Klance Week Day #6: Hero/Villain

“Okay. But really? Does it really have to be me who talks to him? What the cheese–”

The samurai, Keith, appears in Chapter 5 as an enemy but he can be recruited–just be careful you time the recruit conversation before he decides to critical hit your units. There’s special dialogue options if you recruit Keith with either Lance, Hunk or Pidge. (The fandom seems to have latched onto the Lance recruitment method as the best of the three conversations and is often quoted in fan fics)

;’) @miagetasora and my Voltron x Fire Emblem crossover strikes again for @klanceweek! <3 It’s been an amazing run so far, with lots of neat art, fanfic and other creative works!

Elven archer Lance and bookish barbarian Hunk from my fic ‘The fallen paladin’

So these two will appear either in chapters 2 or three and are sort of the Robin Hood style of bandits haha. Lance however has a bit of history with Keith in the past and Hunk just wants to relax with a good book.

If you wish to read the fic it can be found here , However the fic itself is Sheith centric so I figured I’d mention that just in case it’s not your thing.