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So, I saw the picture on the left with a caption like “When Levi tries to smile”. Then I edited it into the picture on the right… Am I evil yet @zeke-i-am

Levi + Hoarders


Levi: Throw this out
Levi: You don’t need it
Levi: This is fucking disgusting
Levi: You nasty piece of shit, clean it

Happy birthday to our strongest soldier and also the hottest! Levi Ackerman, he really deserves a happy birthday

My heart drops every time I watch the scene where Levi finds Isabel and Farlan.

Request from anon: Eren having a crush on Reader (she’s older) and Levi reacting to it :) ———————–—————–

“Jaeger! Quit staring at (Y/N) and get over here so we can spar!”

You whipped your head around at the mention of your name and saw Jean laughing wildly as Mikasa glared openly at him. Glancing to the left, you could see Eren, who’s cheeks were flushed a deep shade of ruby.

“Kirstein! Where are those laps you owe me from yesterday? You had better get running, unless you want another ten to do!”

His laughter stopped abruptly as he locked eyes with you, hopping off the fence he was sitting on and breaking directly into a sprint.

“Hmm. Seems you have learned a thing or two from me.”

The smirk on Levi’s face was evident in his tone as he stepped beside you.

“I guess you’ve rubbed off on me a little.”

You smiled over your shoulder at him, crossing your arms as you watched the rest of the squad fall in line while you and Levi approached.

“All right, brats. I’m not going to–Oi! Connie! What are you blithering on about, brat?”

Levi’s eyes narrowed in the startled boy’s direction, waiting for a response as he folded his arms tightly across his chest.

“He was just mentioning how Jean is suffering for blabbing in front of Squad Leader (Y/N) that Eren has a crush on her.”

Sasha took a generous bite of the potato she was snacking on, chewing happily and completely oblivious to Levi’s astonished expression.


Levi shook his head quickly, before pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration.

“What the hell is with you pathetic, good-for-nothing-brats?! All of you, fifteen laps, now! Oi, Kirstein, that’s another fifteen for you!”

Biting your lip, you struggled not to laugh as you looked down, listening to all of them shuffle as they took off running.

“Are you..jealous?”

With everyone else out of earshot, you let out the giggle you were restraining, earning you a dramatic roll-of-the-eyes from Levi.

“Hey, I’m just asking. I mean, if you feel threatened by a fifteen year old boy, let me know.”

Levi sighed as you continued to laugh, then he glared over at the running figures.

“Jaeger! Quit slacking off! That’s another five laps, brat!”

You turned away, covering your mouth as you tried to calm your laughter. Levi shot a sideways glance in your direction, but you could tell he was forcing back a smile.

“Come on, Captain. It’s a little funny.”

You took a step towards him, wrapping your arm around his waist as you stood directly beside him.

“Only thing that’s funny is that brat thinking he would ever even remotely have a chance with you.”

You cracked up again and looked over to see his stoic expression had broken into an amused smile.

“You’re the only one for me. Besides, I’m not into younger men.”

“Oi, watch your tongue or I’ll have you out running laps next, brat.”

Levi smirked playfully as he pulled you in closer to him, kissing you gently.

Do you ever just finish a series or a manga and wonder what the hell your gonna do with your life from then on?
Not-So-Silent Night

Request from anon: Levi and his female s/o sleeping together, cuddling tightly and comfy until levi hears her snoring in a cute soft way but he thinks it’s really cute and he teases her about it the next morning.


“Ah.” Levi sighed quietly as he snuggled up behind you. After a long night of pointless paperwork, he was more than ready to cuddle up beside you and drift off to sleep.

However, as he placed his arm over your waist and molded his frame around you, he heard a faint noise.

“Hmm? You say something, babe?” Awaiting your response, he listened carefully as you inhaled, snoring quietly as you did so.

A smile crept on to his lips as he chuckled softly to himself, shaking his head before placing his lips to your temple gently. Closing his eyes, he couldn’t help but listen to the quiet sound of your snoring as he quickly drifted off to sleep.

“Mm, I’m still so tired.” You threw you arms up over you head as you sat up, yawning loudly.

“Tch, you’re tired? At least I didn’t keep you up with my snoring, brat.” His lips turned up in a smirk as he leaned over tom place a chaste kiss on your lips.

“What?” Mortified, you hoped desperately that you had heard him wrong.

“You heard me. You snore. It’s over. I know now and I don’t know if I can get past it. This might be it for us.”

You smacked his chest playfully as his lips cracked into a smile.

“You’re not funny.” A pout upon your lips, you stood up and began to walk away, but his strong hands were around your waist before you could step away and you were quickly pulled back into his lap.

