Outside Looking In {Shiro x Reader}

Words: 1628

   Summary: What does your and Shiro’s relationship look like to everybody else?

   Notes: I don’t know what this isssss but here you go! also, my writers block has been awful lately and i can’t write anything decent, so please bare with me x 

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I can’t wait for the day someone (probably Pidge) yells “GET A ROOM!” at Keith and Lance and the both of them stop and stare at each other with wide eyes because damn their faces are really close and ‘wow Lance’s eyes are bluer than I remembered’ and ‘quiznack that Galra mark accentuates Keith’s cheekbones’ and they just…step away from each other red faced and trying not to be caught staring

Here’s my part for my group’s Klance Reverse Bang bit titled “Under the Sea.”

I loved working with our writer @quirkilyscribbles and our beta @elissigh.

Link to fic: Here

hunk: truth or dare lance

lance: lol truth

hunk: what’s a secret you’ve never told us?

keith: hahaha he’s probably gonna say he hasn’t washed his clothes in 3 weeks-

lance internally: every single time i see keith and he opens his dumb mouth to say some dumb shit, i get this really strong urge to shut him up with soft kisses all over his face. i do the craziest things every single day just to see him smile, even if it means making a fool out of myself. the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen is when i told him that cheesy pick up line and he laughed until he cried, his cheeks all red and his hair soft and messy. he thinks i hate him but i just want to hold him close when i’m about to sleep and kiss his hands and eyelashes, call him dumb nicknames and tell him about Cuba, about my family. cos he IS my family. he doesn’t even know that my heart and soul belong to him. i don’t know when it got this bad but i’m burning up inside every second that i’m alive and i just want him to know how he didn’t even have to try at all to make me completely and utterly helpless for him. and it hurts unlike anything else

lance externally: yeah haha idk man :) haven’t washed my jacket in a while