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I legitimately have no clue how anyone could get behind House Targayen.

They came to a foreign land with three nuclear weapons and decided they should rule over a land they literally have no ties to nor understand?

They forced an entire countries way of life to be turned upside down and make said countries own people, subjects to them.

Join, or die. Oh, why would anyone want them to be rulers? They caused so many wars and paved their way to power through blood and ash.

And after they came to power, their groundwork would cause many more wars to come to this land and many more people to die.

The Targaryens are nothing more then warmongering conquerors who believe everything and anything, belongs to them.

ah yes, people are complaining about arthur’s dude bro attitude in dceu….

…. honestly i don’t blame them

like yes, arthur was angry in one iteration but he wasn’t a complete douchebag… i was disappointed in how he is and i am still hoping they will rectify this in the solo film


Runaway Land

Rating: Mature
: Complete
Word count: 103k
Chapters: 16/16

Louis is sure he’s stumbled upon a secret, underground nightclub, though that is far from the truth. He’s also pretty sure he’s stumbled upon Apollo, which… isn’t very far from the truth, actually.

Modern Greek mythology AU.

Do you remember that time Marco helped a princess reflect on the history of her people and land, and slowly realize that not all monsters are bad?

And now that princess wants to change her kingdom and (as we know from the synopses) give monsters equal rights?

And you remember that time Marco helped a princess come to terms with the fact that she’s going to have to be Queen one day?

And now that princess is determined to be the best princess she can be right now, doing things her own way, putting to good use the power she has?

And you remember that time said princess said that everyone needs their own “Marco”, someone who can help them unwind and, at the same time, focus on problems instead of running away from them?

Good. Marco, the safe kid who took years to decide to get his red belt, had the courage to move to another dimension and completely change his life, and now Star has a chance to be his “marco” and help him catch up, grow, and find his way in this scary new life. 
And then they can keep helping eachother, because if there’s one theme this show holds dear is the idea that you’re never done growing up.

This right here will be cinematic history. This shot will be studied in film classes. This moment right here is the greatest hero shot I’ve ever seen.

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Does anyone else have that problem where your brain is just like a bunch of different musical lyrics competing for dominance the entire day? Like, one second I’ll be hearing Dear Evan Hansen lyrics in my head, then La La Land, then Hamilton, then Dear Evan Hansen again, and then by the time I realize what’s been happening I’ve already missed my teacher’s entire lecture


full video of New Day getting ganged up on. if you thought the clip of the Cesaro swing was fun to watch, wait until you see the whole attack tbh (esp if you’re a Sheasaro shipper/stan like me tbqfh this video is A Gift™ lemme tell u)

PS - not my vid btw i just find things a lot