Are you ready for the Everfree spaghetti? Enjoy this video exploring how nervous I am about Everfree! 


Beautiful music filled the air as a trail of rose petals filled the halls all the way from the freshman college dorms to the auditorium. Francis sat carefully at the grand piano that was on stage. His fingers gracing the ivory keys playing each note with care. It had been forever since he last touched a piano, but his mother would’ve been proud he still knew a thing or two. Francis was playing the theme from the notebook since he thought it was a romantic song, and romantic was Francis’ forte. It was the first time he had ever done something like this for a girl and he wanted to make it special. The lights were dimmed enough so that when Lady looked down from the stage she could see homecoming written out in candles. The candles with little trees Lady had told Francis she liked when they went out for a stroll once. He remembered she liked them, he remembered she liked this tune. He wanted to make this as perfect as her. 

Last night, I did this quick illustration of The Smooze to prepare myself for today’s episode!


Discovery Family has released a new clip and episode synopsis for “Make New Friends But Keep Discord,” the next new episode of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic set to premiere on May 16, 2015, at 11:30 AM ET/10:30 AM CT/8:30 AM PT. The episode features the return of John DeLancie (Star Trek: The Next…

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