land art for kids

Literally, my life is...

I just love how it takes me one episode, one magna chapter, and three novel chapters for me to:

-devolp a crush
-choose an OTP
-fall in love
-start fangirling
-start writing iternal fanfiction.

Reblog with all of your fandoms.


One (1) completed Land of Wind and Shade.

I kind of want to do the other planets now, but I’d like to buy more floss for it. The whole ‘using what I already had’ thing kinda worked here, but I’m not sure if I could pull it off again.

Credit for pixel art goes to saa-pandaleon [x] for making the pixel art [x] that became the stitches you see!


Dragon!AU - where there is no jaeger but dragons instead.

(And I just need some babi Chuck cuddling with dragons okay)