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LOL So far my Fire Emblem heroes experience has been an all dragon team. I got a team of both young and old Tiki. Young Tiki being 5 star and old being 4. A 5 star Nowi and 4 star Fae (lol forgot her name and how to spell it)

i’m sorry that’s the first thing that came to my mind

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β ∞ (perhaps other notable dragon trainers- Lance, Clair, Drake, Drayden, Iris, Drasna, and Ryuki?)

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∞ How do you feel about (insert Pokemon NPC/Canon character here)?

“Honestly, I can’t say I’ve met many of them personally. I’ve already talked about auntie Drasna, but the others…”

“Well, I’ve met Drake. Kinda intimidating at first glance, but once you get to know him, he’s the coolest old guy you’ll ever meet. Comes with the territory, really.”

“Lance, I’ve at least heard about… and the guy really loves being overly dramatic. There’s flair, then there’s Lance. And apparently all the other Dragon Tamers around Hoenn are, like, really obsessed with him? To the point of copying his fashion sense? It’s kinda hilarious, honestly.”

“I don’t really have much to say about the others, though. I’ve never even heard of Ryuki.”

β What is your favorite and least-favorite areas in the wilderness (forest, cave, mountain, etc.)?

“My favorite is, by far, the sooty areas of Route 113. It’s like snow, except without the coldness, and it’s just so pretty. Least favorite, meanwhile…”

“Let’s just say there’s a reason I don’t have a Flygon.”

-The helping hand of a Dragon Trainer- (Lance / Syph Role-Play!)

The day started fresh. Dawn cracked, sunlight piercing through the shadows which remained after the night sky turned. The morning breeze started sweeping through each blade of grass and each leaf dangling from the trees. A few leaves had reached the end of their purpose, and the stem which connected to the branch had grown weak to the very point of breaking, causing the leaves to fall and with a dying, however beautiful colour. It was the start of Autumn. 

Knowing and having to met the young girl, Syph, Lance had decided to spend this day proficiently and give her another visit, seeing if she would love a helping hand for the day. Lance was indeed interested in getting to now the best kinds of all breeding centres, and he couldn’t help but grin at what this would mean for, Syph also, knowing she’s one of, Lance’s major fans but an idol to her since she was young. 

Lance wasn’t alone on this journey to the Daycare. If anything, he wouldn’t avoid a chance in the world to be travelling with his mighty companion, Dragonite. The pair are the dynamic duo, and the pair are so very well known nearly globally also that people know Dragonite as, Lance’s best. The two had survive many hardships and trials, and nearly enough, the whole of their lives together. The bond couldn’t have been better for them both.

As, Lance and Dragonite travelled with each other onwards to the Daycare, he thought back to the reason and prime achievement that, Syph mentioned was her drive for keeping such a magnificent Daycare open to one and all. Her Grandfather taught her nearly everything, and in which, this reflected on, Lance also. He lived a similar life style compared to, Syph, being taught by his Grandfather but more towards the goal of being the inherent ruler of the Dragon clan in Blackthorn as the Dragon Master. He wasn’t alone during then, since he had Dragonite with him, who was but a Dratini back then, and he also had his best friend and dear cousin, Clair. The times weren’t exactly easy, but rather rough living. It never faulted, Lance from his objective and goal however, and even though the two hasn’t exactly spent the most comfiest of times together, he and his grandfather respect each other greatly. 

Upon thinking back to, Syph which had lead to his own memories, he didn’t realize that the Daycare was next to him now. He and Dragonite had stopped, and, Lance’s right hand had knocked on the front door of the Daycare Centre. 

(( The starter may seem crappy and basic, but I’m getting back into writing. I’ll be better than this in the future so please don’t mind this! Ahah. ))

Challenger vs The Dragon Champion (The Rematch) -ashchosenone/lancenoblechampion Role-Play-

Air, feeling stagnant as the atmosphere becoming choked, as well as feeling the siphoning of energy draining from the soul of a Pokemon Trainer’s virtues and prime prowess. What feels like a dream rushing through from the limbic system and gushing out as many memories from the hippocampus within hid thoughts, Lance, the one true Dragon brilliance and rightfully claimed master, the man who has took on the role as the alpha and the omega dragons, leading the Dragon clan of Blackthorn. It had felt like pixels were bringing packets of data to the Johto Champion’s imagination, where he can remember every exact moment of an obstreperous conflict through means of a Pokemon battle.

