Let it be known

No matter what you ship in Voltron

I will respect you and your ship

Hell, I’ll even respect you if you ship Sven and Slav

I won’t attack you for your ship, because it doesn’t make you a horrible person

You love what you love

So, a few day ago, I made a post about how I think that it is very unlikely that a gay or lesbian ship will happen in this show.

For the record, this is the reason any gay or lesbian ship that I have I ship in fanon and not canon.

Since then, many people have told me that a lesbian ship became canon in Legend of Korra. Since the same producers of that made Voltron, gay or lesbian ship are allowed and I am wrong.

Look! It is not like I don’t want them to become canon. I am straight but I do think LGBT representation is important especially in today’s cartoons.

Since seeing LGBT pair is normal in society, our media should reflect that.

However, I still don’t think it will happen.

I am going to use Legend of Korra to explain why.

However, before I do, I want to point out that Voltron is a mecha show.

This show is always going to focus more on adventure plots than in romance.

Regardless of the ship, we will only get a few scenes of them actting like a couple.

Even then, regardless of the ship, only a few of them will become canon.

Now, let’s talk about Korra! Yes, this show did make canon a lesbian ship.

It was at the FINAL episode of the series in the FINAL scene.

The couple didn’t even kiss and we never got to see them acted like a couple.

I am trying to say that the show made it canon in a very discrete way. There was a lot of layers of subtext.

It also worth mentioning that it was between two characters that were very good friends.

So, this tells us that in order for a gay or lesbian ship to be canon in Voltron.

It has to be between two characters that are already really close and we won’t see their interactions as a couple.

There also going to be one ship that is going to be canon.

In theory, any gay or lesbian ship of paladin/paladin could be canon but the crew has said the paladins see each other as family. All their interactions are supposed to be seen as family interactions.

So, in short, there are many things stopping them from being canon. It is not exactly impossible. The crew has against their word before. (Example: saying ,“It is Keith’s job now to be the black paladin.”)

But I am saying not to get your hopes up. Even if your ship doesn’t become canon, there will always be fanfiction and or fan art of your favorite ship.

(Incomplete) Lancelot Fic Rec List

Alright, so this has been asked for a few times, so imma go ahead and make a fic rec list (PWP oneshots not included)


nobody even says wooing anymore  by silverliningsgirl                              

Spa Date with a Prince  by deecherrywolf

a place for you  by idolisedkanan  

Friend by Red_Dead      

Harem Blues by Levis_turtles                

It’s So Hard to Be Beautiful by thatoneperson

Enchanted to Meet You by XxWanderlustxX  

Kinship by thrushrut

Shopping For Love by MizuLeKitten

The Promised are Bound, Mr Gonzalez by Levis_turtles

Lancelot and other ships (mostly Klance)

Please Get F*cked Responsibly by enjayas

This time around by MorteMistrata (semi-hiatus but worth it)

the sunflower you lost by peachii                

Blue Pill || Red Pill  by Hannaadi88             

Robot Lions are Better Than People by phoenixyfriend 

Persuasion (unofficial name) by CiwTheDinosaur                

your sickening desire  by haarucchii (basically this a klance/lancelot fic, that the author has chosen to rewrite into a solely lancelot fic. Idk whether they’ll post the stories as two separate stories or if the only story is gonna go though)

Lancelot (Dark Lotor)

For the Taking by Shipperbitch            

untitled by deecherrywolf

leave my peace in pieces by nopears                 

Show Chapter | Archive of Our Own
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Chapter 15 is up! Wonder what’s gonna happen between Lance, his teammates, Matt, and even the Blue Lion.

Just kidding the Blue Lion doesn’t even appear until next chapter!

The struggle is real

Fanfic: has fluff

Me: That’s cute and all but where is the smut

Fanfic: has smut

Me: That’s hot and all but where is the fluff

Fanfic: has fluff + smut

Me: But where is the angst

Fanfic: has fluff + smut + angst

Me: Yes this is perfect-

Fanfic: last updated in 2005


the voltron fandom in a nutshell


I’m seriously feeling bad for Keith…

Collab with @xxkaseixx and contiuation of this

The thing is, when the two of us work on the collab we never know what the other person will do until it’s done and that’s why mischievous plan of Lance and Lotor surprised me. If I knew, I would probably draw my part differently, but I guess that’s for the better