Space 007/Lance Bond refused to leave me be for the entire day so I had to doodle him so I can have peace. Unfortunately I only had a crappy gel pen and scratch paper I’m so sorry 😭😭

okay, but pidge as Q and lance as 007 & their friendship/partnership/thing-with-romantic-undertones

pidge as the snarky, young quartermaster (youngest ever); her brilliance makes the best gadgets and her creativity lets her improvise when agents inexplicably get said gadgets eaten by komodo dragons (keith)

lance as a capable agent, who’s older and managed to sharpen his people skills into a weapon, who’s cool head and adaptability have been honed into strengths. 

lance shaking off that lonely, unsettling feeling whenever he can’t hear pidge on the comm, pidge gritting her teeth whenever she has to listen to lance flirting (sometimes for a mission, usually not)

sometimes she gives lance a slight shock whenever he gets a little too friendly. true fact, pidge has cockblocked lance multiple times: mostly done in the name of professionalism & duty, but like 30% of the time, it’s just spite & jealousy

lance flirting with everyone under the sun, but not pidge because she’s earned her spot dammit and he’s not gonna undermine her authority. pidge is pissed and hurt because she’s heard him toss lines to slav

just all the UST and near death situations (and all the quiet moments in between–drinking tea & talking shit in the early hours of the morning)

it’s just so great guys

(& shiro can be moneypenny)