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Levi with Eren

Eren: Levi, I`m so tired.

Levi: Poor thing, come lie down with me.

Levi with everyone else.

Oluo: Captain, I`m tired.

Levi: I don`t give a fuck, get back to work.

Levi with Eren

Eren: I`m hungry Levi!

Levi: It`s okay, I made you lunch already it`s in the kitchen.

Eren: You`re the best!

Levi with everyone else

Eld: I`m kinda hungry Captain.

Levi: Do I look like a damn slave to you? Go find your own food.

Levi with Eren

Eren: You`re so gorgeous Levi.

Levi: *blushes*

Levi with everyone else

Gunther: Oh Captain, you look nice today!

Levi: I look nice everyday, the hell are you trying to say?

Gunther: N-nothing sir I was just-

Levi: stfu


Request from anon: Eren having a crush on Reader (she’s older) and Levi reacting to it :) ———————–—————–

“Jaeger! Quit staring at (Y/N) and get over here so we can spar!”

You whipped your head around at the mention of your name and saw Jean laughing wildly as Mikasa glared openly at him. Glancing to the left, you could see Eren, who’s cheeks were flushed a deep shade of ruby.

“Kirstein! Where are those laps you owe me from yesterday? You had better get running, unless you want another ten to do!”

His laughter stopped abruptly as he locked eyes with you, hopping off the fence he was sitting on and breaking directly into a sprint.

“Hmm. Seems you have learned a thing or two from me.”

The smirk on Levi’s face was evident in his tone as he stepped beside you.

“I guess you’ve rubbed off on me a little.”

You smiled over your shoulder at him, crossing your arms as you watched the rest of the squad fall in line while you and Levi approached.

“All right, brats. I’m not going to–Oi! Connie! What are you blithering on about, brat?”

Levi’s eyes narrowed in the startled boy’s direction, waiting for a response as he folded his arms tightly across his chest.

“He was just mentioning how Jean is suffering for blabbing in front of Squad Leader (Y/N) that Eren has a crush on her.”

Sasha took a generous bite of the potato she was snacking on, chewing happily and completely oblivious to Levi’s astonished expression.


Levi shook his head quickly, before pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration.

“What the hell is with you pathetic, good-for-nothing-brats?! All of you, fifteen laps, now! Oi, Kirstein, that’s another fifteen for you!”

Biting your lip, you struggled not to laugh as you looked down, listening to all of them shuffle as they took off running.

“Are you..jealous?”

With everyone else out of earshot, you let out the giggle you were restraining, earning you a dramatic roll-of-the-eyes from Levi.

“Hey, I’m just asking. I mean, if you feel threatened by a fifteen year old boy, let me know.”

Levi sighed as you continued to laugh, then he glared over at the running figures.

“Jaeger! Quit slacking off! That’s another five laps, brat!”

You turned away, covering your mouth as you tried to calm your laughter. Levi shot a sideways glance in your direction, but you could tell he was forcing back a smile.

“Come on, Captain. It’s a little funny.”

You took a step towards him, wrapping your arm around his waist as you stood directly beside him.

“Only thing that’s funny is that brat thinking he would ever even remotely have a chance with you.”

You cracked up again and looked over to see his stoic expression had broken into an amused smile.

“You’re the only one for me. Besides, I’m not into younger men.”

“Oi, watch your tongue or I’ll have you out running laps next, brat.”

Levi smirked playfully as he pulled you in closer to him, kissing you gently.

miyakokurono  asked:

Hey, request for a Levi x reader where they're either sharing a bed or in the office and it's really really quite but not awkward but then the reader sneezes and ends up scaring the hell out of Levi (bonus points if they're the only two in the office)


[permanent + fluff tag]: @mrs-myself

You shifted in your chair.

As you shuffled papers and fixed the schedule for the cadets, you couldn’t help but glance at the man seated by his desk a few feet away. He seemed to feel your eyes on his skin and raised his own dark, intense eyes to yours but you looked away immediately, sweat beading on your neck. 

Why me, You thought, strangling Erwin in your mind. The bushy eyebrowed man had basically banned you from your office, telling you that you had better try to get along with your other ranking corporal and stop acting like a brat or else he would demote you.

