, we have to go!” Victor is officially the worst.


Or: the canon divergent au where Yuuri doesn’t screw up Japanese Nationals, runs into Victor in the Paris airport on the way to Worlds in Sweden, and somehow embarrasses himself into a relationship on the 18 hour train ride between Paris and Malmö.

Every chapter of this story is an adventure and I love it! I really appreciate it when authors take the dedication to research stuffs. It feels nice to learn a few things or two while reading fanfictions.

I especially love the part where Victor and Yuuri break into the kitchen because they are hungry. Also, the sightseeing makes me imagine all the cool stuffs.


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anonymous asked:

What do you think will be the significance of r+l=j? For a series all about subverting major tropes, having Jon be the son of a King and become the prophetic savior of the world sounds very cliche. PS: Sorry about the english!! It's not my first language.

Thanks for the question, Anon, and no worries on the English.

I think I disagree with the premise of your question. I would not say ASOIAF is “all about subverting major tropes”. Yes, there is some subversion, but GRRM is not writing simply to say “I’m going to do the opposite of X”. Ultimately, he is writing a story, and a fantasy story in particular, and considerations for how to write a good, compelling, interesting narrative come before all else. It would be narratively meaningless if the characters did not grown and reflect and change as a result of tropes breaking; the story would just be a series of “gotcha!” moments. When GRRM subverts a trope, he doesn’t just leave it broken. He says, “Here’s what’s happened, now how are the characters going to deal with it?”

Talking about Jon specifically, I think there is plenty of subversion of tropes there.  Instead of being the ideal prince, the son of the last Targaryen crown prince Rhaegar and the lovely Lyanna Stark, Jon is the prophecy-conceived child of a melancholic and prophecy-obsessed prince who was willing to throw his realm into war to fulfill what he thought was necessary and that prince’s captive teenage vessel, kept likely against her will in a land thousands of leagues from a home she never saw again. Instead of being a Mary Sue of the Night’s Watch - the youngest Lieutenant in the fleet Lord Commander in recent memory, only fifteen and a half sixteen years old - Jon starts out as arrogant, privileged, and sullen; it takes the combined verbal smackdowns of Benjen, Donal Noye, and Sam to get Jon to understand that his place at the Wall. When he does come into leadership of the Night’s Watch, it’s not the story of the noble bastard standing up for What’s Good against that no-good Bowen Marsh and his cronies; Jon makes and defends several key decisions in his tenure that put his personal feelings above his duty as a brother of the Watch, and his eventual assassination isn’t the martyrdom of a hero, but the understandable climax of plenty of built-up - and somewhat justified - tension.

What I guess I’m trying to say is, all of that subversion is good, but what makes it - and this story - great is that Jon has grown and will continue to grow as a character from it. When he does engage in battle against the Others in the final conflict, it won’t be because The Story Wants Him To - it will be because he’s developed as a character in a way that we understand why he is in that position. These tropes are broken down to get rebuilt in better ways, to tell a story that is more satisfying and human.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

Africans Know that you did not begin as slaves. Your Ancestors accomplished great things. I know they like to make it seem as if slavery was our beginning and they “freed” us. It’s all part of the plan. That’s why You must Learn your history. We must Learn about the Land of Blacks and all the great African empires that existed before any enslavement. SanCopha!!!  Written By @KingKwajo