land and cruise

Mary, listen to me.

Look at you.  Sitting in patio chairs, outside, by a pool, drinking what appear to be identical, catered fruity drinks, with a table of communal food behind you, from which you appear to be eating, and surrounded by various unknown people.

This is a cruise.  You live in a land-cruise.

If you can just accept that where you are is right, not wrong…  that’s the thing we want to say to you. Where you are - no matter where it is in relationship to where you want to be - is right, not wrong. It’s right, not wrong. Because you’re starting where you are, and if you accept that it’s right, then immediately you turn in the direction of what you want! But if you’re standing where you are and you say ‘No, where I am I shouldn’t be!’, you turn in opposition to what you want.
—  Abraham-Hicks @ Cancun Land Cruise 2014