You stewed angrily, jabbing your pen across the page. Okay so you deliberately avoided Ackerman. It wasn’t your fault! The guy actually scared the pants off of you, and you had once delved into a whole group of titans without a single nerve. It was something about his eyes, the way he seemed to see past your every facade, the way he effortlessly grasped your confidence and dug it into the ground. 

And the most frustrating thing of all was that he did it all without knowing. He didn’t specifically target you, in fact you doubted he even remembered your name.

The silence was comforting at least - you didn’t have to talk to the demon - and it helped to drown out your thoughts as you settled into the process of mindless work.

Until you sneezed.

It wasn’t a cute, flowery, sneeze either. It was loud and brazen, a speck of dust going right up your nose and you coughed into your hand in embarrassment.  

Levi had been nodding off - he actually slept wow you thought he was a vampire  - but at your loud exclamation he jolted upwards. You remembered vaguely that he had been up all night with a task from Erwin as well.

His hands came up instinctively in a blur you couldn’t track, reaching for double blades that weren’t there. His eyes dilated and searched the area like the trained soldier he was, the lean, toned muscles in his arms rolling underneath his shirt. 

His eyes met yours and you stared for about another couple seconds before it was broken by a muffled sound coming from your throat. You tried to cover it up but you were laughing, and hard. For some reason just the way he had reacted after such long silence, accompanied with his wide eyes and the fact that you hadn’t gotten much sleep either had you in hysterics. This was the first and only time you had ever seen Levi like this, surprised. It was actually kind of…cute?

You bit your palm and turned away, shoulders still shaking as your chuckles filled the air.

A throat cleared.

You spun, stopping immediately, but biting your lip to stop from smiling. Levi was back to his normal expression, face smoothed over into an unamused stare. 

“Something funny, Corporal Y/N?” His gravel baritone was as smooth as butter, running straight through you.

“Nothing at all sir,” You whistled, returning to your work. You would have liked to take another jab at him but you didn’t feel like dying that day and innocently submitted.

The silence came back but it was lighter, refreshed. You hummed as you wrote, sneaking another look at Levi only to see him looking right back. You averted your gaze and bit your lip again. 

Maybe, just maybe, you thought, remembering his taken aback features, those beautiful - beautiful? - grey eyes wide and thin lips slightly parted. 

Somehow you may have had the wrong opinion on this guy.


Headcanon #22

Everyone notices how Eren`s eyes change color in certain lights, from green to gold to grey, but only Eren notices Levi`s eyes do the same thing. Normally they`re a steely grey, but if he turns his head just right, they look silver. When Eren passes him at night they look deep blue and in early morning they take on a pale violet shade. He can never choose which he likes better, or explain to Levi why he`s staring into his eyes so intently.

Not-So-Silent Night

Request from anon: Levi and his female s/o sleeping together, cuddling tightly and comfy until levi hears her snoring in a cute soft way but he thinks it’s really cute and he teases her about it the next morning.


“Ah.” Levi sighed quietly as he snuggled up behind you. After a long night of pointless paperwork, he was more than ready to cuddle up beside you and drift off to sleep.

However, as he placed his arm over your waist and molded his frame around you, he heard a faint noise.

“Hmm? You say something, babe?” Awaiting your response, he listened carefully as you inhaled, snoring quietly as you did so.

A smile crept on to his lips as he chuckled softly to himself, shaking his head before placing his lips to your temple gently. Closing his eyes, he couldn’t help but listen to the quiet sound of your snoring as he quickly drifted off to sleep.

“Mm, I’m still so tired.” You threw you arms up over you head as you sat up, yawning loudly.

“Tch, you’re tired? At least I didn’t keep you up with my snoring, brat.” His lips turned up in a smirk as he leaned over tom place a chaste kiss on your lips.

“What?” Mortified, you hoped desperately that you had heard him wrong.

“You heard me. You snore. It’s over. I know now and I don’t know if I can get past it. This might be it for us.”

You smacked his chest playfully as his lips cracked into a smile.

“You’re not funny.” A pout upon your lips, you stood up and began to walk away, but his strong hands were around your waist before you could step away and you were quickly pulled back into his lap.

“I’m only kidding. I think it’s sort of cute.” He pressed his lips to your cheek as he held you tight in his arms and you folded your arms over his in response.

“You’re a jerk.” Smiling now, you leaned your head back to rest it in the crook of his neck as he smoothed your hair.

