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TV Meme: [8/10] Shows - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
“Fury always said a man can accomplish anything when he realizes he’s a part of something bigger. A team of people that share that conviction can change the world. So what do you say? You ready to change the world?” - Agent Phil Coulson

Aos s3

Okay so everyone is freaking out over Fitz personally I’m a skimmons shipper so I’m no completely on that ship butttt can everyone please turn there attention to badass Jemma!! Like come on shes totally badass to be living on a planet by herself. Badass.

But Imagine Lance with Negative Perfectionism

Part 2

-It has been something he struggled with his whole life and sometimes its a real rough time for him when its triggered

-He hates telling people he has it because most people are under the impression that perfectionism is a good thing and he hates trying to explain that’s not the case

-Whenever he doesn’t meet his personal above average standards he sets for himself, Lance just lashes out.

-This is the beginning of his rivalry with Keith because he struggles with accepting that Keith is a better pilot and living under the illusion that their neck-in-neck keeps him from crashing mentally.

-Hunk knows because he’s witnessed one of Lance’s break downs after class one day when he failed the simulator and Lance was literally pulling his hair out from stress and disappointment in himself

-Hunk actually did research on it after Lance admitted it, and realized how many habits he had once seen as annoying was actually symptoms and coping mechanisms

-This is why Lance is constantly hitting on others, because he’s hoping they will return the praise and boost his crippling confidence.

-It’s also why he always smiles, because it’s easier than admitting he’s feeling hopeless or left out.

-He is terrified of telling the other team members because he doesn’t want them to see him as ‘less than perfect’ for having a mental disorder that causes several other issues like depression and OCD tendencies.

-One specific side effect of his perfectionism is his attitude where he doesn’t try hard or procrastinates, because he knows if he works on a particular task he won’t be able to do it the way he wants it done and why bother?

-Hunk can always tell when Lance is really having a hard day and knows all sorts of tricks to help out~because that’s what best friends are for

If you ever wanted the heights of the AoS cast here you go: 

(Smallest to biggest) 

5′ 4″ - May
5′ 4″ - Simmons
5′ 6″ - Daisy
5′ 8″ - Fitz
5′ 9″ - Coulson
5′ 10″ - Hunter
5′ 11″ - Bobbi
5′ 11″ - Lash
6′ 2″ - Ward
6′ 4″ - Mack

so i guess i’m just gonna keep procrastinating and not writing real fic but this was an attempt to get into keith pov so IDK HERE YOU GO a scene from i can’t help but want, from keith’s pov.

“Be right back,” Lance says, and then he’s gone, and all Keith can hear is the sound of waves crashing.

Keith’s shoulder is still sore, which is the only reason he’s letting himself sit and lean against the wall to rest for a moment. It’s certainly not because he can still feel himself blushing, thinking of Lance washing himself off in an ocean in only a helmet and boxers, water dripping down his long legs and broad shoulders. Keith swallows hard, throat dry, and then scowls up at Red as she starts laughing at him. 

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#celebeard no.315 for 2013 - Mr. Lance Lash

An actor who is deliciously rude and impossibly exciting.

Ladies and Gentleman, beard lovers all around the world. This week I am dedicating celebeard to the tumblrs I follow in which the owner is an amazing bearded gentleman that deserves credit not only for his beard but also for his site.

Enjoy and be sure to check out their tumblr.  

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I am surprisingly okay with this turn of events.

I was half expecting this to happen, and technically my prediction was true. 

We’ll be fine. I’ll continue to ship in my AU, y’all can do whatever with the canon.

We’re cool.

I’ll see y’all on Tuesday March 8, 2016 at 9:00. 

91 days until Agents of SHIELD season 3B.

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If you’ve got 7 minutes to kill and want to see me acting completely ridiculous….


Happy valentines day. Love, ME! My friend Alcy thought of and shot the video. Hope you like it!!


A new Tea Time With Lance is up!!! Huzzaaahh!

You are such a driven and precious person. I feel like when people get to know you, they can’t help but see your positive qualities. You care about everything you do, whether your a lead or moving boxes. I want you to be successful so bad because I really think you deserve it.

And you are extremely talented, but it’s because you have a lot of heart. Keep moving forward lance!! I’m already impressed, I won’t be surprised when you win an academy award.

I’m glad to hear other people/industry people recognize that!

My friend just sent me this and it made my entire week. I have tears streaming down my face now. I honestly hope with all my heart I can make it big and make everyone that supports me proud.

I want to make it big, but not for the fame and the money. Those things are nice but what I really hope for is to inspire others to chase after their dreams. To prove that you can start with nothing, go through hell and still make it out on top. 


Shameless self promotion…

A silly skit I did a year ago. Currently prepping to do a short film. It’s gonna take two days to film. During the second day of filming I’m going to have to shave off my beard. #SadDay