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Hartwin prompt: After Harry comes back, Eggsy develops a habit of always reaching out to Harry, maybe holding onto the cuff of his shirt, to reassure himself that Harry's actually there. Maybe he doesn't realize that he's doing it. Harry of course, is wonderfully obliging about the whole thing and just wants to make sure that his boy knows he's safe and cared for.

HA half-cute half-heartbreaking stuff! i love love love this prompt and i’m disappointed that i couldn’t write more for it because it deserves 10k and i’m not sure i did it justice. i also couldn’t just leave it so i had to give it a nice ending and wrap it up all nice, ya know? So i hope you enjoy! thank you so much for sending a prompt, you rock thirstforfirth

Harry likes to think he’s not a vain man. He doesn’t overstate his looks or boast about his skills, nor does he overemphasize his role in people’s lives. He never dreamed of taking credit for Eggsy’s transformation over the course of his training–He helped the boy, but it was Eggsy’s potential that let him thrive in the Kingsman environment and succeed. 

This being said, he had assumed he had a fairly large impact on Eggsy’s life. He proposed the boy for a spy agency and acted as his mentor for months, even outside of his time in a coma. Yet he apparently hadn’t shed many tears about Harry’s “demise”. 

At the very least, he thought Eggsy would have been mildly distressed about his supposed death. He didn’t want the boy distraught, but some level of mourning had been expected. 

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