“I’m only kidding. I think it’s sort of cute.” He pressed his lips to your cheek as he held you tight in his arms and you folded your arms over his in response.

“You’re a jerk.” Smiling now, you leaned your head back to rest it in the crook of his neck as he smoothed your hair.

“And you snore. I guess we’re even.” With a playful wink, he lifted your chin and pressed his lips to yours once more.

We all knew Eren was a little shit, now Levi is going to put him in his place.


-Imagine taking care of Levi-

“This is going to sting.” You warn him looking straight into his eyes before getting the cloth dabbed in alcohol close to the scar that furrowed the side of his neck.
Levi didn’t even flinch or hiss at the touch. His jaw was clenched tightly and his eyes were covered by the wet ends of his raven hair while he was looking down at the bandaged palms. The white bandage got bloody again disappointing you.
“I will change them later.” You assure him finally catching his attention.
“There’s no need for that.” He murmurs sighing.
You knew he was upset and that the war on his mind has started again, scolding himself for his negligence on field with the titans, as you knew how strong he could be.
“We’re done here.” You tell him putting the cloth away on the wooden table next to you. “I also made some tea, without sugar of course.” You added knowing his habits.
As you turned around to get the cups, you could feel his eyes scanning you. Getting the cups in your hands, you carefully place one in front of Levi and the other one next to you.
Without the chance to say something about the tea you brewed, Levi catches you by the hand and slowly pulls it closer to him, covering your palm with both of his hands. With the same serious, but calm expression on his face, closing his tired eyes, he places his soft lips against your skin and sighs. Your fingertips are kissed gracefully as he whispered against your skin.

“In all this chaos, I found safety.”

The scene where they show Obito and Kakashi fighting when they were younger and training to when they are older and in battle is both heartbreaking and absolutely amazing.
Why Not?

Request from anon: Oh my gosh, Levi walking in on his partner watching a tv show notorious for sex and violence e.g. GoT (it doesn’t have to be that show, but you get the gist of where I’m coming from ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

Request from anon: How would Levi react If his s.o just tickled him while they were cuddling? 💕

I don’t watch GoT, so I went with AHS and I sort of combined these two requests. Hope you enjoy! :)


“What the hell are you watching?” Levi strolled into the living room, setting down beside you on the couch as he watched a scene of redheaded maid biting off the penis of a man, who was subsequently suffocated and murdered. “I mean, was that necessary?”

“Well, kind of. Biting off his dick? Eh, maybe not. Murder? Sort of. This is pretty much the whole show. It’s brilliant. Wanna watch it with me?” Lifting his arm, you brought your legs up on the couch, leaning against his chest, laying his arm over yourself.

“Do I have s choice?” Levi smiled to himself, secretly loving you being cuddled up against him.

“Hmm, no. Not really.” Snuggling into his chest, you laid against him as the two of you watched episode after episode.

“You know, this show isn’t that bad. I didn’t realize there was so much sex in it though.” Levi’s fingers ran through your hair gently and you closed your eyes, sighing softly in content.

“Are you complaining?” You placed your hand on his abdomen, smiling as you felt him tense up slightly.

“No. Just noticing, that’s all.” He cleared his throat as he shifted carefully, trying to retain his calm and collected demeanor.

“Oh? Not getting excited?” Feigning innocent curiosity, you slid your hand against the top of his jeans, smiling wider as he squirmed slightly.

“No, I didn’t say that.” He cleared his throat again, smoothing his fingers through his hair.

“No? Well..let’s see if we can fix that.” Smiling deviously, you wiggled your fingers against his sides and began tickling him.

“Wha–ah! Hey! Stop it!” A smile broke across his face as he scrambled to push your hands away from him. It was Levi as you had never seen him before, having a truly spontaneous reaction. He even giggled, uncontrollably actually, but he bit at his lip and tried to restrain himself as he wriggled out of your reach.

“Oh my goodness, that was amazing.” Laughter burst from you as you laid back on the couch, smiling proudly at what you accomplished.

“Wh–why?” The amusement had left his face.

“Why? Why not? C'mon I had to see if the ever-so-stoic Levi Ackerman was ticklish. I couldn’t resist.” Sitting up on the couch, you leaned forward and took his hands, smiling up at him as you pulled him closer.

He avoided your eyes as his demeanor cracked and a smile briefly danced upon his lips.

“Ah ha, see? You still love me.” Playfully, you winked up at him, tugging him back to the couch.

“I suppose I do.” Smiling intentionally now, he sat back down beside you, pulling you back into his lap. “Even if you’re an annoying brat sometimes.” He smirked, lifting your chin to place a gentle kiss on your lips.