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Dragon Master Lance headcanons

• Lance hates to admit it but fairy type Pokemon terrify him. Whenever he sees one he’ll always stay a safe distance away
• Training dragon Pokemon is very difficult and as a result, it has made Lance rather strong. He could totally give his s/o piggyback rides
• Lance isn’t very much a fan of junk food and instead prefers snacking on healthy things
• Bought his s/o a matching cape
• Lance is a really, really heavy sleeper and snores very loudly. He also wakes up early in the morning to train
• If anyone insulted Lance’s s/o, family, or friends, he would not hesitate to obliterate them
• His favorite kinds of movies are action or mystery movies
• Lance looks like he has killed a man but really he’s very nice and would love to discuss dragons with anyone
• However Lance’s kindness does have a limit and he has beat up members of Team Rocket in the past

                    “There’s no need for words now. We will battle to determine who is the stronger of the two of us. As the most powerful trainer and as the Pokemon League Champion…  

                   I, Lance the Dragon Master, accept your challenge!”


It’s strange, as much as I love facing off against Blue in the original Red Blue and Yellow versions, I still feel like out of the entire series of games that Lance is my favorite. Blue is a nostalgic win, he’s been your rival the entire game and has been pushing you to be better and better, but overall he’s not that respectable.
Lance on the other hand, is just so noble. He’s been fighting with you for most of the game and once you get to him in the Elite Four he just responds with such respect.
He’s the guy I always looked forward to facing when I go up against the Elite 4. Blue seemed like more of a chore after beating Lance in the original games, but Lance is more of a treat after getting through the hell that are Katherine’s Dark types.

Roll Initiative [V:LD]

A Voltron: Legendary Defender fic, Klance.

  • Theme: DnD AU, KlanceWeek2017
  • Pairings Klance (Keith/Lance)
  • Rating: Rated E for Everyone, swear warning
  • Words Total: 2520
  • Tags: mutual pining, living vicariously through dungeons and dragons characters, dungeons and dragons dating lmao, lots of dialogue, coran’s a snack mom, everyone’s there, even matt!!
  • Summary:

“Holy crow,” Lance shot up, excitement written in the way his face lit up, “Are you going to propose to me, Keith?”

The gang plays DnD.
Klance Week 2017 Day 1: Free Will vs Fate

Alternate Title: Shut up and ask him out roll the dice

Read on AO3 (please)

Tired eyes stared down all around the table. Pidge pushed her glasses up her face, past her bangs to rest on her head, and gave a long, suffering sigh. From beside her, she could see Matt look up and glance her way, having heard her pull a signature Shiro sound, but she couldn’t help it. Not anymore.

Lance, as usual, was the first to verbalize his complaints. “Allura,” He whined, shifting in his seat so he could lean forward, “You always make your campaigns so long . Can we just go to a tavern or something? We’re still recovering from the giant nest!”

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healingwixh  asked:

"I' so sorry." Bowing her head as she stood before her friend. "I didn't think things would get so out of hand... I'm so, so sorry. I'm sure Devon will apologize on his own but, I wanted to apologize as well for giving your number to him. I'm really sorry, Lance."

The fact anyone had managed to find the caped man and get so close without him being contacted, meant one of two things had occurred: an assassin manged to slip through the surveillance and was posing as someone close to him or it actually WAS someone close to Lance and they were let through without issue. Unsure on how to deal with the pinkette, the caped man gave a faint smile. 

You should go, it’s dangerous to be around me currently. We can deal with all that latter. The man told her in a soft tone of voice. How she managed to locate him in Summerland, Fiore of all regions, was a mystery to him. An impressive feat as well. Though as soon as something caught the edge of his sight, he quickly pulled her into him and covered her with his cape ads the sound of gun shots and various attack commands filled the air.

“This is Imp-132. Bait has been bitten. I have a civilian with me, requesting back up.”  He said as he broke into a sprint carrying Nora into a area where they could have cover from the attacks. I don’t know has D-3 wears this ting without sweating all the time. He said with a light chuckle as he let Nora go but motioned for her to stay close to him. Mr. Mime. Barrier. The man called out the mime pokemon that quickly created a invisible wall to shield them the two from attacks. This mission took a bit longer than the forecast anticipated but D-3 should be wrapping it up now.

The two would be able to see a armored ship near the port area of Sumerland before seeing a Devastating Drake attacking crashing directly into the center the ship, blowing it into pieces, debris flying all around and crashing through a  few windows and tearing about the walk ways of Summerland. They then could hear screaming, more attack names being called out and the sound of dragons roaring as they could see a Mega-Altaria sing a perish song as well as see and hear Hydregion annihilating his foes with flash cannons and dark pulses. 

