Eric B.,

Fuji X100T, Fuji X-T10 and Sony A6000

Got the gray wrist strap today…it’s perfect!  Just the color I was hoping for.
I’m so happy with my Lance stuff that I posted a “mini review” on my webpage

Chaz S., USA

Nikon EM, Fuji X-T1, Olympus 35 ED

Nikon EM with black 44", X-T1 with Green 48" and Olympus 35 ED with burgundy 44". Just bought the little brother back home a NEX-3N and sent him a dark blue 42" string-loop non-adjust as well. I plan on grabbing another when I pick up my X100s. You could say I like your straps =)


Panasonic Lumix GH2

I received my Lug Wrist Strap today and I can’t be any happier than that. When I opened up the padded envelop, first thing I took out was the receipt, it was nicely folded, symmetrically. Love it! Took out the box and opened it, first touch on the strap and it gave me a feeling that this strap can hang a cow! Quickly I put it over my wrist and I feel so comfortable, instantly I fell in love. I rushed into my room and put it on my Panasonic Lumix GH2. I love it so much that I will not take it off. 

See attached the picture of Lug Wrist Strap on my Panasonic Lumix GH2. 

I will definitely share this good quality strap with my photography enthusiast friends.
Looking forward to buying from you again. Thank you so much!