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Mark Zuckerberg sued Native Hawai'ians for their own land

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg used a complicated legal framework in Hawai'i called “quiet title” to sue ancestral land owners and force them to sell their lands. It was all to secure his private getaway on Kaua'i. After Native Hawai'ians protested, using his own platform, he dropped the suits. The damage, however, has been done.

We call it ‘back home’
knowing full well
that the majority of us
may never go back.
That we may spend
but a handful of weeks
in the tropic heat
and relentless traffic,
tolerating family members
we may have convinced
ourselves to have missed,
but very few will submit
to that final pull to return.
We know our land, our soil
as back home, but for many of us
it is only the home we left back,
the one we left so far behind
to be thrust into a lifelong search
of another, of another, of another.
—  Nav K, back home

Please please please PLEASE let Dragon Age 4 treat the elves better. Like, I’m already bracing myself to have to deal with the ‘choice’ of deciding between Dalish elves who believe in the belief system they have been raised in, and are thus following Solas in his quest to basically destroy the world, against Dalish elves who are giving up on their history, and I DESPERATELY don’t want to deal with this choice. This is not a choice that should happen.

And I don’t just say that as a fan of the Dalish. I say it as someone very much aware that the Dalish are based on real life groups like Native Americans and Romani, to name a few. Any group of people who have been forced out of the lands they called home, displaced from those places by outsiders, they see parallels to the Dalish. And I see it as disgusting to tell these very real people ‘well, you need to just give up everything that makes you different, and then you’re acceptable.’ So I refuse to accept that this is a good path for fictional counterparts.

What I want to see is that there are Dalish who resist Solas. Who figure him as the Dread Wolf, as Fen’Harel. And they adamantly refuse to help him. They will not renounce their beliefs - ‘okay, maybe the Evanuris were dicks, but we don’t believe in them as people, we view them as figures of our myths, and will not accept any living being who claims to be divinity in the mortal realm.’ But they will absolutely stand against Solas, even to the point of saying ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ and allying with Chantry forces. We know the elves did that once, marching with Andraste. Hell, put the choice of Divine to good use and have Divine Leliana’s efforts to restore the Canticle of Shartan make the Dalish more willing to assist the human nations.

Because frankly, there’s not really a good reason for Solas, for Fen’Harel, the betrayer, to be listened to by the Dalish. If he has elves on his side, he should be lying to them, and exposing him as the Dread Wolf should make the elves turn on him. I mean, Fen’Harel betrayed the Dalish gods, and their own lore says he hates the Dalish. And yet the Viddasala is openly calling him an agent of Fen’Harel. Even if you want to say that this is only among the Qunari, not the elves, how do you really think this title isn’t making the rounds among the elven people he has gathered? There’s no lore compliant reason for this.

So if there are elves on Solas’s side, they should be elves who are being lied to, who are disillusioned in the Dalish’s quest for restoring their history. Primarily city elves who have little to no idea who ‘Fen’Harel’ is and buy in to his promises of a return of elven glory, without understanding what he really means. Not the core of the Dalish people. And these forces SHOULD turn on him when they learn he intends not to restore the modern elves to glory but to go back to Arlathan and burn this world down.

But the way that Inquisition shat on the Dalish, tearing them down without a single voice of prominence speaking in their favor, retconning their own history to make them look worse in order to prop up other elements (the ‘three mages to a clan’ bit flies explicitly in the face of previous games, like when Lanaya says that she competed against many other candidates to become the Keeper’s First, and the fact that Merrill was given to the Sabrae clan, rather than just handed a pack and sent off alone into the world, all of this done to prop up the templars in a ‘well, what other option is there to protect against dangerous magic’ fashion), how every game barring Awakening has the opportunity to wipe out a full clan of Dalish, the fact that a human, Morrigan, is clearly implied by the narrative to be the ‘better’ choice to take on the knowledge of the Well of Sorrows, the well of ancient elven knowledge, and that her mother is the holder of an ancient elven spirit… It does not give me hope that the Dalish, that the elves will be treated with respect in the next Dragon Age game.

I want to see the Dalish be given a chance to be shown positively, in a light that says ‘we deserve to be respected as we are.’ I’m just very nervous about it, because BioWare hasn’t exactly offered them that opportunity to date, in fact going about it in the opposite way completely.


