lance straps

Ficlet: Heirs to the United King and Queendoms of Galra and Altea

Day 7 of the VLD Drabble Challenge – Royalty AU

Ship: Gen

Shiro and Allura decided before they married that the child they would eventually bore wouldn’t inherit the United King and Queendoms of Galra and Altea. Shiro came into the union with two adopted sons, Lance and Keith, both strapping young warriors who would make them proud as rulers.

Lance was the diplomat, gifted with words and tone that charmed every maiden and lad of the court. He spent hours helping to smooth disputes with his smile and sharp mind rather than his sword and brute. That was where Keith excelled, fast with the tongue but faster with his blade, and he ended any potential threats before they came to fruitions.

To choose one to carry on Galra and Altea’s proud heritage proved difficult. Shiro couldn’t choose between either. He loved his sons equally, and each proved himself worthy of the heavy burden. Shiro called them to the Grand Hall to discuss the matter, though Lance always had a perchance for resistance.

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