Marvel Cinematic Universe

Natasha Romanoff

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Never Loved Anyone More

Not Too Bad

Dating Natasha Romanoff would include…

Fighting and making up with Natasha would include…

Wanda Maximoff

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Dating Wanda Maximoff would include…

Lady Sif

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Dating Lady Sif would include…

Maria Hill

Dating Maria Hill would include…


Dating Gamora would include…

Scarlett Johansson

Dating Scarlett Johansson would include…


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Agents of SHIELD

Being on the SHIELD team would include…

Daisy Johnson

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First Kiss

Beauty and the Beast

Dating Daisy Johnson Would Include…

Being Daisy’s girlfriend and then turning into an inhuman would include…

Daisy being jealous would include…

Jemma Simmons

Dating Jemma Simmons would include…

Bobbi Morse

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Dating Bobbi Morse Would Include…

Elena Rodriguez

Dating Elena Rodriguez would include…

Being Coulson’s daughter and dating Elena would include…

Daisy Johnson/Jemma Simmons

Being in a polyamorous relationship with Daisy and Jemma would include…

Chloe Bennet

Thank You


Jillian Holtzmann

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Worth The Wait


Stargazing and Alcohol

Surprise! I’m Gay

Luckiest Woman in the World

Dating Jillian Holtzmann would include…

Kate McKinnon

More Than A Celebrity Crush


How They Take Care of You When You’re Sick



Dating Rogue would include…

Kitty Pryde

Dating Kitty Pryde would include…


Dating Blink would include…

Jean Grey

Dating Jean Grey would include…

Betsy Braddock

Dating Betsy Braddock would include…

The Amazing Spider-Man

Gwen Stacy

I’m Sorry


Felicity Smoak

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Dating Felicity Smoak Would Include…

Felicity being jealous would include…

Laurel Lance

Dating Laurel Lance would include…

Dating Black Siren would include…

Thea Queen

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Dating Thea Queen would include…


Dating Sin would include…

The Flash

Iris West

Dating Iris West would include…

Caitlin Snow

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So Cold

Dating Caitlin Snow before and after she gets her powers would include…

Cuddling with Caitlin Snow would include…

Dating Killer Frost would include…

Jesse Quick


Dating Jesse Quick would include…

Dating Jesse Quick and being a professional ice skater would include…

Being Barry’s sister and dating Jesse would include…

Legends of Tomorrow

Sara Lance

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Dating Sara Lance would include…


Diana Prince

Dating Diana Prince would include…

Harley Quinn

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Dating Harley Quinn would include…

Margot Robbie

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Gotham City Sirens

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Poison Ivy

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Dating Poison Ivy Would Include…

Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn

Being in a polyamorous relationship with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn would include… 


How They Tell First Tell You They Love You


Gotham characters reacting to you dying and coming back to life

Selina Kyle

Mini Donuts and Zombie Flicks

Brand New Moves

Dating Selina Kyle would include…

Barbara Kean

Dating Barbara Kean would include…

Ivy Pepper

Dating Ivy Pepper would include…

Villains’ reactions to finding out you’re dating Ivy

Tabitha Galavan

I’m All Your’s

Dating Tabitha Galavan would include…

Leslie Thompkins

Dating Leslie Thompkins would include…


Where They Take You On Your First Date

Harry Potter

Ginny Weasley

Gif imagines: x x 

Family Dinner


Better (Part two of Focus)

Dating Ginny Weasley would include…

Luna Lovegood


Dating Luna Lovegood would include…

Hermione Granger

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Fleur Delacour

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I Don’t Get Jealous

Dating Fleur Delacour would include…

Nymphadora Tonks

Dating Nymphadora Tonks would include…

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Queenie Goldstein

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Teen Wolf

Malia Tate

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Being a chimera and dating Malia Tate would include…

Lydia Martin

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Because I Love You

Dating Lydia Martin would include…

Allison Argent

Dating Allison Argent would include…

Allison being jealous would include…

Kira Yukimura

Dating Kira Yukimura would include…

Cora Hale

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Dating Cora Hale would include…


Dating Braeden would include…


Charlie Bradbury

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Dating Charlie Bradbury would include…

Bela Talbot

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Meg Masters

Dating Meg Masters would include…

Eileen Leahy

Dating Eileen Leahy would include…


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Once Upon A Time

Emma Swan

Dating Emma Swan would include…

Regina Mills

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Being Regina Mills’ daughter before and after the cure would include…

Belle French

Gif imagines: x

Being a bookworm and dating Belle would include…


Dating Mulan would include…

Ruby Lucas

Gif imagines: x

Dating Ruby Lucas would include…

The 100

Raven Reyes

You’re The Worst

Octavia Blake

Gif imagines: x

Dating Octavia Blake would include…


How they take care of you when you’re sick

Star Wars


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Dating Rey would include…

Jyn Erso

Dating Jyn Erso would include…


Misty Knight

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Colleen Wing

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Joy Meachum

Dating Joy Meachum would include…

The Dark Knight

Selina Kyle

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The Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen

Dating Katniss Everdeen would include…


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Dating Clove would include…

Johanna Mason

Dating Johanna Mason Would Include…


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Veronica Lodge

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Dating Veronica Lodge would include…

Betty Cooper

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Dating Betty Cooper would include…

Cheryl Blossom

Dating Cheryl Blossom would include…

The Walking Dead


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Dating Michonne would include…

Maggie Greene-Rhee

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Rosita Espinosa

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Seven Minutes In Heaven

Dating Rosita Espinosa would include…

You and your girlfriend, Rosita, standing up to Negan’s remarks about the two of you would include…

Sasha Williams

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Tara Chambler

Gif imagines: x

Tara Chambler/Rosita Espinosa

Being in a polyamorous relationship with Tara and Rosita would include…

Star Trek

Nyota Uhura

Dating Nyota Uhura would include…