They could see one man directing the people under siege from the dragons from on top of a build across from them. They seemed to be wearing some oddly padded suit that seemed to help be deflect attacks from a Dragonitre trying to paralyze him with Thunderwave. Though the next thing anyone would see would be a orange and blue blurr as the man got snatched from the roof and slammed into the ground, hard. Though that wasn’t the end of it. They see Lance on his Dragonite, holding the man by his throat before slamming him back down into the ground before Dragonite used Extreme Speed, causing the mans to be dragged and smashed through the board walk. 

Lance then threw the man against the invisible wall that Mr. Mime made, before an extreme speed assist elbow from lance met the man’s chest. Lance then spoke gruffly into his ear piece.This is D-3. Objectives met and target acquired. Mission Complete.

He walked over to Imp-132 and saw Nora as well. He was shocked but still coming down from the mission mindset he was in. Explain. Was all he said in a harsher than meant tone toward the two. 

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Look at this, both your so called friends are defending you and now, one of them is broke and the other is breaking. Your Knight and Nurse are getting themselves hurt trying to defend you and that you're an honorable person and yet, you're turning a blind eye to it all? To them both. Just as I thought, you're really not their friend. You're just as cold as the blood that runs through your dragons veins.

Oh no you didn’t…

“Dratini. Punishment #4! Now!Four dratini wrapped themselves along each limb of the stranger and then began to pull them in in four separate directions. Lance casually ordered the papers on his desk but placing to the side, getting up from his desk and slowly walking over to the stranger currently having their limbs pulled in four different directions. He gazed down at the stranger with cold eyes indifferent to the pain they were in.

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Throws a bucket of freezing cold mystic water on lance. " I'm startin' to see why people think you could be my dad with this many partners of yours. "

Did. He. Just. Throw. FREEZING. Cold. Water. One. HIM?

…he did not just say that? 

How dare you! Stomps on the bucket and crushes it under foot and grinds into the ground with the heel of his boot.

Who are you to judge me? His hair was soaked along with his cape but now his blood was boiling from anger. The bucket was now too broken to ever be used again.

Though it’s none of your business. I saw simply saying who I would be interested in. That’s all. His tone was cold and his broadcasted icy fury toward Devon.

I am not your father. You are not my son. He took his cape and squeezed as much as he could from it with his hands, twisting it roughly as his spoke. So begone. You are not my responsibility. He let go of his cape as he turned to leave.

Learn your place. As of now you have no right to stand before me. With that he left. 

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Go punch the music guy you hang around with in the face. He seems like he deserves it.

…and just like that the anon dangling in the air with Lance’s hand crushing their windpipe. “It looks like my last message wasn’t clear enough.” His voice was laced with cold rage. IF you or anyone dares to threaten or try to cause harm to ANY of my friends, family or associates-, he pulled them close so that they staring face to face, -I. WILL. MAKE. YOU. ALL. WISH. I. KILLED. YOU!”  He told them as he shook them with every word to emphasize his point before throwing them having them crash into a wall.

“GET OUT!” With that said, Dragonite quickly threw them out off the Indigo League Building’s doors and onto the dirt road.


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Rides in atop her Alolan Exeggutor and stares down at the Champion, a smirk present upon her lisp though, she doubted he could make it out--much less her face from the height. "So, I hear you like dragon types."

What was wrong with that Exeggutor? Wait…it was alolan, wasn’t it? 


That would be correct. I am a Dragon Master after all. You are? It was a miracle he could even hear her from up there.

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She isn't happy about this. Probably the first time she's ever frowned around the dragon master, and openly detested being around him. "...When I was eight, my elder brother had pushed me while riding my bike, the seat hurt me where my crotch had connected with it, and I screamed "I hurt my nutsack!"

Well someone wasn’t happy to see him! Lance gave her a curious look and was about to ask her what was wrong before she spoke. He listened intently as she told him a story from her youth, which he wasn’t expecting in the least. He knew her past in generally was a topic that she didn’t enjoy speaking of nearly as much compared to other topics.

He winched when she told him the seat hurt her crotch, since he knew that crotch pains were never fun for anyone. However, when she told him what she had screamed out…he couldn’t help but laugh a bit. He reached out to hold her arm and keep her from leaving as he collected himself again.

That doesn’t sound like fun at all! Though if you ever hurt your crotch again, I could try kissing it to make it better for you~

Episode 3 is amazing. 
I liked previous two, but the third was like a BOMB.
It was impressive, amazing and stunning.

Blue/Green was awesome and fabulous AF, so were all of the Elite 4.
Especially I was stunned to see Lance to look so badassly. Yeah, he is my favorite El4, my favorite champion, best pokemon-trainer ever. Etc.


Guys, pls, stop compare generations/origins with pokeani. Different universes after all.

P. P. S.
You still do? Okay. GARY WAS HERE, ASH IS A LOSER ©