Reclaiming Stolen Lands, Colombia

Tired of waiting for lands promised by the Colombian government,
Indigenous Nasa people, from southern Colombia, decided in a community assembly the direct action needed in order to release the lands that are industrialized by a billionaire protected by paramilitaries and mercenaries. Dispersed in different encampments in the sugar cane hectares, Indigenous peoples organize whereas the State and the sugar cane owner try by any way to put down their determination.


To: xosailormars
From: keyofnik

A happy Tuxecret Santa to xosailormars, with whom I share a great love for all things Rei Hino and Senshi Friendships. I hope you feel I have done justice to both.

Length: ~7600 words

Rating: Fluffy and possibly incomprehensible in places, and basically this is what happens when I think about things for a month but then don’t really sit down to write them until twelve hours before they’re due.

Summarized thusly: Rei has a problem, and a kind of roundabout way of finding a solution.

The Quest to Find the Thing Rei Didn’t Know

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This year, the Berlin Wall will have been down for longer than half Till’s total lifetime - for the first time.

He was 26 years old when the Wall fell in 1989. The Wall will have been down 27 years in full on the ninth of November this year, and as we know, he’s going to be 53 very soon. From now on, more of his lived life would have been in the unified West/East Germany.

And of course the other bandmates don’t have long before they catch up.
I don’t know. This isn’t that special of an observation or anything. It’s just a bit of a strange thing to think about

Who are the Palestinian refugees?

Palestinian refugees are the individuals who were forced from their homes through deliberate Israeli actions since 1948, and their offspring. There are five primary groups of Palestinian refugees and displaced persons:

  • Palestinians displaced/expelled from their homes in 1948. This includes Palestinians registered as refugees with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), created in 1948 to aid Palestinians forced from their homes, and others who either were not eligible for international assistance or chose not to receive it.
  • Palestinians displaced for the first time in the June 1967 war from their places of origin in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.
  • Palestinians who left the Occupied Territories since 1967 and are prevented by Israel from returning due to revocation of residency, denial of family reunification, or deportation. Some are unwilling to return there owing to a well-founded fear of persecution. Israel deported more than 6,000 Palestinians from the Occupied Territories between 1967 and the early 1990s, revoked the residency rights of some 100,000, demolished 20,000 homes and refugee shelters, and confiscated several thousand square kilometers of land. 
  • Internally displaced Palestinians who left their homes or villages but remained in the area that became the state of Israel in 1948.
  • Internally displaced Palestinians in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

Source: IMEU

Effective political ideas like Zionism need to be examined historically in two ways: (1) genealogically in order that their provenance, their kinship and descent, their affiliation both with other ideas and with political institutions may be demonstrated; (2) as practical systems for accumulation (of power, land, ideological legitimacy) and displacement (of people, other ideas, prior legitimacy). Present political and cultural actualities make such an examination extraordinarily difficult, as much because Zionism in the postindustrial West has acquired for itself an almost unchallenged hegemony in liberal “establishment” discourse, as because in keeping with one of its central ideological characteristics, Zionism has hidden, or caused to disappear, the liberal historical ground of its growth, its political cost to the native inhabitants of Palestine, and its militantly oppressive discriminations between Jews and non-Jews.
—  Edward Said, The Question of Palestine

Okay, woke up from dream, had awesome storyline setting I wanted to punch out before it got lost in my head.

Setting appears kinda Shadowrun meets steampunk meets American Revolutionary War. Lots of Georgian Era dress and architecture, mixed with aether-y powered contraptions, everything from communication devices to deployable robot assistants to hoverbikes to fucking 20-foot tall mechs.

Outside this setting, lots of wilderness, peppered with a “lost civilization” vibe, lots of ruins, old dilapidated buildings, statues, even tech, but it all looked several hundred years old at least.

Setting seemed to be a fledgling country, trying to keep itself from being torn apart, from forces both outside and in.

At least two races that I could notice. Human’s took on the role of the British/American colony analogue, being the ones in power, but also being the main antagonist force, in either things like bandits to full-on enemy military presence. Nothing unusual about physical appearance in general.

Elves appear to be the Native American analogue here. Native to the land, displaced by humans and their weaponry. Most likely responsible for the ruins in the setting, nothing explaining why they went to ruin, though. Physical description: pointy ears, darker skin, smaller in stature and build than humans, but decidedly more agile. Main character in dream was a half-elf, so hybrid children can and do happen.

Maybe other races, saw real big fella that dream didn’t elaborate on.

