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I saw someone legit try to argue on reddit a while ago that VM could have beaten Vecna if Scanlan had kept his beholder anti-magic ray on him and then remained a beholder for eternity.



Dean Winchester helping you through a panic attack.
••• Requested by Anon •••

It was late - or rather early - when Dean woke up to find your side of the bed cold and empty. A low hum rumbled from his chest as he reached outwards, searching for you, before he opened his eyes to find that you weren’t there.

“(Y/N)?” He called out, turning onto his back. His eyes scanned the room before landing on you, pacing around with a hand on your chest and tears streaming down your cheeks. “Baby, what’s wrong?”

Your own eyes snapped up to meet with his before a sob forced its way passed your wobbling lips stopping you from saying anything.

Dean threw back the covers and rushed to your side, wrapping you in his tight embrace.

“Oh, sweetheart.” He said. “What’s wrong?”

7 Minutes - Kim Samuel Requested Scenario


Summary: in which you and your friend, Kim Samuel, get dared to play 7 minutes in heaven

Genre: fluff (DONT WORRY! NO SMUT!)

Message?: i miss Samuel


“Spin spin spin spin spin!” Seonho sang as the spinner kept on spinning before finally landing on Samuel and he cursed.

“Samuel!” Daehwi exclaimed, “truth or dare?”

“Dare,” Samuel said in a questioning tone.

I sighed, making eye contact with Daehwi, trying to tell him ‘no!’. He’s my best friend. He knows my secrets and I know what he’s going to do with it. I began looking around, wishing for something in Guanlin and Seonho’s bedroom to swallow me up.

“Woo!” Daehwi shouted, “I dare you and Y/N to play seven minutes in heaven!”

That’s not what I meant.

“Let’s go!” Samuel shouted, helping me up.

I shook my head, standing up as I heard Guanlin dolphin laughing.

“Shut up Guanlin!” I exclaimed, trying not to laugh.

I was secretly glad of course, I’d had a crush on Sam for as long as I can remember. Even watching him on 17tv!

“In the closet you go!” Jinyoung shouted, becoming hyper.

Samuel pointed at him, laughing as I climbed in the cupboard and Seonho came to close the door.

“I don’t think I ever noticed how small you are,” Samuel laughed, climbing in as well.

Seonho winked before closing the doors and locking it.

It was silent for a bit before I realised where I was and my heart started racing.

I looked up at Sam, trying to breath deeply as I said, “um… Samuel?”

He looked down at me, “yeah?”

“I-I’m claustrophobic,” I said slowly.

He nodded slowly.

“Do you wanna get out?” he asked.

I shook my head, “a dare is a dare I just– I–”

My breathing quickened and Samuel put his hand on my jaw, making me look up.

“Look at me,” he said, “and breath. Okay? I’ll breath with you.”

He breathed deep breaths and I copied him.

“Want a hug?” he asked cheekily after breathing for a while.

I giggled, “okay.”

He opened his arms as wide as he could in the small cupboard and I walked into them, closing the small gap that was between us.

I looked up at him from in his arms as he looked down.

“1 minute left guys!” Guanlin shouted.

Samuel looked at the doors before quickly looking back at me.

Our heads edged closer and closer together and before I knew it, my eyes were shut and his lips were on mine.

“15 seconds!” Daehwi shouted.

“We should probably stop,” Samuel said breathlessly against my lips.

“I’m not sure I want to,” I said back.

I felt him smile against my lips.


I pulled away, rested my head on his chest.

Samuel took my hand as Daehwi counted down and unlocked the cupboard.

“Oh!” he shouted, pointing at our hands, “that’s new!”

Quickly, Daehwi, Seonho, Guanlin and Jinyoung were all stood around the cupboard, staring at me and Samuel.

I giggled, burying my face into Samuel’s shoulder, making the other boys whoop.

“I take it you’re my girlfriend, right?” Samuel whispered.

I laughed, nodding into his shoulder as the sounds of the boys cheering drowned out my thoughts of embarrassment.

Kevin Lee gets the first round RNC win but Chiesa doesn't tap.

It looks like Yamasaki thought Chiesa went stiff and called it off but Chiesa pops up less than a second later pissed that he stopped the fight.

Impressive performance from Lee regardless. Dominated once it hit the mat, took Chiesa’s back and landed some serious GNP before getting the RNC in.

anonymous asked:

If Cole was gay there is no freaking way he would have a relationship with a guy like KJ.. NOPE!!! And plus Breech would have outted Cole on this before he landed Riverdale. Where the fuck did this fan get this idea Cole is gay? I think Cole loves women in many aspects in his art and his life. The way he looks at Lili is not the way he looks at other women through the lens. Thats his art, Lili is the real. I wish these haters who shut up.

You make two great points, with Komplete Jerk, unquestionably—-I mean, no way would Cole even want to bother with a significant other who’s that fucking dumb (and largely an asswipe). Trolly would have do difficulty finding himself a hot nerd BF to be a hot nerd with…..

To your point about Breetch—–unquestionably right. If Cole had shown any signs of having EVER been bi or pan, she would’ve been soooooo threatened about that and whining endlessly about dudes and chicks. Yet all we see is her freaking out any times Troll even stood next to or liked the picture of a female. We see nothing about him and boys. And since she’s all about dragging him through the mud, wouldn’t we have heard SOMETHING??? Particularly from the #1 Cole can’t control his peen perpetuater???

And wouldn’t there be (just as we don’t have with ladies, anywhere, ever) dudes talking about fucking Cole?

I also agree about Lili (and was just remarking on that earlier. Cole’s in freakin’ mating season around her 24/7 that IS when he struggles with his magic peen ruling him….when she’s not around, he’s a pretty mellow dude. His polite, relaxed, detached boredom on NYE with his bro and friends (while Lili, in NC, is making mooney, reflective posts in NC about how dramatically HER life had changed) perfectly illustrates this

Our hero, Logan, is a Sandman, which means his job is murdering people who try to escape death by carousel, and maybe other things?  He and his fellow Sandmen are pretty terrible shots.  He’s played by Michael York, who you might know as Basil Exposition from the Austin Powers movies.  Or as Uncle Pterano from that Land Before Time Sequel that produced one of the best youtube poops ever made.

*Me and my future kids talking*

Kids: Mommy, who was president from 2016-2020?

Me: I don’t remember kids, but let me give you a rundown on what happened at the 2017 Oscars-it was WILD