lance donovan

Are these Republicans your House Reps? Thank them.

AZ-5 Andy Biggs
CO-6 Mike Coffman
FL-27 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
KY-4 Thomas Massie
NC-3 Walter B. Jones
NJ-2 Frank A. LoBiondo
NJ-4 Christopher H. Smith
NJ-7 Leonard Lance
NY-11 Dan Donovan
NY-24 John Katko
OH-10 Michael R. Turner
OH-14 David Joyce
PA-6 Ryan A. Costello
PA-7 Patrick Meehan
PA-8 Brian Fitzpatrick
PA-15 Charlie Dent
TX-23 Will Hurd
VA-10 Barbara Comstock
WA-3 Jaime Herrera Beutler
WA-8 Dave Reichert

They all voted against the ACA repeal bill. Admittedly, Biggs wanted the repeal to be more dramatic, so his vote isn’t really helpful. The others broke party ranks, though, so give them a thanks for that.

[Incidentally, of all the undecideds prior to the vote, only the Ohioans listed ultimately voted against.]

These are also people you should continuously hound with the idea that they may actually not vote horribly every time. You know what to do for all the others.

I really wanted to make this. I drew Lance Donovan with my feather Belen (technically me in Panic Room, sorry but I can’t call her Feather, I don’t like the idea of calling my character “Feather”, but instead of saying my OC, I will say my feather)

Belen fall in love with Lance and Lance too, so I drew they two in the living room, and Belen giving a little kiss to Lance :)