Magic also exists, dream didn’t elaborate on details, but human tech may be influenced by it to a degree? Elves seem to wield magic better than humans, for certain, unsure if genetic or cultural, though.

Main character was female, half-elf. Big lady, over 6 foot, darker skin, reddish-brown hair. Was only referred to as “Captain”. Seemed to serve in the country’s Revolution with distinction, then retired. Was brought from retirement by government to work on mission. Details getting fuzzy at this point, but seems bandits manages to make off with a lot of military supplies, and took off into the wilderness. Captain was chosen to take a team and bring it back.

Team commented about the unusual fact that Captain was brought out for this mission, implying government (and in turn, Captain) know more than they’re letting on. Captain is just as clueless as the rest of them, though.

Dream ended with the team finding the bandits, and finding that they have a mech, something a group of bandits should never have. (mechs appear to be military only, require training to use.) Deliberation over wether they stole the mech in their raid, or had it to begin with when they get spotted and attacked.

Dream ends there.

The Moon, the Sun, and the Star Inbetween

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Everything is coming along well, Rey thinks. She surveys the plants that fill her solar, the ones surging from trays and tumbling from bowls suspended on hooks, all crowding out her sunny balcony. She probably has too many. Every time she goes an an excursion into the hills she can’t resist bringing back a new specimen to foster, and whenever the others head off-world on a supply run or o bring in a candidate for assessment, it has become a worrying joke to find the most bizarre, alien plant to bring back as a gift for Rey.

This reminds her to snip the heads of the budding flowers of the latest ‘gift’, knowing they have a tendency to snap at fingers once in full bloom. She moves on to inspect a succulent in case this too needs pruning. A rustle in the plants behind her draws her attention.

“Anicca, that’s probably enough water,” she says. “Not all plants love to swim as much as you do.”

A small child, who is perhaps more bushy black hair than girl, turns to face her, water still streaming from the watering can in her hand. A puddle spreads across the stone floor in front of her. “But they’re thirsty,” she insists.

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New Story: All the King's Horses

Author: mon-petit-pois


Warnings: violence, adult themes and content

Pairing: Tony DiNozzo/Ziva David

Word Count: 7,026

Summary:It all started when Ziva’s father did not approve her request for a liaison position with NCIS. Instead, he offered her a mission that she could not refuse. From there it did not take long for a crisis to arise— a crisis that intertwined her path with the one person who could save her. AU after Kill Ari II. T/Z.

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Part I

He had been drifting in and out of consciousness for what felt like an eternity, grappling with the elusive fabric of reality that seemed to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The grapefruit-sized lump on the back of his head was to fault for this state of limbo—it throbbed metrically and colored the shadowy room blood red.

This time, he woke to find that the sun had long ago sunk below the horizon. Now the only thing illuminating the dirt, cinderblock cell was bright moonlight coming from the barred window high on the wall against which he was leaning. It reflected off of the dust particles drifting aimlessly through the bitter night air.

As Tony’s eyes began to adjust he looked across the tiny room, gaze resting on his cellmate. The past few times he’d woken up he had been much less lucid, but he’d had enough wits about him to notice the body lying near the opposite wall, just to the right of the heavy wooden door. He hadn’t noticed much else before drifting off again. Now it was just dark enough that he could only make out an outline. The person lay on his side, his back facing Tony, still as death. Tony could not even make out movement that would suggest he was breathing.

God knew how long that poor soul had been here.  Tony tried to open his mouth to speak to him, but he found that his tongue and throat were too dusty and dry. 

When Tony’s sluggish brain managed to catch itself up with the events of the past few days, he began to look toward the future, which was, at the moment, veiled in ambiguity. The sunrise would no doubt bring with it a host of unfavorable events and hostile men armed with the very guns that put that aching lump on his head. The fact that he might die did not bother him as much as he felt it should. What botheredhim was that he might die without knowing the reason he was even here in the first place.

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When you take away a people’s cultural identity which is inextricably linked to the land, you displace their livelihoods with poverty, violence, gangs, and substance abuse. This kind of hyper heteropatriarchal western masculinity lords over the people’s psyches and manifests as pain, trauma, and repeated trespasses upon our spirit.   

The terrain 75 miles away from the epicentre of the destructive March 27, 1964 earthquake in Alaska. The earthquake had a magnitude 9.2 and was the second most violent earthquake ever recorded. Nearly 100,000 square miles of land had experienced vertical displacement of up to 38 feet. The earthquake also produced a tsunami that caused damage in Hawaii and Japan.