“And you snore. I guess we’re even.” With a playful wink, he lifted your chin and pressed his lips to yours once more.

I'll Take Care of You

Request from anon: Yaaay! You’re back! And I hope you’re feeling better :) How would Levi react to his S/O telling them they’re pregnant? And what if their s/o reveals that they are unsure whether to have the baby or not?

A/N: Sorry this one took so long! I kept skimming past the request on accident and forgot to finish it, but here it is! Hope you enjoy :)


Panic. That was it. That was your world now. For days, it had been just a never-ending nightmare. The anxiety, the fear; it was tangible.

How could you bring him into this?

How could you not?

Pacing back and forth in your room, you combed your hair with your fingers nervously, hoping to calm yourself enough to think straight.

This is what you always wanted, isn’t it? Down the road at least, but perhaps not now.

And Levi..

You couldn’t even bear the thought. You had been with him for so long, but he was still so enigmatic in some ways. Who knows how he would react to this.

You pressed your hand to you stomach, taking a seat on your bed and you stared at the mirror in front of you. Your mind began to drift to the thought of what you would look like in just a few months time, when a sound at the door stirred you from your stupor.

“(Y/N)? Are you in here?” Levi knocked once quietly before letting himself in. “Where have you been? I’ve been looking all ove–hey. What’s wrong?”

The world seemed to pause as Levi flew to your side, taking your hand as he sat beside you, concern etched onto his face.

“Nothing. I’m fine. Just a bit under the weather, but nothing terrible. What is it you needed me for?”

“Nevermind that. You don’t look well. Tell me. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I told you, I’m fine.”

Retracting your hand, you stood up and leaned against the wall. Panic was still sending shock waves through your body. You chewed furiously on the inside of your lip, trying to hold together your fragile composure.


Levi sprung from his seat on the bed, pinning you to the wall with those piercing eyes of his.

“What is it? Don’t you try to lie to me.”

Folding your arms around yourself, your eyes fell to the floor as you shifted your weight from one foot to another. You were the picture of uneasiness as you mentally scrambled for the right words to say.

Levi grimaced as a quiet growl left his lips. As intelligent as he was, he could only read you about as well as you could him. His frustration was almost palpable, until he closed his eyes, punching the bridge of his nose as he let out a long sigh.

“I’m sorry I–I’m just concerned about you. Please, tell me what’s the matter, so that I can fix it. I don’t enjoy standing here helplessly.”

Soft, grey eyes met yours as you lifted your eyes. It was now or never. You couldn’t worry him any longer.

“You can’t fix this, Levi.”

Shaking your head sadly, you placed your hands over your stomach.

“I didn’t know how to tell you..”

Nearly flinching as you did, you found the resolve to observe his expression.

Eyes wide and mouth swinging hopelessly ajar, he looked about as shocked as you had expected. His jaw moved as if to form words, but they failed him.

His gaze fixated on your belly as you shrunk away from him, retreating back to the comfort of your bed.

“Maybe I can fix this though. Get it..taken care of, I suppose. This isn’t exactly the lifestyle for a new mother anyway. Perhaps that would be best.”

Your voice was small, but thoughtful. You hadn’t really considered that option, until now, but saying it aloud made it sound rather logical.

“What? No.”

Levi spat out his objection without hesitation. You raised your head with a start, staring at him as if he were someone you had never met before.


“You can’t. I mean–you can. That’s not the point. Is that really what you want? Because that isn’t what I would choose. (Y/N), if what you’re telling me is true; that our child is growing inside your womb, then I don’t want that. I want you. All of you. This part of you included. This part of us.”

Taking a seat beside you, he pressed his hands to your stomach with careful delicacy as his eyes bore into yours.

“Levi..a-are you–”

“Yes, I’m certain. I promised I would take care of you, no matter what happens. So this happened. I’ll take care of you. And this little brat too, I suppose.”

His lips turned up in an amused smile, which finally broke the tension hanging thick in the air as a soft giggle left your lips.

“Thank you, Levi.”

Leaning forward, you pressed your forehead against his and covered his hands with your own, gazing down at your stomach.

Levi smiled softly as he watched your face, pulling away to tilt his head up and place a gentle kiss on your forehead.

“Don’t thank me for loving you. Either of you. That’s something I will always do gladly.”