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Samsung announces the Galaxy Note 4 and other devices

The VergeSamsung is today introducing the Galaxy Note 4, a large new smartphone that sticks to the formula of the Note 3 while rounding out many of its predecessors rough edges.

Video: Samsung’s Gear S smartwatch (Lance Ulanoff on Vine)
Jonathan Franzen Is Wrong: eBooks Are Good for Everyone (and I call Bull*)

Lance Ulanoff at Mashable Tech:

I, on the other hand, hope to live well past my 97th year and to thoroughly enjoy ebooks from now to then and beyond. Maybe Franzen will change his mind and join me.

I call bull* on this one. I don’t see why physical books would have to disappear.

Yes, they’re easier to travel around with. Taking a three-week summer holiday with the whole Game of Thrones catalogue in a device that weighs under 2 pounds is a plus.

But will paper books ever loose their value? Do they _need_ to disappear for eBooks to ‘win’? Does any format need to win?

I think it’s exactly the same as with paperback and hardcover. I just love paperback versions for their flexibility, they cost less and they weigh less. A good friend of mine swears by hardcover versions, since they don’t wrinkle and look good in his small library.

Saying paper books will disappear because eBooks exist is like saying notebooks will disappear because everyone uses MS Word. Or like saying decks of playing cards will disappear because people play poker online.


New England Patriots Wide Receiver #JulianEdelman battles Lance Ulanoff in the ultimate ball game…paper #football.


“Gotham: Inside a Viewing Party for Fox’s Batman Prequel”

Article and photos by Lance Ulanoff, read the article here: X

“Robin Lord Taylor is seated on the other side of the room, pale and still sporting Penguin’s jet-black hair. As we talk, I realize that, in person, he isn’t very menacing. Maybe that’s because he’s missing Penguin’s nose, which the show elongates slightly with a prosthesis for the role.

I ask what to expect from his character this season. His answer: “Imagine everything you are being stripped away. What would be left?”

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