The optical sight is blackened as eye lids had clamped together shut; uttering great focus to these thoughts and memories of one single battle which had took many a year back. As people refer to the feeling, ’It felt like as if it were only yesterday!’ to which streaming in Lance’s opinion, this was one of those moments. However, having to allocate and recollect those certain blocks containing each scene of the peculiar past that had happened brought a joyous feeling to the nerves embedded under the layer of skin onto Lance. He felt brimming, he felt as if the past was bringing itself back and will make itself the future to come, as within the next few known moments, a challenger will emerge victorious from the fourth chamber within the grand walls of the Indigo Plateau. As with the same personality and erupting spirit, having to still shield the true power and cunningness of the challenger that Lance had faced so long ago, now preparing for a second meet with the rematch of the ages.

But now, Lance being of a Champion level instead of the Elite Dragon Trainer of the Elite Four of the Kanto region. The title meant nothing, but the effects to which it influenced had attracted many hardships and challenges down Lance’s way, his own soul which conquered many and all. But would having to recollect the insufficient memories be of use? Does it make for good time, or is it wasting time, sacrificing each second to a faster feat. No, he didn’t wish to distract himself as the Dragon Master Tamer cloak shrouded his identity becoming nearly draped all around by the cloth of rare material and ceremonial threading. The edge of the fine stitching didn’t reach to surface length of the floor, as the size was custom to what Lance’s own size is built as. Instead, it had stopped at to where the soul of the encased footing in Lance’s boots. The collar of the splendid cape of brilliance overlooked around the half of the Dragon Master’s head, hiding his personality as such as how the rest of his body hides within.

As for the opposition now, the arc frame around the door introduced the daring flame coming up for the grand rematch, and hoping to win his victory, and assume a very proud achievement. Lance has already know who the mysteriousity already is, knowing that hardly anyone could survive the streak and ripping through the Elite Four asunder to the point of facing the pure controlled power, at the will and decree of the Dragon Master, and Champion of Johto. The footsteps sounded like the ticking noise of a clock as the mysterious figure entered the golden chamber. Each foot step, being completely in synch with each second passing and serving its purpose, but also similar to a time bomb. Lance had a hunch he was going to have a rough battle, and he was open to the idea of an honourable defeat. How the shadow of the figure approached closer as he tread the paved path towards the battlefield, the room being completely scorned in gold. Stain glassed windows was fitted into the room, promoting more of the majestic figure and icon the chamber represents as steam gauges and valves worked in motion with each other, pumping water and steam for the entire building as one colossal clog mobilized the whole machinery on each side.

Standing also down the walkway through the centre of the chamber opposite to each other were shining, brilliant ornaments, topped off with a golden Dratini figure atop the structure, and as the shadowed figure walked no more, but ascended the short stair way onto the battlefield, the identity became known and shed into light. Lance called his hunch correctly, noticing a now future self or grown version of Ash Ketchum. A person, or a man of no doubt he encountered before, the person who aided Lance in more than once occasion and the cause that one of Lance’s friends met each other. 

The presence now known to his senses finally caused movement with his neck, lifting his head up. The yellow orbs within his optics now glaring down towards the new challenger, or rather much nostalgic. With seeing the appearance of a face known from a long time afar, his lips had move up, the corner lifting into a daring smirk. The steam caused for gusts of wind within the golden chamber, clean steam and rather cool. The gusts which was now brushing lightly across Lance’s skin, and blowing over the carmine hue adopting his wild hair. Now with the moment passing, silence shattered by the first few words of greeting came from the lips of the Dragon practitioner.

… . . Well now, isn't this a surprise to bear. Time sure took a beat with you, turning out for the better, Ash Ketchum.

The humble and innocent boy from Pallet Town, fighting challenges just like the Champion himself, making new friends exactly alike to Lance, and fighting battles of the ages, lastly, with how Lance used to live like and still lives to this day. The behaviour and personality now eager to clash, which raised the adrenaline within Lance’s blood stream in his chest and head, letting the rush flow through.