land and cruise

Mystic Messenger Disney

I should really be studying, but I wanted to get this finished because I haven’t posted anything in a while. 

I’m obsessed with Disney I wanted to do how the RFA x MC would be like going to one of the Disney parks/ adventure. Slight smut references but its pretty fluffy for the most part.

Let me know what ya think! 

Feel free to message me I’d love to hear from you! 

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Soar beyond the ocean veil
Explore lands, I shall prevail.

Cruise beside nature’s complexion
Listen to earth’s rhythm section

Stand in awe of towering waterfalls
Peacefully let go of life’s pitfalls

Feel the crunch of glacial till
Under my boots that won’t stand still

Hike atop a Hawaiian volcano
Adrenaline fears to see gray snow

Sway along with a charming breeze
Ireland’s cliffs must be the bees knees

Allow ocean waves to scoop me up
In the salty sea as the moon wakes up

Canyons and craters, forests and more
The world beckons me to explore

Mary, listen to me.

Look at you.  Sitting in patio chairs, outside, by a pool, drinking what appear to be identical, catered fruity drinks, with a table of communal food behind you, from which you appear to be eating, and surrounded by various unknown people.

This is a cruise.  You live in a land-cruise.