The Great Wall of Tolerance


In a bold move, the City of Buffalo fed up with fair weather city visitors who promote bigotry and shopping on Elmwood made a landmark decision to construct a Great Wall of Tolerance boarding city limits. Mayor Byron Brown’s office has been flooded with complaints about seeing way too much ignorance via local news channels about #lancastergate. 

For those unfamiliar with the current scandal, Lancaster High School has received national attention as of late due to a debate over whether or not the high school should change their name from “The Redskins” to something more appropriate. Suggestions flooded in from supporters of keeping the name with variations like “The White Broncos”, “The Chevy Pickups”, “Transit Road Tailgaters” and “Go Back To Your Own Country Cowboys”. 

Construction finished this month and suburban residents cannot wait to take in the breathtaking views in Cheektowaga.

Dirk and Debbie Dabawinkowski had this to say when climbing the Tolerance Tower at the intersection of Walden and Harlem roads.

“I just always wanted to know what goes on just past the Galleria mall. I never once crossed Harlem into the city. I just assumed it was bad. Now we can get our exercise and watch from afar the crumbling social status quo below!” replied Debbie.

Dirk later added:

“Heh, ya know what? They had their chance in the city to come over here before this wall was built. We fled the city for cable tv, Bravo! Bistro and al fresco patio seating and as many Tim Hortons as the eye can see. I am just glad that they stay on their side and we stay on ours. It’s better this way. Let us keep our tradition of the high school glorification of misogynistic practices, racist idols and completely unoriginal culture.”

When given the schematic for where the wall was constructed you can see here from this official document that it extends around the entire city. Zoning board officials came up with designated levels of Tolerance. Now, all area residents can better equip themselves for the level of closed-mindedness each individual may or may not have without the nuisance of acceptance of other walks of life.

This reporter must say that the divide really clearly defines how wonderful it is to be an American where the land you love can be greatly divided in both a mental and physical capacity. 

Philip Harris, contributing reporter,